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Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
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Prodos, Production, Pledgemanager, Designs & Dice

Posted by John Robertson (Creator)

Hey Folks,

I am delighted to announce that Prodos will be handling all our production and shipping for this project.  They at ever turn during this project have been professional, operated in a timely fashion, communicated well and, above all, provided an excellent product. Production schedules have been agreed and we are extremely confident that they can deliver.

Costings are now coming through for all the models in line with our original quotes.

Pledge manger continues to give us problems with the free stuff, handling the options is the real trick so we are continuing to pursue this with software solutions to avoid any unnecessary  bespoke handling by our staff, this will make the process in the end run more smoothly, however, time is now becoming an issue so if all else fails we'll handle these options manually. All the products are in the pledge manager. I'll update you next week on the progress but we are able to run it as things stand.

Designs: things are moving slower than I had hoped, we are still behind on the schedule with the fliers and the Viridian CLAUs still needing to be optimized for production. I do however, have assurances that this will be completed early next week so I hope to report that production will start then.

Here are some pics of the optimized models on sprues.

Finally, the dice are done, huzzah. Dice and Games have done a splendid job and have already shipped the dice to the warehouse in Poland, so we are ahead with that.

Have a great weekend folks, strength and honour!


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    1. John Robertson Creator on

      Yes the dice do make it more real now, production starts shortly, huzzah :D

    2. Colonel Saunders on

      Hello Tank crew !

      Nice to see things are going well.

      Yyyes, maybe Prodos has not yet recover a very good public image, but I'm sure you can handle with them.

      And, it's somethnig to see the dices. Ok, it's just dices, but it's real, not just a project or an image, it's a solid proof of this game, and I like it.



      Back to my own work, and all my bacterias (loving me so much, apparently).

      Have a nice day !

    3. Mika on

      Good to hear! :)

    4. John Robertson Creator on

      @ Andrew, we don't have a budget for it but perhaps we can recruit some folk to paint the new stuff up, I think there are a few chaps who'd be up for it.
      @Mika, Prodos have had there issues, AVP was a serious blow to their standing, however things have moved on a long way since then and their product is most excellent, they are achieving great things with their resin. Further they have been great with us, supplying samples in record time, responding to customer feedback on product quality and providing excellent value for money. I think things will be more than okay with them, i think they will add value to the brand. The proof however will be in the eating and then we'll see, I'm sure there will be plenty humble pie eaten, I'm counting on it not being me :-D
      All the best!

    5. Mika on

      The mentioning of Prodos brings dark clouds to the skies.. I hope they do better with this than AvP which went pretty bad.

    6. Andrew Coleman on

      Great to hear things are moving forward John.Really looking forward to seeing the miniatures complete.
      Are you getting some of the new pieces painted up to show off?