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Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
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Notes From The Casting Floor

Posted by John Robertson (Creator)

Hey folks,

Hot off the casting floor here's Rob's update for this week.

- Almost all of the casting is complete on Syntha. We did think it was complete, but as ever, there were a couple of pieces that, upon packing, we decided were not up to standard. This is literally just a handful of turrets (Nemesis MBT) so will not take us very long.

- All the resin for Syntha is packed and prepped to ship. We will also get Syntha metal packed this week. This is a surprisingly big job that ties someone up for hours and hours, just bagging up figures. Apologies for the delay on this, it's one of those jobs that doesn't really get considered in timescales!

- Junker moulds have all been remade as you can see in the pictures.






Old rubber mould
Old rubber mould

Initially we used the traditional Organic Black rubber for all the Age of Tyrants moulds. This is a VERY tough rubber and very hard to cut intricate cuts into it. It's actually the same stuff car tyres are made from. As I'm sure you can expect, cutting tiny vents for the air to escape from the mould and let metal into the detail of these figures is pretty hard. Unfortunately, the venting was just too big and we have decided to go with silicone rubber, which is less dense, but almost 3 times the material cost.

- We are continuing to finish off the resin tanks for the Junkers, which are close to being there. Vince has managed to pack all the MBT and Draco kits, we are almost complete on the production of Onagers.

- The newly 3D Printed Junker APC hull is now under rubber. We hope to bring you pictures of the resultant castings by the end of the week, but again, bear in mind that moulds must post-cure before they are poured, otherwise the casts will look very rubbery and tacky.

- Metal casting on the Junkers is progressing as ever. As these are the most popular models and require the largest number of spins, this will take the longest of all. It will break the back of the job overall once I get past that particular hurdle though.

- Thanks for bearing with us, this is by no means a simple job, there's a lot of elements to it, but we do continue to see the light at the end of the tunnel and we are very proud indeed of the models we are packaging up now.

cheers Rob

I'll update you folks later this week on how things have progressed.

all the best


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    1. John Robertson Creator on

      Yes, as soon as they are packed they'll be shipped. Syntha only orders will be going first, next up will be Junkers- so Syntha/Junker combo orders will go then too. Still not sure what faction is up next, will see how Rob is next week once we get all the Syntha stuff shipped as that will give him a better notion of how long it's taking to pack these orders up- done side of 6mm is there's tonnes of fiddly bits which has taken longer than expected to pack the components. Next KS we'll be on firmer ground. Thanks for your patience.

    2. Falk Kalamorz on

      So are you going to send out "Syntha-only" pledges soon, or will you ship just one wave when everything is ready?
      Because iirc I have only Syntha in my pledge ^^