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This campaign seeks to keep the Swanage Jazz Festival company infrastructure alive for any future directors.
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The 2018 festival was fabulous but it didn't do as well as expected on the financial side. This is no fault of my own. I would not have done much differently if I had the time again.

If we’d have got just another thirty people in, it would have broken even...

 I will not be directing the festival in 2019. I will make a further statement about this in due course and when I do I'm sure everybody will understand why I cannot move forward with it. I will however do as much as I can to leave the door open for future festivals and this includes preserving the current company infrastructure; the company name, the bank account, the website, the mailing lists, the accounts etc. Everything. 

There is a plan for the future of the festival and I feel a huge responsibility to hand over a working model to the future director/s. It's the right thing to do.

The festival is in a bit of debt though and I cannot afford to pick up the bill with my own personal money. Being a jazz musician, I am not rich and the only way I could avoid this cost is to shut the company down meaning all of the current infrastructure would be lost.

There are two main bills: The VAT bill of £2752 and the PRS licence bill of £2609.06 plus an accountancy bill of £348 and another little one of 20 quid. That's a total of £5729. I have set up a ten month payment plan to pay off the VAT bill but the PRS bill is also now due and I just can't cover it. There's £1362.94 left in the account, £950 still owed by those companies who advertised in the brochure and I've already payed one instalment of £275.21 That's a total of £3588.15 The difference is £3140.91 It's not a massive amount of money to find but it'd certainly knock me down for a while so if you can give me a hand here I'd really appreciate it. Any donations over and above this will be left to the future organisers. 

I'd like to walk away from this at least knowing that I am cheerfully and willingly passing on the baton to those who wish to continue. You have to know that I did everything I could have to make the festival a success and I thank all those people who helped for their kind support.

Risks and challenges

If the total is not reached the festival could still continue without the existing infrastructure but it would be so much easier to just hand everything over.

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