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Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
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9,522 backers pledged $2,437,429 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Florian Horsch on

      I can't believe I missed this update. I even filled out the forms without knowing too much what was actually going on (shop system error, etc?!). THIS IS AWESOME. Really appreciate the spirit...

    2. Christopher Grayson on

      As an Oculus Rift backer, I just learned about this today. Damn. Wow.

    3. Missing avatar

      Samuel House on

      Rift just arrived! Hand signed note and everything. Thanks a heap fellas!

    4. Dain Hedgpeth on

      I didn't see any notice of this and it's part the noted date. Can my team still get our free Rift??

    5. Mutant Garage on

      Can we get on the list for the Touch Controllers?

    6. pluMmet on

      First person to receive their Rift Gift please let us know :D

    7. Missing avatar

      Dylan Bruzenak on

      For people not receiving the email, try this:

      1.) on the kickstarter page, click "view pledge". It should be a blue button on the bottom right of the top part of the page, under the company info.

      2.) click the second tab on the popup, surveys.

      3.) The survey should be toward the bottom there.

      4.) If this does not work contact oculus with the subject I NEED TO UPDATE and they will apparently get back to you.

      5.) Post here if it worked or not; I got the email and found the survey this way, not sure if this error results in you not receiving the survey at all, but thought it might be worth posting in case it helps someone.

    8. Artus Sharpe

      I haven't seen the email yet... Anybody else?

    9. Rueh Jing Yap on

      Anyone from Asia received the survey email for free CV1? I'm one of the backer but didn't received any mail regarding this.

    10. Court Rye on

      Just wanted to say thanks again you guys, I know you've been working hard on this and are as excited as we are. This announcement and your plan to gift rifts to the original backers is perfect.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!! You have identified the most important VR supporters perfectly, and I am SO HAPPY you guys are doing this!!! :D :D What company does something like this on this scale?!? You guys are so generous, forward thinking and honestly good and awesome. I'm extremely excited to get my hands on this thing, and I'm already bragging to my friends and bugging developers to either adopt VR natively or sell a plugin for complete support.
      I can't wait for this tech to take off, you guys are brilliant. I hope throughout the evolution of VR, you guys stay on the forefront, and that as a business you keep being driven by the right, honest, awesome stuff that drives you guys. Keep up the very impressive work!

    12. Alkis Zevgaridis on

      Thank you very much for this gift! What a nice surprise!
      Question: I backed 2 x Oculus Rift Developer Kits, does that mean I get 2 new or only one?
      Thanks in advance!
      Let Oculus become a blast!

      - Greetings from Belgium

    13. ZpeedTube on

      Little late to find this out but it made me so happy to know that I well be getting the Oculus Rift for FREE! I don't have mutch money so if it was not for this I would not had a chanse to order it for some time!
      So thank you!! And I'm happy to be part of starting this!
      So thank you once agen and congratulations on finally releasing to Rift!

      ~Sincerly Emil (from Finland)

    14. Tyson Edwards on

      Very happy that you guys decided to do this. Nice surprise!!!
      I did one of the signed kits in the campaign. Any chance that I could get a signature on this new one as well? I'd love to have a matching set along with the evolution of the product.

      Congrats on your success!


    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Addison on

      Glad this happened. It had to exist, and thankyou for the first kickstarter of many that actually tipped your hat to those who helped it start. I truly wanted nothing in return other than a cool gadget before my other friends, and this to fly, which it has. If I was to ask for anything to keep that spirit going, please do some linux stuff. I thought you had sold out a bit, which is no problem as I got some cool stuff, but you may be able to keep an engagement with the opensource community, you know, keep that relationship going, and benefit immensely from it.

      Andrew Addison

      P.S. Go on, sign it ;-)

    16. Missing avatar

      Ben McDonnell on

      Thanks Guys, Much appreciated!

    17. Missing avatar

      Rory Loeb on

      Trying on that ramshackle taped up prototype Oculus that you guys were showing around at the Hawken party at PAX all those years ago simply blew my mind...enough to kickstart the DK1 on the spot. Fast forward to now and I'm getting the same feels. Amazing generosity and really, such a classy move, Oculus. Congratulations!

    18. Missing avatar

      Luke Bonner on

      honestly thought this was a joke....blown away. With life catching up to me, I wouldn't have had the flexible income to buy one and upgrade my machine to support it...but now I'm going to do my best to be Oculus ready by release!

    19. Missing avatar

      Tom Lewis on

      Why were those who didn't order a DK1 considered so worthless that Oculus completely ignored them ? Surely non- DK1ers supported those who did, you know, the the kickstarter them, many hands build great things ? To expect a free Rift might have been a bit much but being consdered worthless and beneath any consideration is a bit of a kick in the teeth in comparison.

    20. Wayne Francis on

      Just noticed the exact wording "free Kickstarter Edition Oculus Rift" is this different from the ones that are being pre-ordered? How? Is it a dev 2 kit?

    21. Andres 'Arsaneus' Schaffhauser on

      "Are kickstarter backer rifts top of the queue in non shippable countries as well?

      Yes, but backers in non-supported countries should read the FAQ regarding their free Rift."

      What FAQ was Palmer referring to in the AMA yesterday?

    22. Wayne Francis on

      WoW! Just wow. Here in Australia that is over a $1,000 value. Talk about treating your backers right!

    23. Missing avatar

      Eric Platt on

      This is wonderful.

      I pledged a considerable amount for the kickstarter,worked with the first prototype for a while, and then got busy with graduate school. I had almost felt that my excitement for the oculus rift had left me.

      Thank You!!

    24. ArtifexH on

      Do we know if we'll have to pay for shipping? Or is Oculus going to cover this as well? Awesome either way.

    25. Missing avatar

      Neme5is on

      oh wow @oculus, i´m out of words right now. that´s a very nice "thank you" from you. it feels better now, after facebook bought you back then...

      it was not needed, nor expected to get anything from you again. but this blew my mind guys! if only the touch-controllers would already be sold (i would buy a pair right now!).

      can´t wait to play with the new oculus, since the dk1 isn´t supported anymore and i need my dosis of vr again. now i just hope, my pc can run all that beautifull vr.

    26. Frank Bliss on

      First Class Act!!!

    27. Patrick Klimaszewski on

      Also want to return my appreciation for this unexpected gift!!!
      This is really amazing and, in my opinion, how kickstarter should be if an idea grow that much further than initially expected.

      Once again thank you for all your work and all the best for the future!

    28. Wilson Bilkovich on

      Wow, I wasn't expecting this at all. Thank you very much, and congratulations on the ongoing success.

    29. Daniel Spöck on

      Wow, that's impressive!! At first I thought it's just spam, cause it sounds to good to be true. =)
      Thanks a lot!!! Much appreciated!!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      Wow, this is awesome news!

      I can understand that some of the other, smaller backers are a little upset, so yes, maybe a coupon for the rift would be a nice consolation for their support. At least sell them it at cost so that it doesn't eat too much into your well deserved profits and it gets more rifts out there to spread the word that VR is here and it is ready for primetime.

      Congrats and, again, thank you!

    31. Peter de Castro on

      And here I was: half excited, half festering in my "grumble grumble Linux support on hold" stew...if that's something one can do. Hot cross buns, you folks are nuts. Crazy-awesome. My country's not on the shipping list yet, but thanks anyway! Of course, I'll still pump a fist and a half (maybe two) when Linux support returns, but this marketing trick* of yours'll put my occasional digs at bay for a while. All the best to you with the launch!

      *No derogatory sense intended. Whether or not this is purely you being awesome to us early-investing enthusiasts and devs, I hope it helps get Rifts into enough development studios and onto enough faces to show and convince your mom and some other people** that VR's ready to do all sorts of awesome things now.

      **possibly a slight understatement

    32. Missing avatar

      Steve Furness on

      When I heard the release was imminent I was excited about your success but kind of upset because I really haven't got the cash to buy one.

      The fact that you guys are doing this for all of us who were in your corner from the outset is one of the most touching things I have ever heard of. It just isn't done...ever.

      You guys are literally the coolest geeks on the block and have gone a long way to restoring my faith in humanity.

      Way to go Oculus I love your work

    33. Jonah Bitautas on

      Like Kristofer below I thought the reward email was a mistake. Thanks for the gift!

    34. Benjamin Morrissey on

      A little miffed at this point, I backed at $10 so as to ensure the people who got their order first were more likely to be actual full on Devs, unlike me who, while I do have an IT degree and have worked as a programer, only wanted to get it to muck about and get some insight. So I placed and order on the sight months later, and now with the reveal of the final price it will cost me over $1000 Australian to get one... yea I'm not jumping on board at that price, I still have my DK1 and will have to just stick to basics at this point. From the look of it I'm not the only one in this boat.

    35. Missing avatar

      Endothermic on

      Just got around to reading the redit AMA.
      Kickstarter backer shipments will be shipping in March.
      They will indeed have the same place in line for Touch, along with the other pre-order bonuses.

    36. Guillaume seguin on

      WoW Thank you so much for the gift !

    37. Missing avatar

      Kristofer Stoll on

      Wow.... Backer #9303 here and I have to say wow..... I received an e-mail to receive my Free Rift and I thought it was a mistake! I can't believe the good-will you guys are showing to the OG backers!!!! It AMAZING! Thank YOU!!!! Seriously guys... WOW!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Endothermic on

      Really... what do you mean "only the few who could afford to pledge the dk1".

      6955 pledged for a devkit that's most of the pledges, almost 3/4 not just a "few".

      It would have been nice if they gave all the backers one but you can be sure no matter what they did there would be people complaining about it.

      I'd like to know what the go with the touch controllers is, do we also have a place secured in-line for pre-orders like people pre-ordering the CV1 or do we have to pre-order one as well?

    39. ArtifexH on

      Is there an estimated shipping date for these units?

    40. Jack Everitt on

      Thank you very much!

    41. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Campos on

      This campaign had 9,522 backers and all of them were important to bring oculus to life. Now you say that only the few who could afford to pledge the dk1 are getting the free version, and all of us get nothing? Sincerely, I'm disappointed.... More than ever...

    42. Missing avatar

      kick963 on

      Bah, backed the project, cancelled out the dk1 reward to minimum due to you guys pressing 'development' and bought a DK2 afterward.
      No free goodies / discount for me I guess?

    43. Eliot Lash on

      Thank you so much! Very generous. I was kind of feeling burned by the fact that my DK1 is as good as obsolete now, but this makes it all better. :D

    44. Jason Sheldon on

      I don't suppose backers who backed at lower price levels than the development kit can get some kind of discount on the retail rift? I didn't back for the development kit because I was told if you weren't actively going to be developing, to wait for the retail edition, so I only backed for support and a t-shirt. It'd be nice if your other backers could purchase the retail edition now for the cost of the development kit then.

    45. Greg on

      Thank you Oculus!!! Can't wait to see GrooVR in the rift :). I believed in you then and I believe in you now just as much. Thank you for making all this possible. I have now been working full time in VR for the last year and it wouldn't have been possible without you. You took my 2D screen and put me inside it. No where else i'd rather been. It's still as magical as the first day I put on my dk1. I can't wait to see where you / we go next!

    46. Missing avatar

      KarlG on

      Wow, thank you guys. We have to rewrite the calender .. I thought Christmas was just some weeks ago, but apparently I am wrong :-)

      I cann' t wait to finally feel the difference to DK1.

    47. Wireball on

      You could release something like the DK2 as a budget option at $399 and call it the "Nausea Edition"! :P

      More seriously, I found the DK1 acceptable in most games, but admittedly I nearly hurled the time I tried PlanetSide 2 with Tridef 3D and it induced a 100ms head tracking lag. I can see why you want to avoid nausea.

    48. Missing avatar

      Christopher McConnell on

      I am in the process of moving, and did not see a shipping estimate, Have I just missed out on an early ship date now that the pre orders have gone out to April already?

    49. Missing avatar

      Mace on

      Woah, did not expect this. Thanks for this gesture and also thanks for making the Rift into what it is today. When I backed this project I did not only backed the product but also the person behind it. Thank you for your pulling the VR train. _O_