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The iconic 60s comic strip that never was...until now!
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Jimmy Broxton

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Burning Bright...into the night!


Hello Tigers...

We plan to update you very soon on progress with finding a publishing partner, as soon as we know, so shall you all, you lovely people.

We are now at the final design stage with the book, and the all important cover is a hot topic of debate here at Goldtiger HQ, here's the most recent mock up, with a groovy new Beatles inspired logo. This may not be the final cover, but we wanted to share, because we are like that.

This has given us an idea for another competition, it's a little known fact that during the height of Beatlemania our man Barreti was approached to work on a strip telling the story of the Beatles, although more of a Dean Martin type of guy, he did try out for the gig. It came to nothing, but some of the art remains and is securely stored in the ever expanding Goltiger/Barreti vault. 

We have decided to offer one of these original sketches, as a competition prize. To win, simply tell us the name of the house at 16 Claremont Drive where the fab four would, on occasion record demos of new songs. Please also tell us which Beatle you would like (sketches exist of all four) , those asking for Pete Best will be out of luck. The deadline for this comp with be May 1st, with the lucky winner selected as usual by the Goldtiger supercomputer. Best of luck!

Gold tiger cover mock up number 6
Gold tiger cover mock up number 6

 Speak soon, a summer of love is coming.....

J and G



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Competition Result


Hello Tigers

We have been overwhelmed by the response to our latest competition, loads of entries, nearly all of them correct, and we thought this was a difficult one. We salute you, our backers, and your extensive knowledge of mid 20th century pop culture trash.

So, the Goldtiger super computer was fired up and the info-extraction sequence was initiated (plugged in),  it was then cooled, cooled again (it gets a bit warm), packed with ice (it actually gets bloody hot) and left to calculate for exactly 9.7 days (hooray, 9.7 days when we didn't need to switch on the central heating at Goldtiger HQ, you can fry bacon on that damn thing, well you could, but it's the size of a car and we can't reach the top without setting fire to our groovy cardigans).

For over a week it whirred, spluttered, whinged, sparkled, glowed, shook, smoked, frightened us, our pets and the local authorities. 

Finally, we had our answer.


Yes, 5! Incredible. Only just over a week to randomly select one number out of a couple of dozen, unbelievable. 

So, without further ado, we can reveal that the winner of our competition, who correctly identified that the tag line:


Is from the almost forgotten 60s classic"The Party's Over", starring Oliver Reed.

Congratulations to the fifth person who contacted us with the correct answer. A Mr Milan Kovacs.

Sir, your original Barreti ink drawing of the lovely Lily will be included in your package of Golden treasure. 

We'd like to thank all of you for entering and keeping the faith.

We'll have a new competition next week and an update on shipping as we approach the festive season.

Stay Golden...

Peace, love and underthings.

J and G



Hello Tigers.

OK, our Oct deadline for survey returns has been and gone, still we have quite a few no shows, tut, tut. So, as promised, we at Goldtiger HQ will make the choices for those lovely items that apply.

Now then, to this update’s competition. There will be only one winner, selected at random by the Goldtiger supercomputer (which is a 60s original, so, the size of a family car, with all the computing power of a pocket calculator that costs 99p from Wilko).

The prize? We hear you shout with unbridled glee, an original ink drawing of our leading lady Lily Gold, by Barreti. Gulp! How can you enter this mouth watering competition? Simple, correctly identify which “classic” and controversial 1960s film the above tag line comes from. If you are too lazy to read back, here it is again:


The closing date is Monday Nov the 11th.

Please, message us directly, rather than post your answers in the comments section, that rather gives the game away.

Must dash it approaches the cocktail hour (well at Goldtiger HQ it does).

Stay Golden…

J and G

What The Font?


Hello Tigers

All those discerning Type junkies who ordered a copy of the "Barreti" comic book lettering font, should have received a file via email. If you haven't, and you are expecting to, please contact us here at Goldtiger HQ.

The font is a True Type file, and has been tested to work on both Mac and Windows platforms, it should install in the normal way.

The type face has no lower case characters, instead it has two sets of upper case. For best results, letter in caps as a default, then go back and substitute alternate characters, for repeats and pronouns etc. It works equally well with the "lower case" selected as the default.

Please be aware, this is a hand crafted font, created directly from Barreti's own hand drawn lettering (for which he used a Mont Blanc Maesterstuck Fountain Pen). So it has irregularities of weight and spacing, X heights vary and strokes wobble. The end result is a font that looks natural and organic, and of course authentically old school. I suggest you experiment with spacing, kerning and leading to achieve your desired results.

Where we felt it was necessary the strips in the book were remastered using this font (Barreti's own hand proving far too erratic and eccentric for legibilities' sake as the story progressed and as his mental state deteriorated). We settled on 9/10pt at original art size (approximately 350 x 126mm).


Barreti's own Mont Blanc
Barreti's own Mont Blanc