Age of Tyrants

by John Robertson

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    1. Missing avatar


      Hey Dude stop stealing Mr Skinner he's supposed to be working for me.

      Seriously though nice figures i'll be wanting some of those.

    2. John Robertson Creator on

      He is a bit good, it's hard not too ;-)
      Thanks for sharing him :D

    3. Missing avatar


      Ok then if I must but not for too long I need him.

      Like those new figs

    4. Shawn P. Smith on

      Looking good. These are going to be a blast to paint!

    5. John Robertson Creator on

      Can't wait to get my mits on them ;-)

    6. John Robertson Creator on

      The standards have been "lengthened" to make them compatible with the eagle version. Those bases on the tank crew too are 2mm diameter and 1mm deep so they will "plug" into the vehicles hatches, which are being reworked at the moment, that I'll make them easy to add/attach and make them secure too, not to mention the fact that they are gonna be too cool too :D

    7. Andrew Coleman on

      Junkers are looking really good.Ben is doing a great job on the miniatures.