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Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
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All the Heroes Unlocked and Junker & Viridian CLAUs to boot!

Posted by John Robertson (Creator)

After a chat with a number of backers we have agreed that its time we get some new product out there on show so to kick things off all our Kickstarter Exclusive Heroes are now unlocked.

For Syntha we have :

Kallista is the designation given to a new type of Syntha command tank. An advanced, quantum processor module enables the SPOMM in this vehicle to slave up to four cells from any command on the battlefield. The prototype was tested in the the Siege of Vorenus, against Viridian armoured elements, where its experimental Proteus Cannon proved devastating. The prototype is now assigned to command of Delta-Sigma Armoured Battalion.

 Psyche is an Artemis Alpha biomech, a new type of soldier for the new age of warfare. The Artemis biomechs are the first generation beyond the prototypes, designed and perfected as infiltration and black ops special forces. Psyche distinguished herself in a number of missions against prominent targets from the other factions, and Prime assigned her the command of the Beta-Omicron Infantry Battalion, in acknowledgment of her many redacted achievements.


 Mariya Volkova, the Winter Wolf, is a decorated tank commander who fought on the Eastern Front of ice world Criovik 9. The campaign was against Junker aggressors attempting to take over the small trading colony and spaceport there, which threatened grave consequences for trade through the system. The Junker threat was suppressed thanks to Volkova's bold armoured assault tactics. She was given command of the 12th Armoured Battalion and an Iron Star Command Tank in which to lead it.

 Victor Orlov, the Eagle of Kernos, is a veteran of the campaign against proscribed biotech smugglers in the Kernos systems, a hive of asteroid bases and automated defence systems. He led raids on many of the illegal facilities and exposed Syntha involvement in the smuggling ring. His reward was promotion to the rank of Commissar, along with a personal retinue of Red Guards and command of the Protectorate 7th Battalion.

Viridians get:

 Tom "Buzzsaw" Flint is one of the oldest soldiers to undertake the punishing Shock Marine training course. Usually recruits to the elite assault force are under thirty years old, but Flint was thirty-nine when he did it, and put many of the younger contenders to shame. His resilient physicality combined with a no-nonsense, veteran attitude made him a natural leader of the Shock Marines and his achievements on the battlefield have seen Flint rise to command of the renowned 8th Colonial Marine Battalion, the "Redhawks".

And Junkers get:

 Severina Lucilla Tertia, Scourge of the South Sector, has a fearsome reputation for one so young. A career soldier from a powerful Senate family, she rose quickly through the officer ranks, to her present position of Tribune. At the head of the VIIth Infantry Legion, Tertia carved a swathe of new territory for Ironglass by deposing coup leaders and dictators who sprang up the economic chaos of the South Sector Bubble. In combat she has a guard of elite Praetorians.

We are also rolling out the first couple of CLAUs from the Urban War supplement which expands your Age of Tyrants game with new rules for terrain and buildings, new CLAU troop types and Aces, and new command cards.

click for high resolution image
click for high resolution image

Junkers CLAU Teams consist of two CLAU's per section, each supported by a squad of Legionaries equipped with the standard issue combat shotguns, shields and swords. Three of the CLAU sections are Nero models equipped with a rotary cannon for general purpose ranged combat. The other CLAU section contains Scorpios, armed with heavy flame throwers that are extremely effective against personnel at short range. In close quarters fighting they wield massive chain saws.

click for high resolution image
click for high resolution image

Viridian CLAU Teams consist of two CLAU's per section, each supported by a squad of VDF equipped with standard issue gauss rifles. Three of the CLAU sections are Sabre models, equipped with long range MLRS systems. The other CLAU section contains Tomahawks, specced for anti-materiel with heavy bazookas. In close assault they wield massive versions of the vibro-scythes used by Shock Marines.

If you have any issues with the Kickstarter or simply want to chat about the game please either comment or contact me directly.

Many thanks for your continued support,

all the best


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    1. Andrew Coleman on

      It is really great to see these new Hero's added and the CLAU's are another must have.Can they be added to any formation?
      Viridians are also looking really good.
      This KS is going to kill me ;).

    2. CaGeRit

      The CLAUs are really cool. I like that there will be differentiation on the actual minis between melee and ranged along with the smaller infantry squads. Will CLAUs be able to be transported in the APCs or do they have to slog it?
      Also how viable is foot slogging in general? If there isn't an available transport are infantry limited to digging in and becoming a stationary firebase or can they cover enough ground in a couple turns to influence the field outside of their immediate position?