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A full Vietnam War miniatures wargame of the entire war in Vietnam from 1965 to 1975 that can be finished in a few weekends or less!
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The War in Vietnam map

Posted by Eric Harvey (Creator)


    Behold The War in Vietnam final prototype map! 

    Forgive my immodesty, but I don't believe a better wargame map for the Vietnam War has been done to date, or likely will be. I mean, doesn't this look just like Southeast Asia? This could pass as a decent wall poster.

    Kudos to the artist and the extra attention he gave to this project. I gave him a little bonus on top of his quoted price for doing such a really excellent job. 

Eric :-)

The War in Vietnam final prototype map
The War in Vietnam final prototype map
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    1. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Yeah, I played that Eagle Games (I) version of the Civil War years ago and wasn't liking it. The miniatures weren't that great, but the whole battleboard concept - a bad idea that just won't seem to die) - tried to mind meld strategic with operational in all the wrong ways. It would be one thing if the battleboard fighting was fun, but it was actually a chore. Kinda like VG's Civil War meets AH's Battlecry, but giving short shrift to both. Am I rambling? :-)

      I think you'd really have to know the subject. I designed or developed other Civil War games before, but I was fortunate to have Chris Perello's ear (our resident Civil War expert) any time I needed it, which was always invaluable. Believe it or not, I actually talked to him a couple years ago about such an idea.

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      Thomas Rizzi on

      Ok I’m gonna throw old school at us and say a civil war game. I think it would be awesome with different infantry posses of different units. Black Hats, Irish brigade, Zouaves, the 54th Massachusetts. Stone Wall Jackson brigade. Not sure if anyone would be up for this idea.

      I also love the Arab Israeli wars idea.

    3. Eric Harvey Creator on

      What's interesting about all of that is that you could never make an A&A type game work with simple historic force ratios because it would obviously be extremely lopsided. What A&A lacks - but would be essential to offset a lopsided force ratio - is a reflection of the requisite logistics to maintain that kind of force ratio. So, while the Allies may have had ten times as many tanks as the Germans, the Allies also needed ten times the logistics to put them in the field. A&A, of course, doesn't have anything like that to make it all work. I suppose one could argue that an Allied tank in A&A represents more tanks and all of the necessary logistics, but that's the very definition of abstract, and we're left to trust that abstractness as approximating what the war was like in some very vague manner. A simple, yet more realistic game COULD be done, though! :-)

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      Dennis Wozniak

      I read somewhere that the US built 10 Shermans for every one German Tank. If you saw a gameboard with 8 German tanks (of various types) and say 57 Shermans (still less than the 10:1 ratio) one would not have to think very long as to why the Allies won.

      I think historical force ratios and actual order of battle would be the way to go. It takes the AP out of "what to buy?"

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      Ivica Utkovic on

      Outstanding! Congratulations 👍

    6. Eric Harvey Creator on

      The red border around the map that you see is actually not on the final map. That has been deleted. As to the photos, they might look better once you see them at actual size. I will post a zoomed in image when I can get a free chance.
      Nevertheless, thank you for the honest feedback. I am not afraid of criticism; I'm glad to get responses about what anyone may not like, as well. All of it is helpful.

    7. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Of course, what you talk about is what keeps HBG in business, and anyone would agree that makes for an awesome experience (Yeah, P-38s as Navy planes...that's just terrible, you're right). As for me, what I have always wanted was an Axis & Allies type of game that was actually based on historic force ratios, which is what you get in the Vietnam game. These aren't just randomly available game pieces. They are based on real research. The big downside is that you wouldn't actually have too many Tigers, for example, as compared to Shermans and T-34s.

      What about a D-Day game based on actual, real orbats (not like the A&A D-Day game) in the A&A style?

    8. Pedro on

      The map is awesome, beautiful and one of the best I've seen in a long time. There's only one thing spoiling an otherwise perfect board. Those photographs at the top of the board don't have the same appearance as the rest of the map and should have been represented as boxes like the rest of the boxes on the board. The red on the arrows also stands out too much.

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      Dennis Wozniak

      I don't think you're going to go wrong with making a wargame for any era. My desire for WWII is a game that has a mini sculpt available for purchase appropriate for the year. It seems off to buy/use a Hellcat in 1942 when they didn't come out until 1943. Another one is using P-38s as Navy planes. !@#$ The armchair general would have to decide to buy the older material for less or purchase the latest and greatest for more money but with higher attack or defense values and/or stronger movement. Just my thoughts.

    10. Eric Harvey Creator on

      In all truthfulness, I'd love to do every era and subject that everyone would want. I count myself fortunate to find it all interesting. The only true considering is "What to do first?" I've been developer and occasionally designer for lots of Arab-Israeli games, so that would be pretty easy (I have all the research data already). As to a global WW3 game, that sounds like a hoot, too, yes. In fact, earlier this year, I bought a game of that vein called, IIRC, Superpowers and even corresponded with the designer briefly. I haven't played it yet, and it looks like a plebeian production and not historic in the slightest, but I think a 'proper' global WW3 game could be a blockbuster.

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      James Washer on

      First, I would like to see a “Vietnam Treatment” of the American Civil War to include all years. Next, I too would like to see the Arab-Israeli wars done. Specifically, the 67 and 73 wars. Some of the equipment and I would think some rules, would be able to carry over from the Vietnam game. I would like a Korea game but the problem is the first year of the war is interesting but after that it may not be that interesting in wargame terms.

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      Barry Kendall

      Speaking only for myself, I'd much rather see a "Vietnam" treatment of the Cold War/WW III on a global level, or a global game of the 19th century Colonial era, than another re-hash of WW II with minis. I think the latter would be an uphill fight vs. the A&A stable.

      That said, a big 'Nam-style game on WW II, the Eastern Front could be quite tempting.

      I'd rather see a big treatment of the Arab-Israeli Wars, though, more than anything else that comes to mind.

    13. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Considering how Axis & Allies has completely cornered the market for WW2 grand strategic miniatures games (and is beloved), would there actually be a actuating interest in such a game?

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      Dennis Wozniak

      Projects for Eric
      2018 - Vietnam
      2019 - 57 Chevy (& other songs)
      2020 - WWII (with really neat minis like the Vietnam game)????

    15. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Bates on

      ERIC -

      Thank you for your responses.


    16. Eric Harvey Creator on


      Production will probably result in extra maps becoming available, so I'll see what I can do at that time. :-)


      The dimensions of this map are two 22x34" maps side by side (for the normal map).

      As to the Dear John in Vietnam song, what you hear on the kickstarter page is his garage band version, but Bill has a whole bunch of songs that he's sent me to consider, and we'll be having a discussion next year about putting a complete album of his work together. His first song, 57 Chevy (All Our Dreams were Swept Away) was the song I thought had the most potential, so that became the test market song for him to see how well his other songs may do. I can't get to that project this year because I am feverishly working on the Vietnam game, but cross your fingers!

    17. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Wonderful! Thank you to everybody for the positive feedback! (It helps a lot). I'm glad everybody is happy with the map. I know the designer is very pleased, as well.

      I have passed along your good vibes to the artist. :-)

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      Shawn Dragoo on

      Fantastic map! I can't wait to play the game. Great job.

    19. Matthew Moore

      HOLY BALLS … that's one tight map!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      That is one TREE-MENDOUS map! I can only imagine how sharp it is "live and in person." Outstanding job by the artist, clearly the design vision was well communicated and the cartography executed by someone who is very talented and really cared about the project.

    21. Steven " Samhain" Bigness on

      The Map Looks Great Eric! Just looking at it gives me the feeling of being actually in the Vietnam war and I think the map will really draw players into the game! Can't wait to actually play this!
      Kudos to the artist Eric He did a really fine job. Keep the good news coming (as well as any Delays or bad news if anything pops up, don't worry we can take it! LOL!)

      ()() SAMHAIN

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      Ted Werner on

      I was in Seattle this past weekend and visited the Museum of Flight. In the Vietnam exhibit they had a bronze 3-D map that looked amazingly similar to this. Absolutely fantastic as it really brings home the topography of the country more than just some shaded hexes. Well done!

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      Mitchell Bates on

      PS: Is the song "Dear John in Vietnam" by Bill Reynolds available anywhere? Great song.


    24. Missing avatar

      Mark Desjardins on

      WOW! Beautiful rendition!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Bates on

      What are the dimensions of the map? Looking good.


    26. Patrick Healey

      Wow. Just wow. The pics of the game board were a big sell in the campaign and it looks amazing.

      I am reading "he right now and this just brings it to life.

      Thanks for sharing!

    27. Missing avatar


      Wow I’m so glad I could be part of your dream 👍

    28. Francis Armstrong

      Erm, it *would* make a great poster. I want one please! Post kickstarter purchase?

    29. Billy Wardlaw

      Very Nice!

    30. Josh Yanzi

      The map looks great! Love the colors and the texture.