Age of Tyrants

by John Robertson

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    1. Shawn P. Smith on

      Great news, we would love to see this shipping in August. Thanks for all your hard work.
      Blast markers look awesome and I will definitely be picking two up once they're available retail.
      Speaking of when this is available: We have 2-3 more members that may be getting full companies. Steven and I would like to get recon, urban, air supports, and of course more tanks to expand our vasa , syntha mixed companies.

    2. John Robertson Creator on

      Cheers Shawn. Just sorry it's taken so long. After Prodos failed to deliver on time we had to fall back on Rob and his crew, and they took up the fight with great gusto, however the learning curve on the 6mm figures has been a real challenge, resins are fine, it's those wee fellas that have given all the grief. However, the guys are on top of it now, and things look very promising for the next expansion which we will start to tackle in September. More updated soon, keep the faith brothers :D