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Heavy Hands is an MMA Podcast that eschews the usual hype talk in favor of fight analysis, fighter breakdowns, and more. Plus, jokes! Read more

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Heavy Hands is an MMA Podcast that eschews the usual hype talk in favor of fight analysis, fighter breakdowns, and more. Plus, jokes!

Connor Ruebusch
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About this project

Heavy Hands is going to be an MMA podcast that stands out from the rest. While other podcasts spend time tediously picking fights, talking about hype, and discussing current events, Heavy Hands will be going in-depth into fighters' styles and techniques, breaking down fighting strategy, tactics, and training.

My name's Connor Ruebusch and I write fight analysis for I love combat sports of all kinds--they're the only sports I watch, and I'm dedicated to making myself not only a better martial artist, but a better writer and analyst. I watch lots of tape, read lots of articles, and punch lots of other people in the face (with their permission, of course). You'll be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic fight fan than me, or one who enjoys talking about the technical side of fighting more. With your contributions, I can afford to get myself some high quality recording equipment, and produce the first season of this unique podcast.

I hope to run this show a little differently from other MMA podcasts. I'm not averse to the idea of having a good time and joking around with friends. And I would really like to interview as many fighters and coaches as I can. But I want the focus of all of that to be fighting. Anything related to actual fighting is fair game: striking and grappling technique, training regimens, style advantages and trends... you name it. But I won't be picking fights, and I won't be wasting your time with the same old hype-talk you can get on any number of other podcasts. This first season will bring you a slew of interviews, topical discussions, and breakdowns of the most intriguing recent fights.

So if MMA, boxing, and kickboxing are your sports of choice, and you've been dying to hear a dedicated, enthusiastic martial artist talk to other dedicated, enthusiastic martial artists about the skills of those sports, this is gonna be the show for you. All I need is a little something to get this off the ground, and a few interested people to listen. 

Thanks for supporting Heavy Hands, the only podcast specifically for students of the game.

Risks and challenges

Aside from the limited risk that the equipment companies decide not to give me my gear, the only risk to this project is myself. I'll be honest with you: I've never podcasted before, and I'm relatively new to analysis. But hopefully you can see through the quality of the work I've done so far for Bloody Elbow that I am not only dedicated to the study of MMA, but capable of providing insightful and engaging fight-related content.

I'm no expert interviewer, I don't have a voice like James Earl Jones, and I'm not even a master martial artist. But I'm a massive fan and enthusiastic practitioner of combat sports, and I'm more than excited to have the opportunity to bring that enthusiasm to your waiting ears.

There might be some hiccups along the way, but I'm not going to let inexperience with the podcast format keep me from bringing my perspective on fighting to the world.

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    You will be an official friend of the show! Your name, address, personal phone number, and a photo of your family will be posted on the website for the world to see. Information can be withheld upon request.

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    You will be named an executive producer of the show. You'll get your name and new title on the website, and in addition I will read your unique and beautiful name to the world on the podcast, even pronouncing it perfectly, probably. Boring normal names will also be considered.

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    Not only will you be named an executive producer of the podcast and had your name read on air, but you will get to pick a segment topic. Any topic you want, so long as it pertains to fighting, is acceptable. For example, if you want me to break down the striking of Jake Shields, I'll do it, and I'll keep the whining to a minimum.

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    Alright, this is the big one. Executive producer status, a topic of your choice, and a promise that, if and whenever this show becomes successful enough to warrant it, you will be given a free Heavy Hands T-shirt, or other applicable clothing item of your choice, free of charge. Obviously there aren't any shirts yet, but your name will be on the list, and etched forever onto my gracious heart.

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