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Help Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps release their second full-length studio record, "Little Wind."
Help Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps release their second full-length studio record, "Little Wind."
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Digital Avances

So we just sent the digital copy of the record out to the people who signed up to get them. Please let us know if you didn't get yours!!! and we will make sure we get it to you.

You will be getting the rest of your prizes on (or very close to) the 20th.

Thank you everyone!


Record comes out September 20th!

Now what?

We're all funded, people have been charged, we beat our goal, they like us, they really really like us!

And now we hurry up and wait,, The new album's official release is September 20th. Which means the peeps that donated will be getting a digital copy 2 weeks before then on September 6th and you'll get your tshirts, posters, vinyl, CDs, or whatever you may have selected as a prize on September 20th (+/- a day or two). 

So when you all come to our release show at First Avenue on Sept 16th, you all should know EACH AND EVERY WORD BY HEART. and you'll be the only ones that will ;)

You guys, thank you. I know I keep getting all serious on you, but really: thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts. You should just see the grin on Arlen's face. And Jesse just can't stop crying. Sobbing, really. All day all night, we can't get any rest over here, he's just so touched by everyone's support.

We love you all, thank you so much for your encouragement and belief in this project.


Doth my eyes deceive me?!

We beat our goal! Thank you guys so much for all of your support, seriously. To see everyone who believes in the project is really special to us, so thank you for reaching out and offering your donations. As for other news:

Our official release date for the new album "Little Wind" will be September 20th. With a show to celebrate it's release at First Avenue Main Room on September 16th, with our friends Dark Dark Dark, Dead Man Winter and Daredevil Christopher Wright. Mark that date off with red tape in your calendars because, to be quite frank with you, we're scared shitless. When that day comes, we really need all of our fans to march down the streets and the alley ways of Minneapolis and break down First Avenue's Door. Maybe I'm fantasizing now, maybe it won't be quite like that. Or will it? The choice is yours.....