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Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
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NEO TYRANNIS Cityscapes campaign

Posted by John Robertson (Creator)

Hey folks,

Just a quick update to let you know we'll be making an important announcement next week with regards to Age of Tyrants. Suffice to say at this stage we have had a few problems getting an assured shipping date from our contractor but I hope to have at least an outside position for you early next week.

NEO TYRANNIS Cityscapes campaign is funded and is moving into its final week, I'm sure some of you folks will want to get some of this kit, hopefully we can help them hit a few of their stretch goals. You can find the campaign here:

Talk to you folks early next week, have a great weekend,

all the best


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    1. John Robertson Creator on

      Hey John, as you can see by the latest update, getting your kit done in Europe doesn't always work out either :(

    2. John R Hood on

      I'm starting to think production in China is false economy. I look at the clusterf&&ks with Chinese manufacture and shipping that have plagued The Others, Zombicide: Black Plague, Rivet Wars, Conan, et al., and it all looks like a massive gamble. You get better quality, delivery and accountability in Europe.

    3. John Robertson Creator on

      cheers fella

    4. Missing avatar

      Roland Berberich on

      We will still get a second to none product. Anyone having dealt with you knows that, John. Totally relaxed here in Suzhou. Octoberfest on Saturday, I will have one on your behalf.

    5. John Robertson Creator on

      Yes all in Europe, Ronnie Renton from Mantic very kindly allowed us to piggy-back on their order for 50mm square bases from Renedra, which although they don't have the "call sign" tab we wanted, they are much better than the thicker MDF bases we had in the budget, so good on Mantic, huzzah!
      We did however go a wee bit mental and ordered acrylic bases for all the fliers, thought it was far cooler, along with an acrylic stalk too- jet bikes get these as well- but they got nailed in Polish customs and have been there for over a month.
      There are however bigger issues afoot at the moment, fortunately we have a solution for them, but it will set back the delivery time, by how much we do not know yet. Details will be in an update later today. Thanks for your continued support folks.

    6. Colonel Saunders on

      So it appears that to keep all the thing in europe, and not in "cheaper" a good thing.

    7. John Robertson Creator on

      Thankfully no! But Polish customs are proving formidable!
      Should have that update tomorrow.

    8. John R Hood on

      Was Hanjin lined up as the shipper?