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Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
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Happy New Year folks!

Posted by John Robertson (Creator)

Hi folks,

Well 2018 will see the full roll-out of the AoT range, huzzah! It's taken much longer than any of us hoped but thankfully we're within a gnat's proverbial of fulfilling this project.

All Syntha orders have been shipped and Junkers will be completed by the end of this month.

Last Junker mould
Last Junker mould


Junker APC casts
Junker APC casts

VASA will be next up so will likely take about 3 weeks to get finalized and then the Viridians a similar amount of time beyond that, but of course we'll keep you posted as  Rob and his team get further on with them.

The new Viridian tank chassis is in production.

New Viridian tank chassis
New Viridian tank chassis

Wishing all of you a happy and prosperous New Year,

Back soon with next update next week,



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    1. John Robertson Creator on

      It's a pleasure mate, and thanks for your patience :D

    2. Falk Kalamorz on

      Sure we are!
      Thanks for sorting that out.

    3. John Robertson Creator on

      Okay after update 82 we did send out a blanket email with the links for folk to change their addresses as in update 83 we had started to ship orders. However, because of unforeseen production issues details in subsequent updates the flow of orders was delayed.
      We've got your change of address however, your order will go shortly- it was held for clarification on the affiliates stuff which hadn't been properly incorporated into the manager.
      A further blanket email has gone out with regards updated shipping addresses because of the delay between the last one and the start of shipping in earnest, this appears to be working well as we've had 14 changes of address now. Disasters will be avoided ;-)
      Are we good?

    4. Falk Kalamorz on

      And to quote you from Uodate #82:
      "Right-oh Rene has just confirmed that when your orders are ready to ship you'll get an email to confirm your delivery address to avoid and disasterthons!!!!!"


    5. Falk Kalamorz on

      Nope, no email confirmation.
      And the address was still the old one... Have updated that now.

    6. John Robertson Creator on

      Hi Falk, yes you should, however upon checking the necessary boxes hadn't been ticked by the factory to send them out. That's all done now so you shoudl have received an email to say as such by now, let me know.
      As for shipping address you should have received an email a few months back with a link to where you can change your shipping address, did you update your address then?

    7. Falk Kalamorz on

      Should we get shipping notifications?

      I am sure I have a Syntha-only pledge - and I also remember that you were going to verify shipping addresses before sending stuff out. I moved twice since I backed this...