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Help me release my new album, Half About Being a Woman: a feel-good record about growing in to your own skin & owning your woman-ness.
Help me release my new album, Half About Being a Woman: a feel-good record about growing in to your own skin & owning your woman-ness.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Marcus Fender on

      Still waiting on my test pressing.

    2. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth on

      Anyone not get their CD yet?

    3. Richard Orpen on

      Disregard. Guess I should read the stuff included with it. Have a great show tonight.

    4. Richard Orpen on

      I got the wrong backer kit. I just received a cd in the mail but I was supposed to get vinyl.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ed Hoffman on

      Nice work! Can't wait to hear the new record! Give my regards to the band.

    6. Lindsey Moon on

      I've been following your music since 2010 when you played on Iowa Public Radio's Java Blend at the Java House in Iowa City. Can't even begin to say how much I appreciate what you do. I've been in a distance relationship for almost a year, and your music keeps me sane on the 4 hour drive back and forth. Also - I too love spent at time obsessed with TLC's Crazy Sexy Cool. :)

    7. Richard Orpen on

      I am so glad I finally took the time to check out your kick starter campaign. Everything I heard from you is simply amazing! I live in Minnesota and am now trying like crazy to get the 27th off from work so I can come down to First Ave and see you live. Best of luck with the rest of the campaign and I am really looking forward to getting this record.

    8. Greg Boone on

      Congrats Caroline. That's amazing to have met goal so quickly. Hope one or two of my Facebook friends signed on.

    9. Missing avatar

      Aaron Williams on

      Hi, just bumped up from 20 to 35 and added 20 (total pledge 55) so I could get the show, cd, and tshirt. Hope that works. Congratulations on hitting you goal!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Nick Stuetelberg on

      Your new music is leaps and bounds above what you had previously done. The production value is just enough to set this new track on fire and leaving me wanting more. Great stuff!

    11. Sara Boyd Smith on

      We heart you, Sister! Don't forget, we got dibs on your pool house when you're famous. See you next month! Mwah! Sara & David

    12. Cassidy Baker on

      Love, love these new songs! I've heard them live a couple of times and only want more. The concept of coming into your "womaness" couldn't be more timely for this point in my's as if you wrote the songs as a soundtrack to my life! Thanks for your amazing music and performances. Can't wait to see you at First Avenue!

    13. Lance langston on

      Aaron, according to the kickstarter FAQ "To pledge for multiple rewards, simply add the totals together for all rewards you would like to purchase, increase your pledge amount to cover all the rewards you wish to back. Afterwards, send us a message that includes the rewards you've pledged for and we'll add a note to your account." Hope that's helpful.

    14. Heather Miller on

      Love your new song!! You are such an amazing lady... Proud to call you family!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Aaron Williams on

      Excited for the album, good luck with the campaign!

      Would love to be able to donate 50 or 60 and get the show, a t-shirt, and the album download. Tried to do the 20 and the 35 but it looks like I can only contribute once without creating a second account.

    16. Conz Preti on

      Hope you reach your goal, would love to get my hands on your vinyl! (that sounded weird, but you know what i meant :))

    17. Britt LaZelle on

      Caroline, your new song is awesome!

    18. Caroline 2-time creator on

      Thanks Greg! I appreciate the support! (tell your friends!)

    19. Greg Boone on

      Good luck Caroline. The new music was great live---look forward to hearing it on record!