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A full Vietnam War miniatures wargame of the entire war in Vietnam from 1965 to 1975 that can be finished in a few weekends or less!
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Prototype graphics

Posted by Eric Harvey (Creator)


   The three artists I have working on the graphics have kindly provided me with some samples to show off. Please know that these are merely prototypes and are by no means final, but you'll no doubt appreciate these sneak peeks!

Just a very small segment of the Vietnam map, but it gives a flavor of this beautiful work in progress.
Just a very small segment of the Vietnam map, but it gives a flavor of this beautiful work in progress.
Notice the Mitchell camo pattern so typical of Vietnam
Notice the Mitchell camo pattern so typical of Vietnam
A small segment of The Dangerous Year map, which is not as far along as the Vietnam map, but you can see its emerging style.
A small segment of The Dangerous Year map, which is not as far along as the Vietnam map, but you can see its emerging style.
Presented in naval colors.
Presented in naval colors.
You'll see the PT-76 in both the Vietnam game AND the WW3 game!
You'll see the PT-76 in both the Vietnam game AND the WW3 game!
This is how supplies get to Thailand if the Ho Chi Minh Trail is shut down.
This is how supplies get to Thailand if the Ho Chi Minh Trail is shut down.

    What's next? Well, the sculptors are working on additional infantry poses (such as the Viet Cong with an RPG and so forth), and these are inherently more laborious, so it'll be a little while longer before I have more samples after this update. Of course, all the additional miniatures are adding to the production schedule's timeline, although I am still endeavoring for September. Still too early to tell, but we are actually making very fast progress if you think about it. In a month's time, we have gotten quite a lot completed already, and I am not letting a day go by without moving the ball a little farther down the field. 

     I would estimate the Vietnam map to be (roughly) 75% finished, and the WW3 map, which is a much simpler game and a simpler-looking map by design, is 90% just needs sprucing up, but the foundation is all there. I don't have a good handle on how long it will take the sculptor to get the other new infantry poses done, and they might cause the most delay with the production of the actual game pieces, but at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

     In the meantime, we are working on box art. The image shown in the kickstarter page will probably not end up being the actual box art, as it is a licensed work, though I DID have permission to license it for purposes of this game, but no official agreement has ever been signed, so we are exploring some different looks that are arguably more emblematic of a "strategic" Vietnam game rather than what might be misconstrued as a tactical game. I hope to have something by the end of May to show off, however. 

     I will have a set of mostly-finished rules for the WW3 game by the end of May for everybody to review, and that game will effectively be done and ready, conceptually speaking. The designer and I will be displaying the Vietnam game at the Expo convention at the end of June (using prototype components, of course), after which some outside playtesting is expected to begin ("outside" meaning that other people will playtest the game without our involvement, guidance, or help). Once we have that settled, the work on the solitaire rules will start (while all these other gears and cogs are working away).

     It's my expectation that all the game piece sculpts will be finished before then, and so once all the graphical elements are in place, we will start making arrangements with the factories to prep our files, review them, send us samples for corrections and preview, get approval, and queue them all up for the day when we push the big green "Go" button and start cranking these out. 

     But we're some time away from that. For now, I primarily wanted to show everybody the sample map and sample event card so you can see that the aesthetics of this game will be every bit as beautiful as I had promised. Man, when you lay out your Vietnam map on the table, you will be in the Nam! I will boast that I think we'll have the best-looking Vietnam map of any game to date or since.

      Comments, critiques, observations, questions, and accolades are all equally welcome! Let me know how you think we're doing, the good, bad, and the ugly.



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    1. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Regarding the box, this is something I'm working on at the present. It'll look great whatever we do, but I want to get the map and card graphics perfect first. :-)

    2. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Thanks for the encouragements; things are moving along. As to the rockets, the main thing is that, to do a FROG launcher, for instance, means another sculpt to make, which takes more time (and expense) to make, but these rockets are pre-made. Besides, then I'd have to make up a Pershing launcher, too. BUT, I am not ruling that out; we're just exploring some options.

      Incidentally, regarding the Moskva, you might find it interesting that - according to "Inside the Soviet Army", which I am presently reading, the Moskva, Leningrad, and Kiev classes were built simply to give the Soviet navy experience in carrier ops, intending to build a dedicated aircraft carrier (which they did), so it was never meant to be a real warship in that sense. Of course, you're right, it wouldn't have lasted long in any kind of fight. Ironically, it would have probably been sunk by a sub, the very thing it was designed to defeat. :-)

    3. C_Strabala on

      Thanks for the update Eric! I do agree with Barry that a montage on the box cover would be perfect for this game. One of my favorite cover designs is from the original Axis & Allies: Europe. Extremely evocative of the era....

    4. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Eric, bless you, my son, thanks for including an ARVN soldier! I have a soft spot for them; often corruptly administered, badly led, and ultimately abandoned, they very often did their best anyway. Hue, An Loc, and Xuan Loc prove their courage and resolve in spite of long odds.

      Glad to hear there will be a Naval role in WW III . . . maybe a simple no-pieces-needed rule can provide for the threat from Soviet subs and long-range naval aviation strikes. Moskva, by the way (the original Large Antisubmarine Cruiser) was around by the late '60s, but she would not have lasted long in a '70s Mediterranean environment.

      Re the missiles, since they're tac nukes, the "fat '50s" missiles would be fine. Unless you want to do a cool Soviet FROG and transporter (remember the old SPI "WW 3" box art?). . .

      Entirely understand the "expensive licensing fees" reality, especially since you're already only marginal in-the-black with all the extra sculpts you're going for. But ya know, I always liked the old "AH Stalingrad" cover with its montage of period photos. Something like that would be fine, and in the case of Vietnam evocative, given the media coverage of the conflict. Thanks for the update and the responses.

    5. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Barry, the aircraft you see featured is indeed a Crusader. That said, it takes a trained eye to see the difference without any other references, though, so even I had to double-check once you asked. This sculpt itself has the ventral stabilizers that give it away as a Crusader (which you can't see at the angle it is featured above, but they are present).

      Regarding the box art, yes, I really thought the Col. Moore was a great-looking painting, but the artist himself passed away some years ago, and so his wife coordinates licensing of all his work, and not inexpensively, unfortunately. Quel dommage.

    6. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Barry, yes, absolutely, an ARVN sculpt is planned.

      Regarding the WW3 game's sea spaces, yes, there will be naval forces (by simply using the U.S. naval units from the Vietnam game). Now, someone had asked me previously about Soviet naval units, but in 1973, the cool Soviet ships (like the Kiev, Kirov, Slava, Moskva classes, etc.) weren't around in any significant numbers yet, so there would be no Soviet naval presence at this game's scale. Basically you'll have the U.S. 6th Fleet cruising up and down the Med to provide air support wherever it might be needed. Maybe the Soviet player is invading Eastern Turkey, far from NATO airpower; the U.S. 6th Fleet would be available to park in the Eastern Mediterranean to provide air support to the Turks. Something like that. :-)

    7. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Regarding those missile pieces, I have to wait until all the new sculptures are done to know if we can have our own missile piece made up, and to see if we can fit enough in on a casting to have sufficient missiles for the game. If not, these 'rockets' may suffice. In the game, they do represent tactical nukes, yes, so I suppose that allows for a little artistic license.

    8. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Quick P.S. . . . first, is that a Crusader, or a Corsair II? Actually looks more like the latter!

      And, a bit sorry to hear that COL Moore and CSM Plumley aren't going to be on the cover . . . could this art perhaps at least make it on the rulebook cover?

      I do understand your desire to impart a "strategic" impression via the box art.

    9. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Nice job on the Crusader, the PT-76 and the merchant ship. One mini I'd like to see added is a specific ARVN soldier. They were small guys, not like the tall US soldier, and they did most of the dying on the Allied side and deserve their own figure if possible. If the VC are getting two poses, ARVN ought to be able to get one.

      Re the rocket . . . I've seen these, they are very '50s. If the setting for the game is the '70s, would it make more sense to depict ICBMs in the form of missile-silo doors rather than the missiles themselves? After all, the missiles are essentially a self-propelled "munitions round." Or are these "tactical nukes" not actual intercontinental missiles?

      In the final analysis, it's not terribly important to me whether a "scale missile" is used or not. I'm more interested in the other weapons-system minis. BUT, having seen the map segment, I do have to ask (seeing the Med with subdivided areas) . . . are there going to be some NAVAL units too?! 'Twould be cool!

    10. Giovanni on

      I like the miniature rockets, they are pratical for gameplay and are good looking. (blue or green) and red colours would be good enough.

    11. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Thanks, guys. I am really happy with the Vietnam map, I agree.

      Gerald, yes, there is a Hanoi Jane card somewhere in the deck. I don't recall what it does off hand, but it IS in there.

      On other note, I was thinking about using these pieces for the nukes in the WW3 game. They don't exactly look like ICBMs, but I can get them for considerably cheaper than making them myself, and they have the advantage of being self-standing because of the fins. However, they look like something more out of the early 50's, so I'm curious if they are too kitschy, or if they'll suffice:

    12. Missing avatar

      Gerald Martin on

      Just wondering, Is there a "Hanoi Jane" event card ? She is a traitor and propaganda tool.....

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Looking amazing so far eric. Can't wait for next update. Looking like a go to game for me.nice work

    14. Giovanni on

      I already liked the first map, but this one is just gorgeous! You are doing a great job!