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A full Vietnam War miniatures wargame of the entire war in Vietnam from 1965 to 1975 that can be finished in a few weekends or less!
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Poll Results!

Posted by Eric Harvey (Creator)
Thanks to those that participated. 
The poll here, combined with the external poll (150+ voters), settled on these top 10 picks:

In order of most popular:  

1 ) AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter  

2 ) Vietnamese village sculpt  

3 ) Australian/ROK Marine infantry  

4 ) Earthen bunker sculpt  

5 ) Viet Cong additional sculpt (VC with RPG)  

6 ) US Marine infantry sculpt  

7 ) PT-76 light tank  

8 ) US Army Ranger 

9 ) 155mm heavy howitzer 

10 ) M-41 Walker Bulldog tank 

 Thanks for voting!  


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    1. Eric Harvey Creator on

      The M-41 made the cut, so no worries there. As to the village, you have a point, but on the Jumbo map, it won't be an issue at all. There will still be a village counter in the game.

    2. Missing avatar

      David van Dyk on

      I must agree with Barry, I really hope to see the ARVN M-41 tank been made as a sculpt. It would make sense to give the ARVN some mech forces in the game. The large battles fought between 1970-1975 were mostly done by the ARVN.

    3. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Must confess some surprise in the results. To me, the Vietnamese village sculpt will just get in the way on the board. I don't see a point to the Army Ranger when there's already going to be a Green Beret sculpt. Surprised that the 155 heavy howitzer didn't score higher; heavy arty should have a distinct role over and above 105s. Finally, though it's 10th, I hope the ARVN M-41 makes it as a sculpt. It saw a lot of action and ARVN tankers did pretty well against NVA armor.