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Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation system inspired by combined arms warfare.
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An update to Pledging on the project page

Posted by John Robertson (Creator)

Hi folks,

I've reworded the Pledging section on the project page to make it a lot more explicit, I hope this helps:

The smallest fighting force in Age of Tyrants is a company, consisting of 4 platoons led by a Captain base. In the pledge manager there are a two ways in which you can build your companies, either by designing your own composition or to select one of our pre-generated options. You can design your own company by choosing 4 of the platoons below from your desired faction. These are marked by a yellow track section with Pledge Level on them. Platoons come in two types, Infantry and Armour, and are priced at £12 and £24 respectively. Simply figure out which ones you fancy, work out the cost, and then look for a pledge level at that value. For example if you want to build an infantry company, all the infantry platoons are £12, so that’s £48 which corresponds to Pledge Level 1. If on the other hand you want to build an armour company then that’ll be a total of £96 which corresponds to Pledge Level 2. Now if you want to build a mixed company, with 3 infantry platoons and an armoured, then that’s £60. Now there isn’t a Pledge Level of that value, however you simply choose the lowest level closest to it, that’s Pledge Level 1, so you choose this pledge BUT type £60 into the pledge manager. Similarly if you want 2 infantry platoons and 2 armour, that’s £72, so again choose Pledge Level 1 and type in £72. If you really go to town and have 3 companies, with 8 infantry platoons and 4 armour platoons, that comes to £192, so you select pledge level 3. When you choose to design your companies like this you will receive a FREE Captain Base for your faction with every 4 platoons you choose, this will be added automatically by the pledge manager after the campaign closes. The simplest way to get started in Age of Tyrants, however, is to choose one of the ready designed companies. They come in three types: Infantry, Armour and Mixed. To choose one of these options you simply reference the price against the pledge levels the same way as designing your own platoons, just find the lowest priced pledge level to the cost of your company and enter that in the pledge manager. For example, if you choose an Infantry Company, that’s £48, you select Level 1. If you choose a mixed company, that’s also Level 1 but you type in £60 for your pledge. If however you want an armoured company, that’s £96, so you select Level 2. If you’re feeling a little crazy and want 3 infantry platoons and 3 armoured platoons, that’s £432, then you choose Level 4 and type £432 into the pledge manager. We also have 5 Early Bird Pledges, 3 of them include original artwork by our very own Wayne England, if you've wanted to own a piece of original art by one of the most respected in the hobby then now's your chance! In addition to platoons and companies there are “Add-ons”. These are extra items such rulebooks, dice and accessories. To add any of these to your pledge, just add that value onto your existing pledge. For example if you had pledged £48 for an infantry platoon but now wanted to add a rulebook, £12, go to your pledge manager and increase the pledge to £60. There will be lots more platoons becoming available as the KS rolls out so you may just want to set yourself a budget and wait until the end of the KS to select which platoons you desire, you don’t need to select the specific platoons until after the KS closes, just the pledge level and amount. The pledge level that you select will affect what sort of free products you will be entitled to as the program rolls out, with the higher levels attracting more rewards. The more money pledged means that more products will be unlocked, and more free stretches too. So be sure to regularly check the Free Stretch Goals section below to see what your pledge entitles you to.

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      Steven Moy

      Thanks for the clarification on pledge levels, it is much less confusing, however you may benefit by breaking it up a bit with a few paragraphs...