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Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
Developer kit for the Oculus Rift - the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.
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    1. Jay Fleming 1 day ago

      Received my Rift in Vancouver today!

    2. The Gleeful Grognard 2 days ago

      Thing is being in the dark isn't okay... Them changing their mind on shipping Kickstarter rifts first is a decision they can choose to make. Not the best decision from a PR standpoint but one that is within their rights and ability to make.

      But not sending out a single email to kickstarter backers for two months is damn poor, it doesn't take much effort to type something up just to let people know that they are remembered.

      Also, I would have bought a rift (and had the money set aside) if they hadn't done the free rift promotion. So while I am grateful I am really put off by this being the third time in a row that they have done this.

      I was quite vocal in my disdain of the people whining during launch week and stand behind my statements (the people complaining about not getting a rift day one had no idea that it would turn out this bad and there was no evidence that it would)

      Not even that angry, just super disappointed. Actually a fair bit frustrated that they don't believe the kick starters are worth a simple mass email saying "we remember you exist"

      Two bloody months.

      It is amusing, been a part of kickstarters that have been delayed, have had slow communications and have put over $1k into them and never gotten as irritated as I have with this. The lack of respect is a problem both within the fanbase and from oculus themselves :(

    3. Benjamin Lim 2 days ago

      Dear Oculus team. Heard the rifts will be shipping to your backers in May. Many of us will be away because of the summer holidays. Personally I will be on vacation for 3 weeks. It would be disastrous and I would be disappointed if my Rift was delivered and returned.

      I will have to try and arrange an alternative address in the meantime.

    4. Jay Fleming 2 days ago

      Agreed...getting a CV1 is completely unexpected and while the delays and communication aren't great I'm still getting a free Rift at the end of the day. But as per the Reddit post below things should start moving soon, I received my "Your order has been processed and your Rift is almost on its way!" mail last night.

    5. Tasty 3 days ago

      While I'd like to know when my CV1 is coming I can't justify being upset about being in the dark. It's a free Rift that I wasn't expecting, buying it would have cost me over $1000AUD. I'm surprised they're not shipping to all the paying customers first, then to us.

    6. Missing avatar

      martinP 4 days ago

      I just don't understand this "TOP SECRET" approach dating back to this kickstarter origin. Why could not they said that the rule is "order according to the time of survey completion" right at the beginning? (and release it through the kickstarter channels)
      It would save them a lot of support staff forces and our nerves. Is it run by some sadist?

    7. Ivan Dubois 5 days ago

      Let's wait for the update of the shipping to Argentina :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Quinn on April 19

      @Ali: Thanks so much for posting this, dude. Finally we have some information. Although I think they could have updated the Kickstarter page with this instead of posting it on reddit, but whatever. I'm just glad we now know when to expect our Rifts.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ali Graham on April 18


      "Hello Oculus Rift Kickstarter Backers!

      We are making progress on getting your free Kickstarter Oculus Rifts out to you. We’re on track to ship out the vast majority of the remaining Kickstarter Rifts at the end of April with a small number shipping in the first couple weeks in May. Please note that we’re shipping these specific Rifts in the order, by region, in which the Kickstarter surveys were completed.

      Thank you so much for your patience."

    10. Ivan Dubois on April 17

      Look like oculus abandoned us

    11. Missing avatar

      plagued on April 16

      UK backer here, same position, no idea when shipping will begin. We were told that kickstarter units would ship first, and although maybe 10 did it's now all muddled together with preorders and no one really seems to know when their device will get shipped. I'd love to know what the statement about kickstarter orders shipping from a different allocation is supposed to mean.

      Oculus if you're actually reading any of this I think we really would all love to have even the slightest idea what's happening even if it's to say the kickstarter orders have been held back another month and it's going to take three months to fulfil them all.

    12. Missing avatar

      M.C.A. Caspers on April 16

      Backer #7529, Estimated Shipdate TBD, Tracking TBA.

      I'm thinking its gonna be a while yet.

    13. The Gleeful Grognard on April 15

      @Henri Clinch: There is nothing odd about the data collection policies and privacy policy TOA

      Heck the vive has the same damn issues, so does steam, origin and even google. People for the most part just care because it is facebook, and the nebulous shoggoth is to be feared I guess?

    14. Missing avatar

      Bernd on April 15

      Backer #597 and shipping date still TBD. @oculus: May I know when to expect my rift. Would it take longer, I will wait for the Pascal generation of GPUs from NV. Please provide me with a shipping date. I was thinking we first hour backers receive our CV first...


    15. Miquel Gelabert on April 14

      my order simply vanished from the page, starting to be very worried.. :(

    16. Missing avatar

      Quinn on April 12

      @procrash: End of June? You have to wait two and a half more months even though you are a kickstarter backer? Kinda sad. I have not even get a date yet, so I'm worrying that I have to wait at least that long as well. It's really strange, some KS backers got it on day 1, some still have no information, I really don't know in which order they queue the backers.

    17. Missing avatar

      procrash on April 12

      Hm. I have the date but I'm not marked TBD. What does this mean now? On Reddit they claim that the estimated shipping date is not applicable for kickstarters as the units are taken from a different source. So what's true now? Do we get the units earlier or later than the given estimated delivery date or is the delivery date applicable?

    18. Missing avatar

      Adam Fraprie on April 12

      Backer #1,384

      Order still marked TBD. Wamp Waaa...

    19. Missing avatar

      procrash on April 12

      by the wy im Kickstarter backer nr 23xx

    20. Missing avatar

      procrash on April 12

      My shipping date has updated. Estimated delivery 06/20/2016 - 06/30/2016 what about the others?

    21. Alex Moss on April 11

      Aussie here chiming in - nothing yet. Eagerly waiting.... I see on Reddit some regular pre-orders are getting theirs but no KS backers yet.

    22. Joseph R Garza MD on April 10

      Got my Oculus Rift and now up & running! AWESOME just isn't enough! Great software, got running in less than 15 minutes!!! Avoided the T. rex and up in Elite Dangerous, this is REVOLUTIONARY!

    23. Roman Schaub on April 9

      Update to my situation (I never got any confirmation mail whatsoever):
      It turned out that my mail server discarded mails due to the sender being on an RBL. If anyone else had a similar experience (no preorder confirmation, no status update mail, etc.), you could try to contact your hoster to whitelist (or do it yourself if you have access to your mail server).

      My rift hasn't been shipped yet, but at least I can now see that there actually is a preorder in place. Yay :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Henri Clinch on April 8

      major disappointment that privacy concerns from a few years back are now being realized. Opt-in data tracking for performance improvement should be the beginning and end of data collection.

    25. Missing avatar

      laurie on April 7

      Any aussies kickstarters got there rifts.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mike on April 5

      I've had my Oculus Rift CV1 for a week now and wanted to thank Palmer and everyone at Oculus for the consumer unit. We have consumer VR that is popular enough to have innovative software and an environment where a whole industry is forming. The images are so good I want to touch it (can't wait to have touch controllers). Congratulations.

    27. Darktemp on April 5

      @all If you got any information regarding your order's status, please enter yourself in this sheet:
      Someone on reddit made it and I think this could give a clue when your order could be shipped. You can use the link in the first cell to enter yourself. :)
      I hope they can speed up the shipping :D

    28. Missing avatar

      Quinn on April 5

      To the people who have already received their rifts: Did you get an email when the order shipped? Or did you just look up your order history? Just curious if I have to check the order every day, or if I will get an email anyway as soon as it is shipping.

    29. Missing avatar

      Damir Ajdukovic on April 5

      KS Backer #793 from germany and i have no shipping status, but to tell the truth i don't care. Even though they are not giving out a lot of info it's still a gift for us Kickstarters. We already got the product we have been expecting. I ask to to give them a break as it seems the rollout isn't working as expected. The higher the demand the better it will be in the end vor VR as a whole. I got the mail from 03.15 that confirmed my preorder though. If you lack that one you should contact them and just have some patience for their reaction. I guess they are being flooded with questions right now.

    30. Missing avatar

      Trevor Buchanan on April 5

      So, I just now learned of the offer for the consumer version for backers. . . and I missed it. Sad, sad day. Why the random February 1st deadline?

    31. Missing avatar

      Adam Fraprie on April 4

      Update: KS Backer #1,384

      Launch +7 Days

      Still no shipping status... I guess they are not going in KS backer order.

      It hurts to watch all these people get and show off their new rifts... knowing we have been waiting and supporting since the start. I hope I get mine soon or I'm not going to wait patiently until I do.

    32. Missing avatar

      John Chen on April 4

      I am getting my oculus rift today (#5xxx) and I have the redemption code for the EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack, but still no Oculus Ready PC discount codes yet from the order status site. Did anyone get those? Just want to know if I should wait or ask support for help. Thanks!

    33. svein-erik on April 3

      EU KS #6xxx status shipped on friday. No tracking no yet. But things are moving along it seems like :)

    34. Missing avatar

      xSkychainx on April 3

      @Katrina Wawrzynczak Thanks a lot for the info, exactly what I wanted to know. Yea, that's what I assumed and hoped. :P Like you say, it'll suddenly be at my doorstep one lucky day hopefully x) Thanks ahain for answering! OuO

    35. Missing avatar

      Andreas on April 3

      I have the backer number #1675 and am from germany. I still got no message that I am in a queue or that something was shipped. Should I worry? There was a survey which I answered asking if my shipping adress is still right, which I answered. But shortly after that I got the same question, even so I answered the first. Maybe my answer was not registered correctly. In the survey overview I can only see two surveys, the original and the one from january asking if I want the consumer edition for free. Do the others see another survey?

    36. Roman Schaub on April 2

      I submitted the survey when the mail was sent a while ago, but haven't heard back from Oculus since. Just checked my account page and there's no sign of an order. I'm in no rush to get it, but it would be nice if anyone could look into it so I'll be able to get my rift eventually.

    37. BoltUpright on April 2

      Came here to see where I fall within the shipping list. As long as I haven't been forgotten, I can wait. I've been waiting since the 90s for VR to take off.

      Oculus has done us "a solid" by doing the right thing by us, even though technically they were under no contractual obligation. Most companies these days would not have. This bodes well for Oculus as a company going forward, that they recognize the importance of goodwill.

      FYI: I am #4,821 among this most excellent group of visionary people :)

    38. Katrina Wawrzynczak on April 2

      @xSkychainx - as far as I recall there were no other details to fill out, (though I did get a message asking me to double-check if the details were actually correct).
      However, the order number and tracking details are apparently emailed.
      Assuming you correctly updated your address it probably won't matter, and it'll arrive eventually, but you won't get the tracking number or any means of checking on the status of your 'order'.
      (It shows up in their system as a 'pre-order' with a really weird set of payment details by the way. Kinda hilarious in some ways. XD)

    39. Missing avatar

      xSkychainx on April 2

      Hey fellow kickstarter backers. I had an old email-adress linked to my account, so I don't know if I've gotten an order conf etc. I've answered the survey, but wonder if there was anything that came in mail, that I should've answered or required me to do something more than the survey? Just a bit worried that I've missed a step.. :P Thanks in advance!

    40. Katrina Wawrzynczak on April 2

      I'm patient enough to wait, however long it takes.
      But for those of you curious about such things...
      I had kickstarter number #5000 (yes, exactly 5000. XD)
      And I got a confirmation of 'pre-order' on the 16th of march, but have not yet seen a shipping confirmation and definitely haven't recieved anything yet.
      I was originally in the UK when I backed, but am now in Australia.
      Anyway, I don't mind. It'll show up eventually.
      Though I expect shipping will be like, a month even after it's confirmed as being shipped.

      It'd be nice to know if there's any logic or priority to it. But I don't really mind.
      Not like I have a computer that meets the minimum spec, and I can't afford to upgrade for about a year or two...
      So... -shrug-
      Patience is a virtue, they say. XD

    41. Missing avatar

      procrash on April 1

      Don't worry Paul. We'll get it sooner or later. I'm excited as well and I check my email every day. I'm sure it's not more than a month or two to wait for us. I'm in the lucky position that I kept my DK2 so I can play all the titles already despite Eve Valkyrie.

      @Armando Castaneda: Was there a redeem code in the package or was it already in your oculus home app list (Eve Valkyrie). Just asking because I have just had Luckys Tale in my App List. I would have to pay for Eve if I want to play it before I receive my CV1.

    42. Missing avatar

      Paul on March 31

      Don't want to sound ungrateful as even though we the backers paid some of our hard earned money to back Oculus and its vision for VR and we didn't expect a CV1 in return. However what we do expect is the courtesy to keep us AND your paying customers informed as to what the hell is going on??

      Personally I've had no information from Oculus to say what month to expect the Rift, I have no idea if due tomorrow or next year??? All I've got to go on is some people have received something, and the majority not.

      PLEASE let your customers/backers past and present know what is happening!

    43. Missing avatar

      Armando Castaneda on March 31

      Kickstarter backer in the US in the 4xx range. Got my Rift today and it is incredible! Eve Valkerye is a lot of fun and even with all of the 360 degree action, I don't feel at all queasy like with with the DK1. The basic demo app blew my mind, the T-Rex was neat, I felt a little vertigo when I looked over the ledge of a building (that was a good thing as it was so real), and I laughed when I turned around and saw Palmer on a billboard. I'm about to purchase ADR1FT and try that out. I'm so glad I backed this project and I'm truly excited that VR has arrived!

    44. Missing avatar

      Adam Fraprie on March 31

      BTW: US Backer, from the "Birthplace of VR" Irvine, CA. (Can we refer to Irvine, CA as such?Palmer Lucky started it all here in Irvine... Haha)

    45. Missing avatar

      Adam Fraprie on March 31

      Because I want other to share as well...

      KS Backer #1,384 - Confirmation of order Received (3/15/16) - Status still not shipped (No Tracking #)

      Personal Note: I've waited since August 1, 2012 for this day (1338 days OR 3 years, 7 months, 30 days)... I am willing to wait another few days. I guess I've learned to temper my anxiety.

      Also, I NEED to thank Oculus for so humbly providing rifts to the people who were willing to put their money where their dreams were.

    46. Missing avatar

      procrash on March 31

      Just for the sake: German Baker, KS Backer Nr. 23xx. Status still not shipped.

    47. Dan Smith on March 31

      Thanks Don, here to ask just that :)
      UK backer, KS #77xx, order number 613000071656xx
      (also not shipped / no tracking number on the Oculus site just yet)

    48. Missing avatar

      don huynh on March 30

      Mine hasn't shipped yet. So if you think you're the only one, don't worry. #54xx

    49. Missing avatar

      procrash on March 30

      Could you guys who received the shipping mail already do me a favor and tell me if you're from the US or from Europe? I'd like to get an impression to whom the units were send out first and when I could expect mine. A backer nr would be good to have as well...

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