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Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
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9,522 backers pledged $2,437,429 to help bring this project to life.

It's a Wrap!

Posted by Oculus (Creator)

Thank you all so much for making the campaign a huge success. We ended with over 947% of our original funding goal. Pretty incredible.

"Gift a Rift" Contest Winners

We had over 3,000 people vote for their favorite Gift a Rift submissions, but in the end, two projects took the lead. We're thrilled to announce that the winners are:

First place: Lee Salzman (Cube Engine) with over 37% of the vote!

Second place: Phosfiend Systems (FRACT) with over 23% of the vote!

Lee Salzman and Phosfiend Systems will each receive a free Rift developer kit, t-shirt, and poster all signed by the Oculus team. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. We're eager to see what Lee and Phosfiend come up with.

Video Credits

We wanted to give a big thank you to our video production team, they totally rocked. Many of you have asked who helped us produce such cool videos, so here they are:

Oculus Rift Kickstarter Video

  • Directed by Win Bates (
  • Produced by Oculus & Win Bates
  • DP - Will Carnahan & Adam Lee
  • Gaffer - Sheila Flores
  • Sound Mixer - Travis Prater
  • Editor - Luc Delamare, Nico Litonjua
  • Music - Traver Hoar

Hawken + Oculus Rift Announcement Video

  • Directed by Oculus
  • Produced by Oculus & Win Bates
  • DP - Kelsey Taylor & Luc Delamare
  • Sound Mixers - Travis Prater & Dave Hansmann
  • Editor - Nico Litonjua
  • Music - Hawken Soundtrack

Special Thanks

First, we want to give a very special thank you to John Carmack. Everyone that's demoed the Oculus Rift has seen the incredible results of John's hard work and passion, showcased in DOOM 3 BFG Edition. We can't thank John and the id Software team enough.

We'd also like to thank:

Mark Long, Khang Le, and the Hawken team
Cliff Bleszinski and Epic Games
David Helgason and Unity
Gabe Newell, Michael Abrash and Valve
Mark Bolas and the team at USC's MxR lab
Juli Griffo and the Shayd team

And of course, our Kickstarter backers. Our success is thanks to you!

Next Steps

With Kickstarter complete, we're now focused on getting the rewards into your hands.

We'll be heads down in the lab for the next few months, hard at work on the developer kits and SDK. Since one of our goals has always been to share the development of the Rift, stay tuned for more progress updates.

For the vision to truly come to life, it's going to require collaboration, innovation, and pioneering from the entire community. We can't wait to work with you to finally make virtual reality a great experience!

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey and again for all your support.

We'll talk to you soon!

- Palmer


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    1. Missing avatar

      Hannes K on

      @Justin Anderson: maybe you'd need something that uses a lot more brightness on your weak eye.
      A custom driver or hardware mod might be able to help on that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Justin Anderson on

      Congratulations! I'll be honest here, I'm not a developer, I'm just interested in the technology -- specifically as it relates to me.... I'm nearly blind in one eye, and normal 3D effects don't work for me -- my good eye (which basically has supervision) just overpowers the bad one. The upshot is that 99.999% of the time I see fine, but "regular" 3D doesn't. I'm interested to see, though, if having an entirely separate view for my bad eye will give me at least some of the 3D effect I've heard so much about.

      Whether it works for me personally or not, I think this is a fantastic idea and wish you all the success in the world.

    3. Robert "HealyHQ" Healy III on

      Absolutely, congratulations all around! This is a very exciting time for games and technology as a whole. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Aschwer on

      thank you palmer for making it possible!

    5. Missing avatar

      Mike Schanck on

      Congrats guys! I'm very excited to start testing. I have had a love for gaming since I was young and even decided to specialize in Game Development in college and I think this can start a new revolution. I've already started writing out some ideas I want to try out. Thanks again for an awesome innovation for the independent developer community and the entire gaming community as a whole!!!

    6. Stani Ryabenkiy on

      Congratulations! Looking forward to the devkit. Can't think of the last time I was this excited about hardware (probably the PS3 launch). Even have old lenses and instant glue ready to go.

      You made a big commitment to all the excited developers around the world, you should now have the money to deliver (and hopefully a bit left over to fund R&D) - go out there and execute!

    7. Missing avatar

      Bennett Ring on

      Congratulations guys. I write for most of Australia's tech magazines, and can't wait to feature your product in as many of them as possible.

    8. Missing avatar

      Austin Butcher on

      Congratulations Cube, that would be awesome to see the rift successfully integrated with their engine.

      On a side not,
      You should try to keep the updates coming, like at the worst bi-weekly, just to allow the supporters to see how the project is coming along.

    9. Thomas on

      Congratulations, and thanks for creating the start of a revolution!