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Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
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9,522 backers pledged $2,437,429 to help bring this project to life.

Update on DOOM 3

When we launched the Kickstarter campaign, we said we’d bundle a copy of DOOM 3 BFG Edition with each development kit as an extra “Thank you.” Unfortunately, we’ve been informed that DOOM 3 BFG Edition will not support the Rift development kit by the time we begin shipping.

Since DOOM 3 won’t be available, we’d like to try and make it up to you.

Replacement Rewards
If you were supposed to receive a DOOM 3 BFG Edition, we’ll replace it with one of the following rewards:

- $20 Steam Wallet credit, perfect for buying your next game on Steam (including DOOM 3 BFG Edition without Rift developer kit support if you still want it).

- $25 Oculus Store credit, which can be applied to future purchases at the Oculus Store including Oculus Latency Testers, new Oculus t-shirts, and more Rift development kits.

- A full refund for your pledge. If you’re unhappy with the options above, we completely understand. Email us at, and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific order or refund your pledge in full.

You’ll need to choose your new reward by logging into the Oculus Order Manager:

You’ll see a new section, Reward Replacement, with instructions on selecting your new reward. Codes for the replacement rewards will be delivered in April. You'll default to the Oculus Store credit if you don’t make a selection by April 5.

Again, we share your pain. This isn’t a sure-fire remedy for your broken heart, but we hope it helps.

Shipping Update

Development kits begin shipping soon!

Assuming you’re in the first batch of development kits to ship out, the next 24 hours are your absolute last chance to update your shipping address.

Please visit one last time to make sure everything’s up to date! Once we begin processing your rewards, your shipping address will be locked.

Once you’ve confirmed that your shipping address is correct and your order status is ‘Ready’, you can kick back and relax; your developer kit will ship without any delays.

Day Zero

If you’re worried that there won’t be any content to to try when your dev kit arrives: fear not. We’re hard at work with Meteor and Adhesive to make sure that Hawken’s an awesome, mech-piloting experience and there are more great developer showcases on the way!

Hold out hope, fellow developers; there’s good news on the horizon.

-- Palmer and the Oculus team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ali Graham on

      "Codes for the replacement rewards will be delivered in April."

      Another instance of Oculus promising something they're unable to meet the timeframe on. Minor, but it does fit the pattern...

    2. Wylde on

      I wonder if carmack will let the public know exactly why. maybe it's just not good enough for him yet. hopefully they are designing doom 4 around it.

    3. Peter de Castro on

      Since it looks like no one else has mentioned it, I feel that I should point out the Doom 3 BFG source available on GitHub:

      It has a basic Rift-style lens pre-warping in a shader, but I haven't looked to see how integrated it is with the rest of the code or if there are stubs or anything for head tracking in there. The game's code is there to play with, for those interested. If D3-BFG does support the Rift later on, it should be interesting to see the changes if they're made available, I think.

    4. Jason Hsu on

      Nadim: "Whole point of VR is to take your own sweet time through a single player game, which is what Doom 3 was perfect for!" We're glad you have an opinion, but don't be mislead into believing that it's a universally accepted one.

      Any way, as has been mentioned before, this is a dev kit. Full games are nice but not necessarily required for the intended audience of this equipment.

    5. Nadim Alam on

      The companies Silence on the matter is shocking! Was not expected at all. OK they might have TF2 included now instead but i couldn't care less if it wasn't included, not at all interested in a multiplayer game. Hawken was also another game i couldnt care about! Whole point of VR is to take your own sweet time through a single player game, which is what Doom 3 was perfect for! I have no idea still why they cant include the demo that they had shown all this time of it.

      So disappointed with them, worried where the company might end up going now - as really wanted it to do well and for VR to take off in a big way.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Mecham on

      Why isn't there an option for a digital download of Doom 3 BFG when its ready? I can't believe that there isn't some kind of deal between you guys and the publisher/distributor of Doom 3 BFG where the cost you guys pay is less than $20EA per copy. At the volume you have there is a lot of money between the $20 steam/store credit versus what you guys would have paid for it. If you guys do pay $20EA for every copy of that game then my argument is completely mute.

      I'd rather take no credit than have you guys spend more money on this than what was allocated. The last thing I want to do is help yet another company into the Virtual Reality grave yard.

    7. Biff Bird on

      I'm more disappointed that the default option is the Oculus store credit. It's great that an option is available for people who don't want it without Rift support, but the default option should be to get what we paid for.

    8. Rimeian on

      Well, this is somewhat disappointing. While I don't care much for Doom 3, I think it would have made for a nice game to test this with. Won't be cancelling though, I planned to do my own development anyway.

      How about this instead? Take any open source game you like, and patch it to use the Oculus. There's plenty out there. Lots of Quake 3 derived ones. If you want to go with something scary, try Penumbra: Overture.

      I don't even care if you use something with an ancient engine. What I'd really appreciate is a practical example of what changes a game needs to work with the Oculus.

    9. Lassi Kinnunen on

      is doom 3 support eventually coming?
      also, bfg edition is 30 euros in europe steam(would rather take code for doom3).

    10. Missing avatar

      Max Palmer on

      It's worth noting that you can find Doom BFG boxed copies in Europe at 8 GBP, if you don't want to pay the higher price on Steam. I assume that if someone creates a mod you'll be able to use it if you bought a boxed copy.

    11. Missing avatar

      martinP on

      Oculus, you have serious problem with your logic. You are constantly referring to "first batch", requiring actions from people when they are in the "first batch". But you never reveal how many does that mean, who is in it. Please wake up and post an update of the update! This really is awkward.

    12. Daniel Koch on

      A shame Doom3 wasn't ready for launch, but better it be dropped than delaying the headset. And as a kit for developers, the game was hardly the important part.

      Still, since some people clearly bought the kit primarily for the VR experience rather than development, yet another proposal might be $20 put towards the VorpX driver - since that would enable many more existing games to be playable.

    13. Peter de Castro on

      Please count me among the many here who would like a "no refund" option. I'm looking to support the product; I'm not looking for a bargain! And, if I understand correctly, you already have the demo/implementation area well-covered.

      I do greatly appreciate the gesture and your general humility, though. Thank you. The attitude you folks have makes me very happy to have supported this project.

    14. Missing avatar

      Frank on

      Perhaps you'd want to add a third option: "Don't give me any credit, and don't cancel my order".

      It's not what I'd pick (since I can always use another $20 in game credit and I'm cheap), but given the purpose of the Kickstarter I'd say there are plenty of orders for whom store credit doesn't make sense, the loss of a bundled game is not major, and who are looking forward to the device. Certainly it might be an interesting statistic to have.

    15. Missing avatar

      Darren Scrine on

      Doom 3 BFG is a very dated game by todays standards and was IMHO just a nice to have. As far as I'm concerned Oculus are delivering a much higher spec product than i was expecting at the point when i backed them, and I appreciate the team are working really hard to get the kits out.

      Keep the $20 and have a beer on me.

    16. Missing avatar

      keith on

      I have to admit, though the idea of having a fully ready and compatible game was nice, I can't help but feel that a device which makes you really want to start by diving in and freely exploring a whole new type of digital environment seemed somewhat hampered by the notion of having to do it with the uber-high stress level of being nervous about taking one single step in the world without having something lurch out and murder you. I kinda wanna look around like with Citadel for awhile rather than feel like, "Don't look around too freely too much, just focus primarily on defending yourself, otherwise instant 'game over.' Maybe once we all get a lot of opportunity to appreciate and simply indulge the inherant fascination of experiencing worlds in OR, it'll finally be more appealing to add in the more constricting, "just get me right the hell out of this environment alive" sensation of terror. I can easily wait for Doom 3. I wanna look around for awhile before having to get into the mentality of constantly looking over my shoulder.

    17. Alerick on

      I think a $20 credit to steam is a pretty good offer, considering Oculus was NOT the reason this game wasn't supported and probably had no way of preventing this. Also consider Oculus was planning on selling these AT COST with little profit added in so they are knocking off another $20 from the purchase price which makes this even more appealing. I'm sure soon enough steam will have several games from the community that will support the Rift so this might end up better than people think. Also, don't misunderstand "not supported at launch" with "unable to support at all". Thanks for the update!

    18. Arm S on

      OH oh! Maybe instead of the refund option they could have a t-shirt option that says "I kickstarted Oculus and all i got was a stupid headset QQ."

    19. Arm S on

      I vote for the third reward replacement: "Shut up and take my money!"

      I rather have the Rift in dev hands and no Doom3 than Doom3 in hand and no Rift.

    20. Shaun Huang on

      I don't need a full game that's fully playable. Any Day Zero demo game/app even if it's just 1 level, would be good enough for the Dev Kit...

    21. Missing avatar

      thegameveda on

      This is awesome, Doom 3 BFG is hardly the game to show off next gen VR, who will miss it's extensive use of black empty black spaces with backstabbing imps jumping out of hidden closets? I have been playing Doom BFG in 3D with headtracking with other hmds , there are far better options to show off the coming VR revolution!.Games have moved on and this means the first title to push Oculus Rift out to the masses will be something completely fresh hopefully from an unheard of developer like you and me . And $20 will go nicely towards Bioshock Infinite (even in UK money) on Steam Shame on you Mr Carmack for fooling young impressionable Palmer into bundling this ancient and even for the time very disappointing FPS ...and I can blog about Oculus Rift NOT being Doomed any more...cannot wait for the Rift to turn up come on Palmer this is an excellent development ..!

    22. Missing avatar

      Henri Tuhola on

      If there's lack of material to show, provide demo submission bullettin board with screenshots and tags - problem gone.

    23. Missing avatar

      rotoforever on

      We understand that in a project this complex unforseen things can happen. But please help us understand the reasons.

      1. Why wasn't the Doom3 integration completed in time? SDK must've been available for months. Is there a bigger underlying problem that affects FPS style games in general?

      2. Will Doom3 w/ Rift integration never be released or is this just a delay? If second, why not offer the option to get it later? $20 won't buy the game in the EU unfortunately.

      Please keep up the excellent communication style that we have experienced so far and answer our questions. Thank you!

    24. Kerrash on

      That's a shame, but it is no deal breaker for me. I've been a big iD fan for years, but TBH I have been having more fun playing Hawken since the beta :)

    25. Missing avatar

      xerion404 on

      Like some before have mentioned, in EU zone 1 Doom 3:BFG costs 30 Euro which is about 40 USD. Can't it be an option to still get the steam code for the game, eventhough it won't work with the Rift (yet)?

      Also it seems the shipping goal can only be met for people in the US. I don't mind that it might be so, but it would be nice if it was mentioned; it's insulting when US citizens act as if the rest of the world doesn't exist.

    26. Missing avatar

      Thibaut Girka on

      Hm, was DOOM 3 BFG supposed to be available only through Steam? If so, I've missed that. Anyway, what if I want DOOM 3 BFG without Steam? The replacement rewards do not seem to let me do that... Can't we just get it later? Or get it now without proper Oculus Rift support, and have Oculus Rift support in a later upgrade?

    27. Nadim Alam on

      Oh man what a horrible update from thr octulus team :( that too just a few days from release!

      A very vague description in the email, no indication of how many units in first batch and also we have no idea what the situation is now with doom 3?

      Doom 3 was meant to be used as a first demo for the vr kit, just like the team had been using it at demo events! We should atleast get that demo?!

      Now the worry is that we will receive the demo and have nothing to show on it! No demo, no game, no nothing but the kit itself! So now we sit staring at the kit for next few months till people start releasing there own demos! Very dissapointing stuff coming from a team that has built itself into high regard!

    28. Stephen Hansen on

      I agree with VoodooPuppy, though I do wish there was a indication of hoe many were in the first batch and a estimate of when the 2nd was getting sent out... I'm # 007301 so I know that I'll be waiting a bit, but I'm hoping that once the first batch is out there I can start using the unity integration so that I can start changing whatever needs to be changed to make my game work with the Rift. Plus I am curious to try out texture changes to create something that looks like it'd feel soft or rough in 3d.

    29. VoodooPuppy on

      Thanks for the update. I don't speak for anyone other than myself, but I'm sure I'm not alone. Considering all the curve balls, I think the Oculus team is doing great. As a developer, I'm more than stoked for the screen and tracker improvements. Totally worth the wait. I've also been impressed at some of the other extras the team's worked on: The latency tester, awesome. Order tracking system, I appreciate it. Lens kits for those of us with glasses, nice. Will everything be perfect? No. Are we missing some details? I know we are. But, I also know the Oculus team is busting their butts. After having spoken to some of them at CES, I'm more confident than ever this ship is in good hands. These are sharp and passionate people. We couldn't be luckier. If you're a developer with any experience, you know that what's coming is a gift not unlike the iPhone rush, so buckle up. If you've ever seen someone try this thing for the first time, you know I'm right. And yes, the wait is killing me. Hang in there. It's going to be very worth it, as a dev and as a gamer. Science! ;)

    30. Missing avatar

      Patrick Barnes on

      Armando Castaneda, Bert Wooden:
      Absolutely a community mod would be great, and probably will happen regardless once the Rift is available. It would be nice if Carmack or the Oculus Team would give the community a 'head-start' by releasing what they've done so far - and maybe they will!

      It's just that this update didn't provide much information.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jake Reynolds on

      Is there a way I can just have Doom 3 to work in 3d? I really don't need the motion tracking, I can wait for that. I just want to play games in 3d!!!

    32. RobotLovesKitty on

      $25 Oculus credit is awesome! It will definitely be going towards our studio's second headset :D

    33. Jon Dibble on

      I'll gladly take the $20 Steam credit! Doom 3 is definitely an interesting game and a good candidate for the first official Rift game, so it's a bit of a shame that it didn't work out. Like others have mentioned though, the open source nature of Doom means that it probably won't be too long until someone from the community mods it to work with our devkits.

      Concerning the delay - I think Armando and Bert hit the nail on the head. The Rift's jump from a 5" to 7" screen and the new tracker after Doom 3 was modded to work with it meant they'd have to rewrite the Rift support code in Doom 3 BFG, and Carmack's probably occupied with other titles - Doom 4 with Rift support? ;)

    34. Missing avatar

      Tim Pettigrew on

      Hm, $20 credit for a $29.99 game (Doom3BFG)......

    35. Purgatus on

      Its a shame, but totally understandable. I'd give the shirt offmy back for the chance to make games for a VR set that lives up to the expectation the I think we all have for VR. Could you instead use the excess money for a transporter system so I can get my kit right now?......Please?

    36. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Hartmann on

      Not a problem really, one of the reasons to have Doom3 BFG in the package was to sell the idea of VR to the team before they invest their money into it.
      As of now there are games being ported already which will do the job and at any point Doom3 is open source which makes it possible to port it yourself.

    37. Bert Wooden on

      Doom 3 has not been used for demos in the past month or two - around the time that the improvements were being made to the dev kit. CES and Indiecade were all UDK and Unity stuff.
      My guess is that Carmack is knee deep in Doom 4. Combine that with the fact that Doom 3 is open source. Carmack knows it is likely that someone in the community (like Armando) is going to create the mod, so he has to prioritize. No one was really expecting Oculus to rise in popularity so fast - or to be able to improve the dev kit so much. I mean, We were talking about getting un-assembled prototypes when this thing started.

    38. Missing avatar

      Armando Castaneda on

      To Patrick and everyone else expecting a Rift: Doom 3 BFG is open source, the game assets are not. Oculus is giving back the money to purchase those. Rest assured, you will be fighting three dimensional demons on Mars very, very soon.

    39. Missing avatar

      Patrick Barnes on

      I'd like to choose "Option 3: Wait for Doom 3 BFG with Oculus Rift Support to be released."

      As others have said, it seems strange that the game used for all the demos will not be available, and worrying from a developer perspective that the post implies that it will *never* have support - why not?

      Can we have more information about what's happening?

      Is there a possibility that the code so far might be made available, so that the community can complete it?

      Could Doom 3 BFG with OR be made a case study of "how to implement tracker support"?

    40. Missing avatar

      Armando Castaneda on

      John Carmack has already done this once so we know it can be done. I will take care of it if somebody doesn't beat me to it. The DOOM 3 BFG source code already has some support in there for the Rift. Get me that credit to buy the game assets through Steam and the SDK so it can be done properly.

      My order number is in the triple digits and if my order isn't delayed due to the pledged for shirt and poster not being ready, I have high hopes to have my Rift developers kit around the 25th of this month. I'd like that SDK already to see what can be done in time for the arrival of my Rift.

    41. Bert Wooden on

      I think you hit it on the head. And quite frankly, I will gladly take a 7" display and 1000Hz tracker if that means we have to wait on Doom 3 a little bit. If you are looking for stuff to do with your dev kit on day one, then check out my post on reddit.

    42. Cloudhead Games on

      @Adam @ Albert - Doom 3 BFG was originally "hand optimized" by John Carmack for the early prototype Rift with the smaller screen and a completely different tracker. The new version of the Rift has a larger screen (with differing overlap) and a new tracker. John Carmack is a busy dude and though I'm sure he'll eventually get around to it, he wasn't able to update Doom 3 BFG to be compliant with the new dev kit.

      At least that's my understanding of the situation.

    43. Albert Soler on

      @Adam - good point, it'd definitely be useful to get a better understanding of what happened, if only because once the gaming press gets hold of the story it might take a life of it's own.

    44. Missing avatar

      James Gibson on

      Wait, what? Isn't Doom 3 what you've been demoin for months? How did it go from working to not working? Also will second the dude below; a price for the latency tester would help make this decision easier.

    45. Missing avatar

      Adam Skubel on

      Thanks for the update. All things considered, this project has been very well managed. Not only has the Rift team delivered more than promised (hardware-wise), but they are on track to deliver it exactly when they said they would.

      It's unfortunate DOOM 3 wasn't ready on time, but what concerns me the most is: Why was it not possible to integrate Oculus into the game in time? Most of the work would be in the camera/control logic, and while redesigning all of that for a VR headset isn't trivial, it shouldn't take longer than 6 months.
      Has integrating Oculus with existing games proven more challenging than expected, or is DOOM 3 just an exceptional case?

    46. Michael Sonnenberg on

      While it would have been a great demo, this is an understandable development. It is good to see you are taking the extra steps to make it right.

    47. Albert Soler on

      @Tony - I'm fairly certain some devs were looking forward to the combo as well!

    48. Tony Tavener on

      I'm happy with this. If there had originally been a without-DOOM3 option I would have selected it. Unfortunately I'm sure some non-devs put in their support hoping for the combo to play.

      Anyway, looking forward to the kit!