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Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
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    1. Creator Matthew Begley 3 days ago

      Seen the latest update, I've put the VAT Percentage of my country in the VAT box, when I should have left it blank, as I don't have a VAT Number. Do I need to update my survey ?

    2. Creator Tarek Sabra 4 days ago

      I'm very impressed with your decision to thank the backers, much appreciated!

    3. Creator Jeff Shaw 4 days ago

      I can't get an effective reply from Oculus support to change my mailing address via oculus support email. I was overjoyed, but now exasperated dealing with some kind of dysfunctional big corporation support nightmare, and appears I will not receive my rift :(
      Any suggestions how to get support from Oculus?

    4. Creator Jay Fleming 6 days ago

      MAYBE TRY SENDING THEM A probably isn't the best place for direct communication.

    5. Creator 20drigo Perez [Mx] 7 days ago


    6. Creator Christian Gfeller on February 1


    7. Creator Tobias Hagge on February 1


    8. Creator Ryu, Seong won on February 1

      I can't change survey response from "I do not live in the shippable countries, but would like to wait and see if that changes. " to "I live in the shippable countries, send me an Oculus Rift!"

      I tried several times, but always the e-mail response tells me that the answer is still "I do not live in the shippable countries, ".
      There must be a bug in survey system.

    9. Creator Tim Richard on January 31

      How can I tell if I need to update?????????

    10. Creator Snorre on January 31


    11. Creator Michal Cervenka on January 31

      Hi guys, if you are interest try oculus on full power, check this game:

      The game is developed from the start with Oculus Rift in mind, and every aspect of the game is engineered towards providing the most immersive experience. The user interface, inventory, and overall visual feedback all emerge from the game world itself, ensuring that nothing ever reminds you’re in a videogame. Of course, the game will also be perfectly playable without a VR headset.

    12. Creator Johan Manders - Sphereness on January 31

      If updating fails, don't plug the Dash into a charger for updating.

      After placing the update file on your Dash and you disconnect it from your computer, the advice was to connect it to a charger and let it update. That did not work for me, but leaving it unconnected did work! Just a tip.

    13. Creator Sean on January 31


    14. Creator Cliff Cawley on January 30

      Depending on when this ships, my address may be out of date as I'll be moving early June

    15. Creator Denis Zjukow on January 30


    16. Creator Christoph Pernsteiner on January 30


    17. Creator Manuel Arn on January 30


    18. Creator Chris Stargazer on January 30

      Great, I don't know which address I'm going to be at by the time shipping starts, need a way to update info much closer to shipping time.

    19. Creator John Taylor on January 30

      For those who say they didn't get a survey email... Can't you just go to your "backed projects" in your profile and select at the survey section?

    20. Creator Peter Sky Bognar on January 30

      Yes!! Shipping to Switzerland! You guys rock!

    21. Creator Rueh Jing Yap on January 26

      I also didn't received the survey email as a backer (pledge USD 330).

    22. Creator Vijay Rathna on January 23

      Oculus Team,

      As an earlier backer i have not yet received my Survey email to claim Oculus Rift. Have not received any response from Kickstarter or Oculus team on my survey email status


    23. Creator Salopp on January 21

      @econik They are shipped on March 28th, not received.

    24. Creator Salopp on January 21

      @Bernd: It will be shipped from inside the EU so customs should not be an issue.

    25. Creator Bernd on January 15

      @oculus: can you estimate, when we european dk1 backers will receive the cv1 rift? I am asking because of planned travels abroad on my side. Please mark shipment as gift, so it is not that severe, if I shouldn't be present to fetch it from customs..

    26. Creator Max Palmer on January 12

      They've said that we have a spot reserved in line for the touch controllers. So, presumably it means we won't get a touch.

    27. Creator Troubledimp on January 11

      Will the Kickstarter Rifts Come with a Motion controller or do we still have to buy them separately?

    28. Creator Jason Baxter on January 9

      Blown away...big thank you guys! Cant wait to show CV1 to friends.

    29. Creator Michael VanLandingham on January 7

      Really awesome move— Thank you!

    30. Creator Stephen Cook on January 7

      Thank you guys so much!

      You have shown how much Facebook has put you in a great position to develop an awesome product and have little constraints on the finances. Giving these away to backers and practically selling the CV1's at cost is amazing.

      Thank you for all your hard work.

    31. Creator Phoenix on January 7

      Hey Oculus team, really nice gesture to your original backers - appreciate it.

      One thing I don't understand though. Why didn't you guys build more units? Surely you couldn't have burned through all the Facebook money already?

      If you had built more units, it would have driven the cost per unit way down. Even a million units at 600 apiece is nowhere near 2 billion dollars, and I'm sure the cost per unit would have been nowhere near 600.

      I thought your goal was widespread adoption of VR. All this is going to do is make it easier for Ebay gougers and your competition to either eat you alive or jack the price of VR adoption as a new technology even higher.

    32. Creator Tyson Groth on January 7

      That's pretty awesome of Oculus! Kicking myself for doing a small pledge and getting the rift after the fact! If only this was a little while ago when the CDN was stronger, $914 all in hurts a lot.

    33. Creator Ryu, Seong won on January 7

      I'm out of shipping countries list, So .. have to wait for my shiny new Oculus Rift cv1, But anyway... the Wait will be also great, For DK1 I had waited for almost an year.
      BTW, what's in the Bag... just curious

    34. Creator Wolfgang Ditz on January 7

      wow, what an amazing offer! shipping to austria would be awesome though (and could probably be handled directly by the german distributor)

    35. Creator econik on January 7

      So those of us who get the kickstarter version, do we receive ours earlier or is it March 28th as well?

    36. Creator 20drigo Perez [Mx] on January 7

      Blown away by the news =) Feliz dia de reyes a todos los Oculus fans!

    37. Creator replay media on January 6

      great things are going to happen! thank you Oculus

    38. Creator Michael Roberts on January 6

      Just a questions on the Gifted Rifts, will we be contacted about shipping costs at a latter date or is this also part of the gift?

    39. Creator helder on January 6


      to the Oculus team all i have to say is a big THANK YOU not only for your commitment in venture to an exciting new VR opportunity for the average Joe but also because with this gesture you make us really believe we are a part of something big and you do not forget the ones who gave your initial support, a generous gesture indeed!

      now like probably a couple of other people who live in European countries, i live in Portugal and that is just next to Spain, a country you mentioned you can send the Rift gift.. i was wondering if you can not ship to Portugal??or have an idea of the timetable, or do i really need to go across the border although still in Europe to get a Spanish address??

    40. Creator A. Joseph on January 6

      I am with @Tipsyone not a dev but advised via updates and such not a good idea to choose the dev version perk and to wait for consumer release so I backed to keep up with updates. Would be cool if we to could also be included. Maybe a special heavily discounted unique code for those in my category as I'm sure many of us would have backed had we known. Sigh

    41. Creator procrash on January 6

      Do I addionally have to register myself for the order on the oculus website or is it enough to fill out the kickstarter form?

    42. Creator Brian Beuken on January 6

      Now that is a kind and honourable gesture, thank you.

    43. Creator Quinn on January 6

      Please Oculus, send the final version of the Rift to Austrian backers as well. We're right next to Germany and Italy. :(

    44. Creator Sam Beckett on January 6

      ok, good to go!!
      Thank you for your order
      Your Oculus Rift is expected to ship in March 2016. We sent an order confirmation email to:
      Reserve your space in line for Oculus Touch.
      Yes, reserve my spot for Oculus Touch

    45. Creator Sam Beckett on January 6

      Credit Cars are not working, paypal worked, but when I clicked accept I get 'Something went wrong. Please try again.'

    46. Creator Sam Beckett on January 6

      $599.00 !

    47. Creator Sam Beckett on January 6

      website offline :(
      however code says "{"paypal":true,"expectedShipping":"March 2016"},"

    48. Creator selva maran on January 6

      Wow!!! Quite unbelievable wonderful surprise and a very nice gesture. Being tight in cash was wondering how am I going to buy the CV. Thank you! Even when i backed the DK it was a hard decision on the money part, yet, i believed in Oculus Rift and the vision. Wish you guys a great success! Can't wait for the excitements that are about to come.

    49. Creator Shao on January 6

      @Michael, as a consumer/retail product it has to be certified for the country it's being sold. I'm sure more countries will follow as they stated. Certification just takes time (and money).

    50. Creator Marco Verhoeven on January 6

      I can not believe this, this is great!
      Question:what do we enter in the VAT field? Anybody know what it should be for the Netherlands? 20%?

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