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The Lowline will use new solar technology to transform an historic NYC trolley terminal into the world's first underground park.
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Lowline Lab update + Get Involved!

Posted by The Lowline (Creator)

Hi all-- we're making huge progress on the Lowline Lab-- we have a mini-greenhouse prepping plants; we're installing the solar tech on the roof; we're building the interior canopy; and initial tests have delivered impressive light performance!  Check out some cool images of the construction in progress.  We're hoping to open our doors to the public in the next few weeks-- stay tuned for an official launch date and for more specific news on all pre-launch events.  And for those of you with terrarium rewards, we're almost ready to ship those out to you as well!

Interested in volunteering at the Lab?  Handy with a paintbrush?  Want to help greet visitors?  We have a ton of opportunities to get folks involved in the next few months-- reach out if you're interested, and stay tuned for a more official announcement on that front too.

More very soon.... :)

James testing the light-- 3x stronger than the sun!
James testing the light-- 3x stronger than the sun!
Installing solar technology on the roof
Installing solar technology on the roof
A sneak peek at our awesome landscape design
A sneak peek at our awesome landscape design
Ed prepping the solar canopy components
Ed prepping the solar canopy components
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jim McElroy on

      Hello? Still looking for the shirt any ideas?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jim McElroy on

      Me again, just wondered if you got my little message that nothing arrived by weeks end, I understand how much you have to do, just wanted an update is all, thanks

    3. Peter Lee on

      Hey lowlife crew,

      Will be in NY for a bit and would like the chance to come by and volunteer. Let me know what I can do. My schedule is a bit hectic so will do what I can

    4. Missing avatar

      Jim McElroy on

      Hey guys, sorry to be a pest about little things. But the week ended and the shirt did not arrive, can you check on it please, so I'll go away and leave you alone to do your work? Thanks

    5. Missing avatar

      Anahi Tehuitzil on

      I'm interested in volunteering!

    6. E P on

      Would love to help with meet and greet - please keep me posted!

    7. Michael J. Sullivan on

      I don't live in New York, but will be there in Mid-November - would love to come and do whatever I can, even if it's just being a "meet and greet" person.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicola Lamb on

      I'd absolutely love to help out! How can I get in touch? Nicola

    9. Missing avatar

      Eskarina Middleton on

      It is looking awesome your well on your way only wish I lived in the same country so I could help xx

    10. Grant Lanning on

      Any chance you guys could throw a quick YouTube video together showing us some more details of the solar and garden setup. I live far away but would still like to follow the process.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jim McElroy on

      Hey there, got my postcard in the mail thank you, interested in when the shirts might be coming, however more important the volunteer opportunity I am very interested in that, Please keep me informed when that gets under OK? Thanks and congratulations once again!!

    12. Tasha Turner

      Looks like things are coming along. Wish I was closer and healthier so I could volunteer.