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Exodus is a survival horror game for 1-5 players that combines intense tactical combat, resource management and a comic book narrative.
Exodus is a survival horror game for 1-5 players that combines intense tactical combat, resource management and a comic book narrative.
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Pledge Manager

Posted by Dice Sports (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Just a quick message to say that the pledge manager for Exodus is now open on Crowd Ox. If you are having any difficulties or you have not received your invite please contact: and they should be able to help :)



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    1. Missing avatar

      Oliver Kohrs on

      Hi, I don’t receive my invite. I wrote a e-Mail and I got no answer.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      "Sorry to hear that Jerry. Unfortunately, we don't typically directly interface with backers - but rather help the creators with their efforts. "
      They are blocking me because they spammed me and they dont deal with backers. Great :(

    3. Missing avatar

      Vincent-Michel Aubé on

      yup, could b really appreciate to hv photos with resin and metal side by side to compare !

      another question, about language pack : if i choose another language as extra, does it mean that i hv only in this language, or i will hv both english and the other language ? thanks

    4. Missing avatar

      Lee Holden on

      Waiting to get some examples metal v plastic figure before completing PM

    5. Khánh Xuân Bùi on

      How long the pledge manager open please ?

    6. Missing avatar

      Stefan Klink on

      That's awesome, Rob! But pleade let me know..any photos of the metal and resin characters? I cant decide :-D

    7. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Still no access, apparently
      " looks like you may have accidentally marked our survey email as spam at some point, and this is preventing our email provider from delivering that email to you.

      I would be happy to reach out to Postmark to have that spam flag removed, if you'd like."

      I haven't but of course they cant be to blame.

      There last question seems just a delay tactic while they sort, 0bvipusly I want to access the pl4dge manager.

    8. Adam

      Finished my PM stuff but still nothing about if there will be seperate earlier shipping for the Damnation stuff or not. I have inquired about this before and was told it should be sorted in the PM, but didn't see anything about this, is there any clarification on this as yet ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Hammer666 on

      Why is there no Option to add another Exodus or all-in Pledge?
      Not even an additional base game can be added. Very unusual.

    10. Melhilion

      how long will PM be open, plz?

    11. Dice Sports 4-time creator on

      The BFZ bundle is no longer on the add ons but you can upgrade your pledge to the BFZ all in and get the same stuff slightly cheaper

    12. Sebastian Solkrona

      *I can't find

    13. Sebastian Solkrona

      I can find the Z War one Damnation DMZ bundle for 120 in the pledge manager. Anyone else having this problem?

    14. Art D

      Resin tends to be just little bit more detailed and better for "modding", but metals are little better for painting; no prep and easy to strip and repaint, etc.
      Also, because metal is heavier it's less likely to shift or fall over if table is bumped.

    15. Missing avatar

      Vincent-Michel Aubé on

      just for others 😇 could u explain the difference between metal and resin minifigures?
      which ones are better to paint ? are the metal ones more "weighted" ?

    16. S Buntenbach

      Miss the cardboard Version from episode one_ - no chance to print them ?