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$200 pledged of $5,000 goal
By William Bock
$200 pledged of $5,000 goal


About 10-15 years ago John Hutchinson invented what he calls the "Crystal Power Cell." After it became clear that this technology would never be mass produced (most likely because mass production would make the cost of the required chemicals skyrocket) he decided to share the basics of how to make them with the general public. He figured that if he can't make money off of it there would be no point in keeping it a secret. Here we are years later and not only do very few people know it even exists, but there's still a major disagreement as to how these things work. Some say the crystals convert radiation to electricity, some say vibrations, some say it's a chemical reaction, etc. In the beginning of my studies I thought it was a result of a chemical reaction but now I'm not so sure. We don't know how they do what they do, but what we do know is that they produce a small amount of current for an extremely long time, if not indefinitely. There has been a live web feed of one of these running a motor for over 2 years straight with no signs of stopping! My goal with this project is to fully study these crystal cells, as well as try different ways to gain more power from them, or apply the power in a more useful way. This technology is still in it's infancy and I want to change that. See if they really do run forever. See if we can get more power from them. See if we can advance them to the point that it would be economical to power our homes with these. Think about never having to pay another electricity bill again for life! We don't know where the limitations are. We do know that if it can be done, the early birds are the only ones who will get the worm. It's basic supply and demand. The more people who want the chemicals to make these, the more they will cost, to the point where the cost of manufacture is more than the value of the electricity produced. Those that back this project will receive access to all my research. Teaching you everything you need to know including breakthroughs and miscellaneous data.

Risks and challenges

This project does come with risks and challenges. The main challenges are in finding out exactly how these power cells work, as well as increasing the amount of power they generate. This can only be done through a series of experimentation, and as with any experiments, there is a risk for failure. However, no technology can be developed or improved without this process.

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