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pledged of €100,000pledged of €100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 15 2018
pledged of €100,000pledged of €100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 15 2018

The plan B.

Posted by Joel Levi Hernández Fernández (Creator)


¡ Hola incredible backer 👨🏻🏜 !

We hope you're having great week so far!

We're sending you this email because, with 10 hours left and 47% funded, we're unfortunately not reaching our goal.

The time for plan B has arrived.

We will be relaunching a revamped Kickstarter campaign on August 19th (4 days from now).


🧐 Wait what. A relaunch? Why?

With 10 days left and stuck at 28%, we sat down to come up with a plan B.

We looked at our options: grants, impact investments, grandma wanting to sell her house in México to lend us money… 

We discarded the last one immediately, no way abuela. (That’s grandma in Spanish)

The thing that came up over and over again was the phrase “we could have done this differently on the Kickstarter campaign” so… it hit us.

Do people commonly relaunch Kickstarter campaigns? And why would they do this? 

Turns out, they do. We also ticked a lot of the reasons on why relaunching was a good idea.

As an experiment we decided to put all of the lessons learned, feedback and ideas from our supporters into a new Kickstarter campaign. It was so good that we decided to turn it into our plan B. 

😲 What are some of the new things to expect? 

📱 Mobile-first Openbook

 Putting the web version of Openbook as the first goal was a mistake.

Smartphones are the predominant device for social networking apps.

Our first and foremost goal of our new campaign will be launching an iOS and Android Openbook app.

💸 New target: 30,000€

Wait what!? Just 30k? Yes. We reduced the features of the first version, pitched in some of our own savings and will direct every single cent towards getting us through 6 months of full-time software development.

No extra-hands, no office and definitely not enough servers to handle any significant load, but… If we succeed at building a great first version, we go from there.

We will of course have stretch goals such as building the web version and communities but this is our bare-minimum.

💁‍ All the information about the project in one place

We will make sure everything to know about the project is on the Kickstarter campaign page.

We’re also getting rid of all the text in images and GIFS to make the campaign accessible and translatable.

🎁 Better rewards

I’m looking at you, Openbook neck-strap.

The founding of Openbook is supposed to be a memorable event. The rewards should be too. We’re changing our rewards to high quality, sustainable items that you can treasure or proudly use in your day to day living.

I don’t want to spoil anything so stay tuned for our campaign.

🚚 Lower shipping costs

In our previous campaign we set up a flat rate of 15€ for shipping. We thought it was a good idea as we expected most of the backers come from overseas. In reality, most of our backers were European, resulting in over-priced shipping for most cases. We’re fixing this by lowering all shipping costs.

⏳ Shorter campaign duration

We really can’t wait to make Openbook happen. That’s why the new campaign will have a duration of 19 days.

If it looks like we’re going to make it, we will immediately take the leap and start working in Openbook full-time.

🤔 Alright so, what now?

The new campaign is ready but… we can’t launch it just yet. It has to be reviewed and approved by Kickstarter (up to 3 business days) and this can only happen once we have cancelled the current campaign.

We will cancel the current campaign in the upcoming hours. Here are some questions we imagine you might be having.

💲 What happens with the money I pledged?

The money never actually left your account. It only gets withdrawn if the campaign succeeds so it’s like your never pledged money.

💌 Will you send me another update once the campaign is live?

We would love to but once our campaign is cancelled, we have no way to contact any of our amazing 1,303 backers.

If you would like to get notified, you can drop your email here and we’ll send you a notification as soon as the campaign is live.

You can also join our slack channel here and get pinged on the campaign day or stay tuned on Twitter or... Facebook.

🙏 I really really want Openbook to succeed, what can I do to make sure this happens?

Support our new campaign as soon as it’s launched! If we get more than 30% funded in the first hours of the campaign, we will get placed in the top Kickstarter campaigns and get exposed to millions of potential backers.

Once again, we will launch the campaign 19th of August at exactly 19:00 Central European Time (Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Utrecht and more).

That’s also 1PM in New York and Toronto, 10AM in Los Angeles, 2PM in Rio de Janeiro, 20:00 in Helsinki and 3AM in Australia (Sorry).

🌯 And that’s a wrap

I’d like to close off by saying… if you’re one of our current 1,303 backers or one of the incredible supporters that helped us translate the website into now 7 languages or posted the campaign on every online channel you could think of or kept us motivated by sending us inspiring messages, thank you.

In an evermore aware internet over the necessity of a better social network, faith for an honest and good-doing alternative seems to also be at an all-time low.

Not you though, you refuse to give up faith, you believe in a better future for social networks. A future where social networks are places for dialogue, fun, human relationships, empowerment, change. Places for good.

Even better? You act on it and support initiatives such as Openbook.

You are a rockstar. You are social networks last hope. Thank you.

We will see Openbook through, we won’t give up and we hope you don’t either.

Together, we can show the world that 1,303 individuals, spread across across 30+ countries, can change the world for the good, forever.


Here's a couple of inspiring messages we received during the campaign.

"I may be a dreamer but I’m not the only one… another 1,272 people have backed."

"It's not everyday you get the chance to possibly change the world for the good, for present and future generations. Backed."

"Please don’t ever give up. Keep fighting the good fight. I wish I could help in more ways but I work as a paediatrician. If you have ever have the need for one, count me in!"

"Looking forward to seeing you guys kicking you know whose butt and inspiring many others for similar initiatives."

"As a person who has all but abandoned social media as a whole, this project… nay vision, for digital self presence and social consumption, actually excites me."

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    1. Veronika Hurbis on

      Please don't give up. But please also spread the news. I read about this in either the Guardian or Financial Times, please release some more updates so they have be shared.
      Thank you!

    2. Rudi on

      Don’t give up! Live your dream and it comes true!!