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A full Vietnam War miniatures wargame of the entire war in Vietnam from 1965 to 1975 that can be finished in a few weekends or less!
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Maps' graphics are completed!

Posted by Eric Harvey (Creator)

       Here we have The Dangerous Year: 1973 map in its near-final state. This game, as a reminder, simulates the execrable showdown that nearly occurred in '73 when the Israelis began to push across the Suez Canal...prompting Anwar Sadat to request direct Soviet military invention to save his country. Premier Brezhnev vehemently insisted that Nixon compel the Israelis to withdraw, which they did, but very nearly too late to avert a superpower confrontation. However, had things tipped too far to halt the course of events, a sudden war may have erupted across the breadth of Europe. This game is simple and plays quickly...even possibly too quickly if one side or the other triggers a nuclear war.

       Now, I do have a request for those who care to comment: As you can see, various spaces on The Dangerous Year: 1973 map are mountainous terrain. I trust that it is evident which spaces are "mountainous" and which are not. If you think this is not discernible enough, please feel free to let me know.

      In other news, the Vietnam map is essentially finished, although in fact it is undergoing some final touches, and so I hope to have it to show off within a few days or so.

      With these maps done, the next update will reveal the last of the extra bonus game pieces, and then we begin to get our manufacturer geared up for initial game piece samples, and then full-blown production. While that is going on, we'll be getting our box art completed, and then we'll endeavor to assemble all of the myriad components for pre-press, and then have it ready to begin printing samples for proofing.



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    1. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Yeah, I think the printed and full-scale version will be clear enough. You can see a better version of it here:…

      Incidentally, I tried to have Kinkos (FedEx) print it out today, but they seem to be technically challenged, so no luck today. I'll try Staples instead tomorrow and see what we get.


    2. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Eric, thanks for responding. As long as the rules clarify any graphic ambiguities, the map will be fine. There aren't that many areas in total so it won't take much text to list the "Mountainous" regions if necessary.

      I'm sure it will be more clearly visible on a larger rendition anyway.

    3. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Francis, yes, the symbol idea was one we originally went with, but we thought the mountains were evident enough. However, that said, this is a low res version of the map. Everybody can see a much clearer version of the map on boardgamegeek.

      I am, today, in fact going to go to have the map printed out as a sample and see how it looks at actual size and as an actual printed map. I'll post a picture of it here after I do. :-)

    4. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Barry, there's only two types of territories (clear and mountainous), but your eye discerns correctly that Israel has the European swatch as compared to the other territories in the Middle East, which appear more like that of a desert. I'll make this clear in the rules. There are some event cards that specifically refer to the Middle East (excluding Israel), but there will be clear indicators of what is what in the rules so as to leave no doubt.

    5. Francis Li on

      Sorry, I'm a late comer, like everyone else, I think it's pretty clear which areas are mountainous and which ones aren't. If you want additional ideas to remove all doubt, an idea might be to have the names of the mountainous regions in a different font, or to have a little ^ symbol next to the name.

    6. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Are there two types of Land terrain, or three? For instance, the Sinai seems "plain" or "clear" but Israel (the area north of Sinai) appears to be "mottled." Yet not as "mottled" as, say, the Alps.

      Likewise, the second South European area from the right does not look as "mountainous" as the easternmost, but appears "mottled" in comparison with the region corresponding to the North German Plain.

      Perhaps there should be an "intermediate" Terrain type between "mountainous" and "clear"?

      If there are only two types, then the "real mountains" should have some more emphatic sort of graphic associated with them, whether the Area Boundary or the art within the Area.

    7. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Thanks for the feedback regarding the mountains. In general, I sense that everybody can see them, but that they could be punched up a little, which I will do. Mentioning the mountain territories in the rules is also a great idea. On the final version, they'll be clearer in any case. However, I was trying to be very careful not to make them overwhelming (not wanting them to appear as if they are impassable terrain or something...mountain spaces are still to be regarded as regular spaces in most respects), so it's a delicate balance to make sure they are clear but do not overwhelm the map's appearance. We'll see how it looks when we print out a test map (at actual size).

      Chris, yes, the real trick is to essentially segment the mountains so that they are neatly confined to specific territories if they are the dominant terrain. The Northern Italy spaces are flat because they're the only sizable area of lowlands in Italy (the Po Valley), though it's bracketed on all sides by the Alps. To simulate the prominence of the Alps where they are ubiquitous, they're confined to the Southern France, Switzerland, and Austria spaces (where they are completely imposing terrain in reality). In short, Italy is configured in this way so that the Soviet "Group of Southern Forces South" can theoretically drive into the Po Valley as per their war objective (where they would fighting across flat terrain once they crossed through Slovenia).

      As I say, it's a tricky thing to simulate perfectly at this scale and for a game of this simplicity because, you're right, the representation of mountains is very generalized only where they are the most imposing. For instance, the relatively smaller mountain ranges in Southern Germany aren't featured in those German spaces. Bavaria is unlike Austria which is *entirely* mountains, ya know.

      Anyway, if everyone thinks the map is nice-looking and not too garish, a few tweaks will get it there. I already have this game's event deck all finished (i.e., all the events that each side draws throughout the course of the war), and the rules should be finished in a few more days...thereby wrapping up playtesting by the end of June. In the meantime, I hope to have the Vietnam map ready to show off in a couple more days, which looks incredible already. It blows this map out of the water, so stay tuned! :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Morris on

      Hi Eric,
      Thanks for the update things look like they are going well.

      For my part I think the mountain terrain tiles are 'Ok' but could be improved if cost/time efficient.

      My view would be that while reasonably clear the tiles could do with some 'mountains' to stand out above what appear to be more like rolling foothills?

      Also, as an aside Italty seems to be flat and lumpy in all the wrong places (like my wife). I would suggest that at the generic level Italy is universally flat and mountainous across the country (at the scale you are looking at). So it is a bit strange to see southern Italy as mountainous and northern Italy as flat (after all the Alps are in Italy too).

      Just some generic thoughts hope they are constructive and helpful?


    9. Missing avatar

      John Theisen on

      On the screen image, the mountains are a bit subtle, and perhaps slightly challenging to distinguish. One possible suggestion (in addition to any minor tweaks made to the map itself, to improve visibility) would be to list IN THE RULE BOOK, by name, all of the territories/zones that are -- or are not, whichever -- mountainous. That way, should there be a question during play, it would be easy enough to find the definitive answer in the manual, without having to sort to "rules-lawyering" or a dieroll to decide.

    10. Missing avatar

      Arthur Hardy on

      Thank you for the update. Any word on the dice? Is it gonna be as originally planned?
      Thank you and have a good day.

    11. Ruben Gil on

      For me the spaces mountains are ok, but... i dont see cities... I think will be better with capitals, more chrome.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dave Miller on

      At the scale above the mountains appear to be subtle in some areas, but in Eric's previous update (May 1) there is a zoomed-in shot which shows them standing out much better. So, if that is still accurate?...

    13. Missing avatar

      John Vahaly on

      Hi -- The mountains are fine for me but if it would help some other backers, darkening them is a good idea.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Little

      Hi Eric. Just wondering when the pledge manager will be ready? I want to make sure I don't miss it.

    15. Crazy Celt

      I think you need to darken the mountains. On some of the colors they are not so easy to distinguish.

    16. Missing avatar

      Keith Hall

      The mountains look fine to me.

    17. Missing avatar

      Steve Higginson on

      The mountains on the map probably could do with a bit more highlighting. Hard to see on the map. Cheers

    18. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Andrew, yes. All Non-infantry land units have restricted movement and combat penalties in these spaces. Now, I didn't want to overwhelm an otherwise simple game system by adding "terrain", but mountains are such an insidious obstacle that I considered them essential. However, the rules governing them are simple and straightforward. :-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew Allen on

      Are there movement differences depending on 'mountainous' VS 'normal' terrain?