Age of Tyrants

by John Robertson

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    1. Shawn P. Smith on

      Can't wait to put a brush on these beauties. Rob redefining the phrase "Finish Strong"
      Thanks for all your hard work. It's much appreciated.

    2. Colonel Saunders on

      So do I. My only fear is about moving all these tiny metal men without breaking, say, hallberds or antenna.

      Excellent work !

    3. John Robertson Creator on

      I think the feeds will come off very easily, the base sprues are thicker but should come off with clippers. Frankly I'm very pleased at what rob and the other Hysterical chaps have achieved, those Syntha are great.
      But there's a bit of work putting these together, particularly if you've opted for 24 Legionaries per base ;oP
      Not long now brothers!

    4. Shawn P. Smith on

      Another backer had asked about adding a rolrule book.
      Is it possible to add minis to our pledge?
      We are interested in getting 4 blast markers, 2 player mixed company set with Viridian, Junkèrs.

    5. John Robertson Creator on

      No problem, we can add stuff once we are ready to ship them, so when you get notification to ship and pay for shipping then is the time to add anything extra fellas, cheers

    6. Shawn P. Smith on

      Thank you! You just made my day. I'll be looking forward to adding quite a bit. Keep up the great work.

    7. John Robertson Creator on

      cheers fella ;-)

    8. Shawn P. Smith on

      Just one more question.
      We are wanting to add another 2 player mixed company set, and 2-3 more companies. Would we recieve the free hero for these companies also?

    9. John Robertson Creator on

      sorry no, that was for the KS, all you can order are particular sets/units/singles, no bonus' possible, sorry

    10. Shawn P. Smith on

      No worries my friend. We were just wondering. Thanks for all the info. :-)