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Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
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Online Pre-Orders Live!

Posted by Oculus (Creator)
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We're pleased to announce that we're now taking pre-orders for the Oculus Rift developer kits on our website. If you missed our Kickstarter, you can pre-order your developer kit now at

The first 1,000 pre-orders through our website will also include a free copy of DOOM 3 BFG Edition, the first Oculus-ready game!

New Rift developer kit pre-orders taken through our website have an estimated delivery of January 2013, shortly after we've delivered all the Kickstarter rewards.

Shipping for International Customers

Please confirm that you've included international shipping in your Kickstarter pledge as soon as possible. If you forgot to include international shipping, you can add it now via PayPal by visiting our website:

If you don't include the international shipping costs, we can't promise on-time delivery of your rewards. Please help us make the distribution as smooth as possible!

All Questions Answered!

As of yesterday, we can finally say that we've answered every question that we received through Kickstarter. The final tally included more than 2,000 messages from over 1,400 individuals and that’s just from our Kickstarter inbox. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions and a special thanks to the team for helping me answer them all!

We're Hiring!

Oculus is looking for the best of the best to finally make immersive virtual reality accessible to everyone. We’re hiring a number of key positions, so be sure to check out the Careers page on our website if you're interested in joining the revolution:

Developer Kit Updates

Sorry that we've been quieter than usual. The team's heads-down, making sure that we ship the best Rift developer kit and SDK possible. We have several exciting surprises for the developer community that we'll announce in the next few weeks, so stay tuned and thanks again for all your support and patience!

-- Palmer & the Oculus team

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    1. Duane on

      Glad to see my $300+ pledge helped.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tsophika on

      I'd love to see a reply to Dave Epp. Will we receive Steam codes for the game?

    3. Missing avatar

      Dave Epp on

      I'm curious about the Doom 3 BFG you're packing in, is it a Steam code or a physical copy? If it's a Steam code, would we be able to get those now given that the game just released? Please let me know, so I can determine whether I want to purchase another copy of the game now or not. Thanks.

    4. Aaron Briffa-Savage on

      Has the forms for delivery been sent out yet? My email sometimes deletes mail from my account

    5. Caleb Wong on

      For delivering to UK, do we need to pay tax for it...? What kind of courier are you using? I'm deciding where should I send it to. And is it I will definitely get it before Christmas Holiday? Thanks!
      If I need to pay tax myself...I would rather send it to Hong Kong...
      Please let me know so I can submit soon!

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I would hope that since kickstarter is not a shop ! and the money we sent was a gift, and that by sending us a rift it is their way of saying thank-you... that would make our rifts a gift would it not ? and thus not eligible for any VAT, or import taxes (it would have to be stated on the package that it was a gift )

    7. Missing avatar

      Hannes K on

      Actually duty taxes are calculated on 300$ + shipping cost
      So it's even more than that.

    8. Missing avatar

      yates buckley on

      Also have the similar issue.. how do I make sure international shipping is covered?

    9. Missing avatar

      Ascension City Games on

      I second what James Bruce is saying. With living in England I am going to be hit with not only VAT buT import duty and a random handling charge plus our Royal Mail will take a pop and add another admin charge on plus as we can't pay customs charges in advance the Royal Mail pays it and charges usually the same again as a fee for doing so.

      So if the cost of the unit is lower than the 300 pledge can you put that price as they base it all off the value of the item.


    10. James Bruce on

      If you could NOT put $300 as the package value, that would help a lot too. Otherwsie we'll be hit with $50 VAT + import duty (a random percentage that customs pull out of their arse depending on the moon phase) + $40 handling fee. Maybe put the unit cost price?

    11. Missing avatar

      60rdy on

      i got an email to pay for international shipping, but when i clicked it it didnt work, i tried sending a email to add the $30 but nothing happened. can anyone tell me how and where do i go to add the remainder payment ???


    12. Missing avatar

      Taylor A. White on

      I second what Helder mentioned, USPS is probably the best way to go for international backers.

    13. Missing avatar

      helder on

      Hi Palmer, just a thought since one of these days you will start to ship, regarding to INTERNATIONAL shipment please consider to send it via normal courier and not UPS, since from my experience on other kickstarter projects i backed if you send it through UPS we will get charged big fees, not just custom taxes and so on.., and it seems at end of the day we pay twice the price of my pledge as in normal circumstances we should pay around 23% of taxes.... i think this way you will please lots of other INTERNATIONAL members like me heheh

    14. Missing avatar

      Damir Ajdukovic on

      yes, i payed those 30$ for international shipping as well.

    15. SaltyBrains

      I too added 30 extra in the pledge, so i guess im okay for int'l postage.

    16. Missing avatar

      Matthew Deakins on

      I am the same added the extra into the amount I pledged. Do I need to do anymore?

    17. spyro on

      Ok, I payed the 30 $ for international shipping. How does this work? Do you map these payments to the adresses of the backers or something like that?

    18. simon on

      Hello, i have also included international shipping with my kickstarter pledge, not sure if i need to do anything else to confirm this.

    19. Emil "AngryAnt" Johansen on

      Will the website preorder kit be with the high resolution displays or are we still waiting for the consumer version for that?

    20. Missing avatar

      Fishead on

      Would love to know how to make it super-obvious that my order was international. How does one confirm international shipping if we've already factored it into our pledge?

    21. Andreas Aronsson on

      I told a friend who missed out on the Kickstarter, even if it's the devkit now, about the availability to preorder it outside of Kickstarter. He didn't reply to chat, instead I got a forward of the payment receipt to Oculus! Hahaha! If we have waited for a product like this? Nah, only for what, 10-15 years.

    22. Michael Cooper on

      I'd like to second what Ivo Welch requested, It would be great to be able to pre-order a consumer version too.

    23. Missing avatar

      blacknorth on

      Hi, where does one confirm they included international shipping in the Kickstarter Bid for dev kit??

    24. Missing avatar

      ivo welch on

      I am a consumer backer, too. when the time comes, please make it available for consumer backers early, too.

      I hope that we will be able to use o for DVD (TV) viewing and for flightsims. the big drawback of x-plane is that one needs to see out of the windows where the runway is. make sure to get those folks one of your kits.


    25. Missing avatar

      Arthur Mitchell on

      Exciting news... ohhh cant wait :)

    26. Missing avatar

      aleksander on

      hannes K: i think this resolution will be ok, notice, you will have eye very close to the display, so it is not nessesary to have very big resolution.

      But i have one question, In last update, You are ask for confirmation of international shipping. I included it in baking options, should I confirm it in any other way? How can I do that??

    27. Benni Klomfass on

      any way to pre order the consumer version (at a discount) for backers ?

    28. Shaul Kedem on

      when/how will you ask for addresses ?

    29. Frito on

      cool guys, cant wait for dec

    30. Missing avatar

      Hannes K on

      I'd care less about the render, more about the display used. The only real disadvantage I see is the low resolution for each eye.
      Aside from that everything I've read from Rift makes the project and company look real good.
      I'm looking forward receiving mine ;)

    31. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      I hope the dev kit doesn't look too different to the render - it looks sexy!

      Who are the other people in the photo?

    32. Missing avatar

      Martin on


      AFAIK they will ask for the shipping address nearer the shipping date. (December)

    33. William C Crawford on

      They will send out surveys when they are ready to start shipping. If they send the survey too early, they'll have to deal with a lot of address changes.

      The estimated delivery on the right is still December, and since they haven't announced a change to that, I'm assuming that's still the case.

    34. Missing avatar

      felipe on

      HI!, I was on of the backers, and I haven't received yet the email asking me my address etc., when is the device shipped to the backers?, where can I contact the team to see how can I send my shipping information?.

    35. Missing avatar

      Chelys on

      Where is now the difference between a backer and who make a preorder after a project successfully founded?