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Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
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Invites to Pledge Manager: issues with Yahoo accounts

Posted by John Robertson (Creator)

Hey Folks,

You all should have received emails inviting you to the pledge manager by now, I know some of you haven't received them, we seem to be having issues with yahoo email addresses.

If anyone has not received their invite please comment below to ensure we get you one.

All the best


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    1. John Robertson Creator on

      Can I assume we are all good on the invites folks?

    2. Myriad Miniatures on

      And the saga continues... I've created a Yahoo email address and started sending invites from there and behold! The first 25 or so went out fine, but then Yahoo starts to complain I'm spamming and refuses to send more... ** sigh **

      OK, new plan: For those still missing their invites, let's use a different communication method than email. Drop me a message on my Skype or Facebook account and I'll get you your link.

      Skype handle:
      Facebook handle: rene.vandemoosdijk1

    3. Robert Mills

      Still no Invites

    4. Missing avatar

      Julien Dumas on

      Hey! I still have not received the pledge manager invite. I do have a yahoo account but I can also provide a gmail adress if it makes things simpler.

    5. Myriad Miniatures on

      Hi Chris,

      You've been sent an invitation twice and it's unfortunate that yours doesn't arrive while a lot of others did get theirs in the subsequent attempts.

      I'll attempt again tonight for all that haven't logged in yet, but this time I'll create a Yahoo account just for this purpose and email from there. If this doesn't help...

    6. Chris Oeffinger on

      Still waiting for my evite. This is my second message.

    7. Missing avatar

      Roland Berberich on

      Had it in my SPAM folder. Pledge manager completed, bring it on. :D

    8. John Robertson Creator on

      Folks let us know if you still have any issues as we may have to raise an action against big Bill Gates ;-)

    9. Myriad Miniatures on

      Okay guys, everyone that didn't login yet with the link in the invite has just been personally emailed again by me (instead of by the server). Hopefully that will get the email through any SPAM filters. So please check your email (and SPAM folders just in case).

      If you still didn't get anything in an hour or so, drop me a personal email at and I'll reply to your message with the invite. Surely that should get it to you...

    10. Colonel Saunders on

      I have a hotmail account... And no problem ! That's a stich-up by Bill Gates.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sean Cravens

      I don't believe I have gotten mine, it is possible it could have ended up in my spam folder and been deleted without checking

    12. Myriad Miniatures on

      Hey guys,

      Due to the amount of emails from our server not arriving, we've decided to email anyone that hasn't logged in yet again. This time, however, we'll be forwarding the automated invites manually instead of directly from the server. In the instances that we did this, that seemed to do the trick. As it took a while to compile the list, I'll only be able to start sending these out as of tomorrow.

      I'll be dropping another message here once I'm done, so you can check if you did get something then.

      Sorry for the hassle...


    13. Missing avatar

      Saintly_construct on

      One of the oldest biggest emails hosts and it doesnt like it...too funny :)
      btw, no show yet on my end.

    14. Robert Mills

      Dont seem to have an email for a PM - just KS updates

    15. Lee Wood on

      @John Robertson I have double check and no email in spam folder either.

    16. John Robertson Creator on

      okay John added you to the "new" list, sorry for the hassle folks

    17. Missing avatar

      John Doe on

      Did not receive the e-mail either.

    18. John Robertson Creator on

      On it Chris, cheers

    19. Chris Oeffinger on

      I did not receive one yet.

    20. John Robertson Creator on

      @ Chris Lloyd, no worries we'll get you one out today.
      @ Mahmoud, okay fella, I'll get a new one out today.
      @ Saintly_construct :D, no Anna's here mate, unless someones moonlighting under a pseudonym! New link out today mate.
      @John di Battista shouldn't need it a direct email, rather than the database driven version will work....I hope ;-)
      All the best folks and many thanks for your patience

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Lloyd

      I don't think I received one. Thank you.

    22. Mahmoud Al Mahmoud on

      Hi John, I haven't received the invite.

    23. Missing avatar

      Saintly_construct on

      Unless it was the "view Anna's Webcam" one, I didnt get it either :o... Yahoo account (not in my spam folder either)

    24. CaGeRit

      I have a yahoo account and haven't gotten mine yet. I can give you a g-mail if you can work with that.

    25. John Robertson Creator on

      @Tony okay Rene will get you a new one.

    26. Tony Parsons on

      Mine is a gmail address and as I haven't received an invite yet.

    27. John Robertson Creator on

      @Lee, had a few folk that emails ended up in the spam folder, confirm that you haven't got it and we'll get a new one out to you, cheers

    28. Lee Wood on

      Hi Guys, My email is an fslife address not Yahoo. I have had a look and check spam filter etc but nothing seen as yet.

    29. John Robertson Creator on

      no problem Julien I'll get Rene on it now and get back to you.

    30. Missing avatar

      Julien Dumas on

      Hi... I do happen to have a yahoo e-mail account. What do I need to do and sorry for the hassle...

    31. John Robertson Creator on

      Hey Shawn,
      Hmm the numbers should show up as this is the order that the factory will receive. Please can you forward your order confirmation to Rene- the email address on your order- to make sure you do get what you ordered, cheers

    32. Shawn P. Smith on

      I didn't think I had received mine that's why I left the comment on Facebook. I found mine in the spam folder. Yahoo kinda sucks like that. Once I found it and transferred it to my inbox I was set. The ordering process was easy. The only other issue I found was my confirmation email for my order didn't show any numbers next to the two free heroes I chose.