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Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
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Shipping Delays: Full update

Posted by John Robertson (Creator)

Hi Folks,

Well I am very sorry it’s taken so long to give you an accurate idea of where we are with the project. I can assure you, however, that it has not been due to a lack of effort on our behalf, we have been pursuing this for the last two months.

On the 9th of September we were informed by Prodos that the orders would take a further 3 to 6 months to complete. As you will undoubtedly recall these should have been shipped in August this year.

This came as quite a surprise.

As of the 9th too we had been told that not all the Junker and Viridian models had been printed, we had only seen pictures of 5 sets, VASA and Syntha hadn’t been started.

I have had some intense discussions with Prodos and have been given certain assures and reasons for the current predicament. However, in light of events, the management team, the majority shareholders in AoT, have taken the decision to withdraw our contract from Prodos.

We have now moved the contract to Rob Alderman’s Hysterical Games. Rob is not only our promotions manager but is also a part owner in the company, so we think he is ideally placed to give us the best service possible.

Although Hysterical have always been our back up plan we didn’t use them initially for the project for a number of reasons. They didn’t have metal casting in-house, only resin, Scotia Micro models would have to provide this service, and they didn’t have suitable warehousing facilities, these would also need to be subcontracted. So this would have been a more complex option to handle at the outset, which was one of the reasons why the Prodos “everything under one roof” option was the one we went with. But Rob has not only now moved to larger premises he also has metal casting in house, so everything is now full steam ahead.

As you will know from previous updates Prodos had our faction dice, plastic bases, mdf and resin terrain sets as well as our gaming mats in their warehouse. I am happy to report that Prodos did ship these in a timely manner, they are already with us in the UK. In addition they have very kindly provided us the prints they had already created free of charge. Further they are working on our behalf to secure our Litko clear acrylic flying bases that have been stuck in Polish customs for over a month now.

Now the really bitter pill, Hysterical are starting from scratch, so it would be hard for us to expect them to be able to deliver the project faster than Prodos originally agreed to. Rob is very aware as to how sensitive this area is but he is also experienced enough to not over promise and under deliver. He has therefore given me an outside delivery date of 6 months from now. He does hope to improve upon this.

Now that you have picked yourselves off the ground, yes that’s not ideal by any stretch and believe me even as I write this I feel very uneasy, but it is what it is. All I can really say is that we are now in much better control of what’s going on, we have a very strong bond with Hysterical, built on trust and mutual respect, so we feel very positive that this project will be delivered and have no doubts that the actions we have taken recently are the right ones and in the best interests of our backers.

Rob will be providing me with regular updates so expect some stuff on Monday.

What I will say now is that we are planning to start to ship all of Wayne England’s artwork to those backers who are due pieces, it wasn’t in the plan, they were to go with the models, but this way at least you have something to show for your continued support for the project.

Wishing you all the best,



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    1. John Robertson Creator on

      @David, thanks man, your support is very much appreciated, will have an update today, all the best

    2. David Hood on

      Cheers for the detailed update! Other gaming companies have left their backers hanging in the dark over stuff like this, your openness is refreshing and welcome!
      Keep up the good work!

    3. John Robertson Creator on

      chaps much appreciate all the support, its making a huge difference to moral, so bless you all ;-)
      new update tomorrow,

    4. Matthew Hipkin on

      C'est la vie. That's kickstarters for you �

      I know you'll do what you can as soon as you can, can't ask for more than that.

    5. Christopher Jason Wray on

      ps its not a moan at you guys , sure you done all you can its just me fed up with ks and figures lol

      sure it be worth the wait :)

    6. Christopher Jason Wray on

      :( to be fair anything on time is shipping when they say they will ship , a year late is a year late lol well i guess its karma for breaking my dont pledge any more on figure KS , i did cancel it but having had Void as a good seller in my shop i came back and now its being done by HG who i like but hardly seen much from the there KS so guess that will be slowed down even more. Still on the plus side its not the Green alliance which was due to ship dec 2014 and have squat to show for it , and i bet both will come from HG before that 1 still , moan and groan over lol :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Heykena on

      Sure, this is not the news we expected - but Kickstarters usually run late and everything under a year can be considered on time. What sets this KS apart form other projects is, that you are honest and quick to inform us instead of going silent. I'm sure, AoT will meet al expectation when it is finally delivered.

    8. Word Forge Games on

      If you want to speed things up further, we can also help, we use the same processes and materials as Prodos too (and are down the road from Hysterical Games' facilities)

    9. John Robertson Creator on

      @ Roland, thanks for the very kind words old boy, its greatly appreciated here. I'm sure Rob's going to do us proud. All the best

    10. Missing avatar

      Roland Berberich on

      Hey John,

      no worries from my side either. I said before I rather wait a little longer and if it helps put me to the end of the list.

      On the positive side I am actually happy that Rob is the new master caster, his quality so far has been top notch.

      @Rob: put me to the end of the line, along with the Panzerfäuste order we discussed last night. Will let you know about a month before, hope that is good.

      Another point I would like to make:

      Organisation has been far better than in the last project John (NeoIsks) and even there the wait was worth it. To make such a major change at such short notice and without anything coming public before you actually have the deal - ace dude. I (Master in Project Management) tip my hat at you and the team.

      I hope the other backers believe me when I say I have done business with John for 8 years now and he has always delivered above and beyond and despite weathering some storms.

      Peace out

    11. John Robertson Creator on

      @Tom, cheers my man, really appreciate the support ;-)

    12. Missing avatar

      Tom Webb on

      Hey buddy - I've been in your position and it isn't great, I for one totally understand and am more than willing to wait :).

    13. John Robertson Creator on

      cheers Mike, appreciate the support fella

    14. Mike Hobbs on

      hi John

      well Prodos do have a habit of messing people around I'm sorry to see you get caught by them.
      But looking forward to the future it seems you've built up a good relationship with Rob and that can only work well with this KS and the next ones you do

    15. John Robertson Creator on

      @John R Hood: no increase in budget, Rob agreed to work to all of Prodos' costings, frankly we had to as everything was costed that way. Only extra cost we'll incur is sending out the artwork, but we feel its important you folks see something soon.
      @Andrew: I agree with you fella and it does give us a little more room to make a better job of the rulebook too.
      Thanks for the support chaps ;-)

    16. Andrew Coleman on

      Really happy to see that Rob has taken over the casting of the pieces and i can see that he has loads of work to do as there are quite a lot of different pieces to be printed,moulded and then cast.Six more months or so is not bad i think for all of this to happen.It will give you that bit extra time to polish everything.

    17. John R Hood on

      I hope changing manufacturers didn't eat into your budget too much. Thanks for the update!