Age of Tyrants

by John Robertson

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    1. Andrew Coleman on

      Nice update.

      Enjoy your holidays.

      Got the Claymore show this weekend.

    2. Falk Kalamorz on

      They look amazing!
      Thanks for the frequent updates, it keeps my excitement up!

    3. John Robertson Creator on

      You are very welcome, you folks have shown fantastic support and patience with us as we have worked our way through things which is very much appreciated. Wishing you folks all the best, John

    4. Shawn P. Smith on

      Great looking stuff! Thanks for the update.
      I agree the communication has been so great. We've always known exactly what is going on. Interesting for us to see so many behind the scenes, production, and concept material. Totally made us feel like part of the AoT team.
      Have a great trip and a safe ride home after. Wishing you the best too!

    5. John Robertson Creator on

      Many thanks fella, the support you folks have show has really made this project very special, catch up on the other side, cheers

    6. John R Hood on

      Have a great Holiday!

    7. John Robertson Creator on

      Claymore tomorrow then Crete on Tuesday, cannie be too bad ;-) thanks John, cheers