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Help us share tools on how to crowdfund LIKE A BOSS.

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About this project

Hey there crowdfunding-lovers!

Our mission: to help innovators with their own crowdfunding campaigns. We want to empower both the novice and experienced share their creative ideas.

We’ve created three tools, take a look at our current progress:
1. Booklet for Creators -
2. Booklet for Funders -
3. Poster Guide for Crowdfunders -

Since we’re making these tools for you, we want your feedback! We’re pretty close to done, but our work is constantly evolving. Feel free to leave comments on the documents. Lay it all on us. We’ve got tough skin. Tell us exactly what you think and exactly what you want to see.

As you can see, we’re behind on our goal. Whether we make our goal or not, we’re still going to make some version of our materials available online for free.

BUT, with your help we can pay for the design, printing and distribution of the materials!


We've created an online booklet and interactive poster.  We're going to   send the poster to innovators all over the country.  We're also going to make the booklet available to EVERYONE for free!  But, we need your help to do it!

Don't quite understand the concept of crowdfunding?  It's all explained here:

Hey there crowdfunding lovers! Been browsing campaigns? Seen crowdfunding all over the news? (It is!) But why are you really here on Kickstarter? Because you want your funds and ideas to make an impact- an impact to inspire and enable like minded creative thinkers. Or maybe you just like the idea of having thousands of strangers coming together to support a shared vision.

So who are we, and how do we know this? We’re the Creative Action Lab at Northwestern University, and we’ve spent the last nine months conducting interviews with crowdfunding creators and funders. Using our findings, we created a digital booklet to answer frequently asked questions and a 2-sided poster with crowdfunding planning tools and activities.

What we’re doing

We have a TON of research we want to share with you: tips from some of crowdfunding’s most successful creators sharing their strategies to launch a successful project; warnings from creators of failed projects to teach us how to avoid common pitfalls; heartfelt quotes from funders explaining why they decided to support the crowdfunding community.

With this information, we’re making well designed and easily accessible tools to share with everyone:

1) A booklet addressing the top questions for creators and funders:

For Creators:
  • Is crowdfunding for me?
  • What will I get out of crowdfunding (other than $)?
  • Where do I find funders?
  • Is crowdfunding like begging for money?
  • How do I decide the funding goal and reward tiers?
  • What are the classic mistakes of crowdfunding?
For Funders:
  • Why should I support crowdfunding projects?
  • How much should I give?
  • Is this project creator legit?
  • Why do creators need my help?

2) A foldable, interactive poster: 

Hang it up in your bedroom, bathroom, home gym, design studio, classroom, or in your cubicle. The poster includes:

  • Step-by-step guide to planning a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Activities for creators and funders (such as a crowdfunding questionnaire to determine if crowdfunding is for you, Mad-Libs how-to activity on writing an email to funders, a pitch writing activity, and more!)
A HUGE part of our mission is to empower innovators-both novice and experienced-to share their creative ideas. With your support, we can put these tools online and then ship posters to schools, start ups, work places, etc. across the nation to jumpstart the next generation of creators and young entrepreneurs. But, we need your help! We need funds to get the production of these materials off the ground. And once we have these awesome tools, you can use them to plan out your own campaign and learn how to be an effective funder of creative projects.

Who we are:

We're the Creative Action Lab at Northwestern University, right outside of Chicago. We research how technology can empower innovation, and have a lot of fun doing it. Check us out at our project website: 

And lab website:

And Facebook:

And Twitter:!/GoCrowdfund

We’re also working with TiltShift, an awesome Chicago-based design firm, to visually comunicate what we've written. You didn’t just want a spiral-bound spreadsheet, did you? Check out their stuff at: 

Where the funds are going:

1. Designing the Poster and Booklet (paying designers at TiltShift)

2. Poster printing costs

3. Sending rewards to you all! (shipping costs)

4. Sending posters to the places that need crowdfunding inspiration in order to educate and empower people with an idea! (shipping costs)


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Our digital booklets will be pretty awesome, but sometimes you just gotta talk to someone. At $500, you get an hour consultation with us, in which you can personally discuss your crowdfunding issues (or maybe just life dilemmas, who knows?) + all the rewards from the $200 level.

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    Welcome to the gold level, you high roller you. At $1,000, you get our ultimate reward: a three minute video of us telling you how awesome you are. Ever feel like you need validation from random researchers? YEA YOU DO. That’s right, we’ll film ourselves cheering you on and send it directly to you. Plus, 20 posters, just for kicks. Share it with the world or keep it for yourself, we don’t mind. Gold Level Executive Supporter Platinum Status + link on website + 20 posters + personal email with digital booklets + bumper sticker + thank-you e-card

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