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Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
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9,522 backers pledged $2,437,429 to help bring this project to life.

Reminder to submit your survey response by tomorrow!

Posted by Oculus (Creator)

Dear backers,

The deadline to respond and claim your free Rift is tomorrow, Sunday, January 31.

If you've responded already there is no need to do anything. We'll be in touch when the Rifts are ready to ship.

If you need to make any changes to your address, you may do so until Sunday, January 31 at 11:59pm EST. Only your address may be updated via the Kickstarter survey. If additional information needs to be changed, you may message us with the note "I NEED TO UPDATE" and we'll contact you next week to collect updated information.

A few notes:

- Please don't leave your updated information in the comments or messaging, if you let us know you need to update your information, we'll send you an email next week.

- The VAT field is for your VAT #, not your VAT rate. If you do not have a VAT # you may leave this field blank.

- Good news for backers located in Austria and Switzerland: the Rift can now be shipped to those countries. If you previously identified your country as Austria or Switzerland, we will assume you would like to receive a Rift, regardless of the reward you originally selected. No further information is required.

Thanks, Oculus


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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Can't believe I missed this... :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Neme5is on

      received my cv1 yesterday. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
      btw, my 760gtx is capable of running lucky´s tale in playable fps (i even streamed it and that looked smooth). could be higher for sure, but still very playable. eve comes later.
      to every backer who got a cv1 for free: "have fun!"

    3. Missing avatar

      eric hansen on

      Any one know when the Australian kickstarter units will be shipped?

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Tomlinson on

      Still waiting for my commercial unit.. When are they shipping??

    5. TCPip2k on

      How can we check the status for this Kickstarter Edition? Got no further email since I filled out all the forms in time.

    6. Interdimensional Games Inc on

      Getting impatient, now that the retail Rifts are out there - I sure would love to know when to expect the Rift to arrive, as we're eager to develop for it!!

    7. Christopher Grayson on

      Just … wow. Learned about this yesterday.

    8. Andy on

      There's no survey, no messages, nothing... What gives?

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      Did not receive the survey email, is there any possibility I could get my free unit? :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Hannes K on

      I had received the survey required email 2 times, I wonder if something went wrong!

    11. Dain Hedgpeth on

      I didn't see any notice of this and it's part the noted date. Can my team still get our free unit??

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Polin on

      Man, this is unfortunate! I checked in my email almost everyday looking for this notification (Since January when they first reported we would get a free rift). I never received an email. Finally logged in to Kickstarter today to get to the bottom of it and saw that Kickstarter saying, "my email was not working". However, it was working, it hasn't changed in 21 years! Just went in and re-verified my exact same email... Is there anyway I can take the survey? Backer No. 8,758

    13. spyro on

      I did they survey and got a confirmation mail about that. But I didn't get a order confirmation mail on March 15th, like the other backers. Support wasn't even able to tell me what's the problem for two days now. :( (Backer No. 1370).

    14. Aaron Hibberd on

      support said I can't have one and doesn't care at all, this is horribly depressing...

    15. Aaron Hibberd on

      what if I missed the survey and just found out about this now?

    16. Missing avatar

      Peter Peterson on

      @chen sy pei: Hooray ! The wait is over - soon :)

    17. Missing avatar

      sascha krohn on

      Hey guys, just got an update from oculus customer support!
      thought Id share it here since I dont think im the only one nervous about not having received any confirmation about the kickstarter edition rift set, shipping address, shipping date etc:

      There is no actual shipping date for the Oculus Rift Kickstarter Edition as of yet.
      They will be shipping sometime after March 28 or mid-April.
      The Kickstarter backers who filled out the survey will receive an email when it is closer to the date with details about the specific order.

      So, good news!
      we WILL all get an email confirmation in 2-4 weeks from now once the units start shipping :)

    18. Missing avatar

      sascha krohn on

      So... has anybody received their rift yet?
      In january I was told itll be shipped in early february
      in early february I asked again and didnt get a reply
      Now its early march and theres still no update, no email, no announcement...

      For all we know the units have all shipped and just take some time to arrive or clear customs... but i got a feeling there has been another delay since nobody seems to have received anything or at least received a tracking number or confirmation?

    19. Missing avatar

      Quinn on

      @martinP: No, I never got any reply from Oclulus to any of my messages. I just hope everything works out in the end and the Rift will be shipped to my location without problems.
      @Pablo: I'd wish for that too. Currently I see no way to know when it will be shipped. Guess I will just be surprised the day it shows up at my doorstep, if it actually does, which I hope.

    20. Missing avatar

      Pablo Alejandro Figueroa on

      Hi! Is there a way to know when the Rift will arrive? A tracking number, perhaps?

    21. Missing avatar

      martinP on

      Has anyone received a reply to a "I NEED TO UPDATE" message as promised in this Update? I did not.

    22. Missing avatar

      roid on

      The deadline passed before i ever found out about it (just found out now).
      Oculus what do i do to claim my free Rift? Or is that it, no Rift for me :(

    23. Alexander Morano on

      this is probably overly paranoid, but will we get any sort of confirmation of our survey being received? I sent it in at the very beginning and don't think i ever got a confirmation email or anything.

    24. Miquel Gelabert on

      Great initiative to thank all the backers, very proud to have supported a project that has already been a game changer for the industry

    25. Missing avatar

      Hampus on

      Now I'm really sad. Kickstarter had complained a lot about me not filling in some information for the original rift. I didn't fill it in originally since I didn't want to trick you guys off an extra head-set. (Now, I filled it in since it's out of production)

      So I accidentally mistook the emails for Kickstarter just nagging again.

      Well, I did pre-order the consumer version so no need for me to feel too bad about it.

    26. Missing avatar

      Amadeu Martínez Pacheco on

      I didn't receive any survey and I'm one the first backers.... maybe because in some point I change my kickstarter account email?

    27. Edd Norris on

      I contacted oculus support stating my situation...
      Should I expect to be contacted anytime soon... or am I basically talking to a multinational corporation at this point? ;-)

      Thanks for remembering your backers.

    28. Jason Kaus on

      this is probably overly paranoid, but will we get any sort of confirmation of our survey being received? I sent it in at the very beginning and don't think i ever got a confirmation email or anything.

    29. Missing avatar

      Neal Graves on

      I just found out about this. Is there any possible way to still be included? I paid $300 towards the initial kickstarter and wish I would have been notified! Please let me know who to contact.

    30. 20drigo Perez [Mx] on

      The survey is now disabled, just in case someone is looking for it.

    31. Missing avatar

      Quinn on

      Damn, just read that you are shipping to Austria now! LOL, okay thanks; I'm really happy! Going to change the adress back to my adress! :D

    32. Missing avatar

      Quinn on

      I wrote you 4 messages during the last 4 weeks because I wanted to change my adress to a german adress of a friend (because he is in a shippable country). I never got a response from you guys and now I just read the deadline for changing anything is over! I'm really sad you never answered my messages or else I would have changed my adress long ago. I hope it is still possible. :(

    33. Michael Sandercock on

      Figured it out, browse our pledges, find the blue "+" button, press it, and you can double check your information.

    34. Michael Sandercock on

      I don't know how to verify that my information is correct? There is no link or anything anywhere.

    35. greg simmons on

      where can I verify my contact info?

    36. Colin Frick on

      Hope that includes Liechtenstein as well!

    37. Missing avatar

      meier stefan on

      Yeah, great. I'm from Switzerland:-)
      Thank you guys!

    38. David Höfle on

      Happy Rifting to our friends in Austria and Switzerland! :)