The War in Vietnam grand strategy miniatures war game

by Eric Harvey

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      Dennis Wozniak

      What if we want BOTH the miniatures and the big map? Should we up our pledge by $110 (plus shipping)?

    2. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Yes, sure thing!

    3. Missing avatar

      Damian St Germaine on

      I picked the platinum edition and pledged 400 so that should cover the extra set of pieces and the over sized maps and shipping correct? Looks like its going to be an awesome game!

    4. Missing avatar

      Damian St Germaine on

      Sorry I meant I chose the special edition

    5. Eric Harvey Creator on

      Yep, you're good. Thanks for your pledge. Yes, this game is really going to be swift. I wish I had finished and completed components to really show off the game's stunning looks when it'll be finished, but when you open the box, you'll be wowed.