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Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
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Trouble at Mill

Posted by John Robertson (Creator)

Hey folks,

Been delaying this in the hope that we could get it resolved quickly but alas no. Rob's centrifugal casting machine's been on the fritz for the last 3 weeks. The issues initially appeared to be with the motor, however, it does now look like it's the motherboard on the controller that's at issue. Still don't have a date for when he hopes to get it fixed, so apologies for the open ended nature of the update. I will update you as soon as I hear any positive news.  It maybe be possible to hire in a backup machine through one of my contacts, so I'm pursuing that at the moment.

However, all is not lost. ALL the resins for EVERY faction have been completed. The only things to cast are part of the metals- essentially the infantry- from the VASA and Viridian ranges. Some of it has already been made, as you will have seen in previous updates. The final item that needs casting are the VASA Wheels for the vehicles, high losses in resin production were not sustainable.

In the meantime the resins are being packed and orders made up as far as they can ready to receive their metal components.

Once the machine is up and running, or we get a replacement onsite, then it should take 2 weeks to ship all the VASA orders.

I'll update you early next week on progress.

All the best folks


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    1. Colonel Saunders on

      "Grooaaaaaa ! Lettuce for the God of... no."

      Hold on !

    2. John Robertson Creator on

      Yeah, their vegans alright, wanna make summin' of it :D
      Your little fella won't be too long in the making mate, Rob's troops are on overtime this weekend. All the best ;-)

    3. Colonel Saunders on

      Anyway, it's okay ! I know that's just a production accident, it happens sometimes. This casting machine has ben very busy these last weeks.

    4. Colonel Saunders on

      Are you trying to say me my Viridians are a bunch of...vegans ?

      ... Can I change my pledge ?

    5. John Robertson Creator on

      I think that's appropriate :( but got some good news from Rob last night, all is certainly not lost, so don't worry, those lettuce loving Viridians are back in production, a new update on Monday. Have a great weekend.

    6. Colonel Saunders on

      And I pledged some viridians... Sigh... I'll Call them "The doomed company".