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A full Vietnam War miniatures wargame of the entire war in Vietnam from 1965 to 1975 that can be finished in a few weekends or less!
478 backers pledged $113,356 to help bring this project to life.

75% Funded!

Posted by Eric Harvey (Creator)

We are now 75% funded, and projections look positive for 100% by next week.

Also, projections now are that we'll exceed funding by the end of the campaign, which is good news (great news, in fact) because of all the extra bonus goodies that we've all wanted to add. 

For those that participated in the bonus WW3 game poll, considering how close the voting was for which type of game scope we were contemplating, we can now entertain actually adding both maps, and even expanding the variety of game pieces.

Thank you to all backers, especially the early backers that got this campaign off the ground, and to all backers who kept this campaign going on a steady course along the way.



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    1. Hans Peter Bak

      Hallo Eric.
      I just saw this kickstarter yesterday and I thought "Hmm, that's new. A game based on the Vietnam war." I then clicked on the video and saw it was nearly ten minutes long. "Oh boy. But lets be generous, it might be worth my time. It IS the Vietnam war after all."

      Well, it was worth my - AND your time - I'm a Special Edition backer now. ^^

      I'm an amateur historian and the Vietnam War is one of my favourite subjects. I thought about buying the Victory Games version but....yeah. You know what I might think of that game. ;)

      I downloaded the rules for your game and they sound good to me. Best of luck to you and Neil.

    2. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Ah, for once in our lives, Barry, let's go ahead and count those chickens! :-D

    3. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Fantastic news, both re campaign and the WW III game.
      This augurs well for the future, as well . . . say, 1973 in the Middle East . . . . .
      Of course, we mustn't count chickens before they're hatched, but I'm very hopeful based on the continued rise in support and some new publicity in additional venues. Lookin' good! Looks like I'll have to wrestle with that enlarged-maps decision after all . . . .