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The iconic 60s comic strip that never was...until now!
The iconic 60s comic strip that never was...until now!
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Now then...


Hello Tigers

We’ve been chatting with the various folk involved to finally nail the manufacturing schedule. From (obviously) the printers and the companies that are handling the various reward merchandise to the noble copy editors, who, if nothing else, will force me to spell Baretti’s name consistently.

The result being: finished books/ T-Shirts/bags etc. will be with us in July. We will turn them around straight away (Jimmy won’t have a bed to sleep in until we clear his cage of the boxes) so they will be with you as swiftly after that as the postal services of nations can deliver.

In order to finalise people’s choices for the various extra goodies (your choice of T-Shirt design for example) we’ll be posting the artwork selection as an update at the start of April. Shortly after that I will be sending out the backer questionnaire which collates all your postal details and allows us to confirm the specifics of your individual packages.

At that stage we will pass on the precise order specifications to our Carnaby Street tailors, badge makers, and the residents of the East Finchley Remand Centre for Sexual Iniquity, who will be stitching the bags together as part of that noble institution’s ‘Put Your Hands to Good Use’ initiative. Some of the details in that last sentence may be utter fabrications but you can rest assured the details aren’t.

We’re confident that we’ve anticipated (and avoided) any possible pitfalls and allowed the companies involved a bit of breathing space to drag their heels and be a bit slower than promised. These things can happen so we wanted to factor them in now to play safe. If everything comes together sooner then we’ll obviously ship quicker but we wanted to fix a date that all were confident they could hit.

As always, thank you all for your infinite patience and tolerance of us. We honestly can’t wait for this book to be in your hands, we’re proud of it and, frankly, can’t wait to show it off.

G and J

To whet your appetites yet further (we're like that) here is a sample of some of the long thought lost material we have unearthed. A somewhat ravaged pencil rough for a mysterious sequence which never seems to have been completed.  The Goldtiger book is fast turning into an artitst's edition, no bad thing we reckon. 

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    1. Jimmy Broxton Creator on April 3, 2014

      Hi Owen
      That is a good question, I'm leaning towards everyone getting their rewards at the same time, so all is fair, but as you say, the digital files will be ready ahead of the July ship date. Let me discuss this with Mr Adams, and we'll get back to you. Best J

    2. Owen Lambert on April 1, 2014

      Just in case I missed something - What about digital only backers - do we have to wait until July or will we get access as soon as the work is done? Ta :)

    3. Milan Kovacs on February 27, 2014

      Whoo hoo can't wait!