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Exodus is a survival horror game for 1-5 players that combines intense tactical combat, resource management and a comic book narrative.
Exodus is a survival horror game for 1-5 players that combines intense tactical combat, resource management and a comic book narrative.
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The Joys of Kicking Zombies into the Sea (& some stuff about the Pledge Manager)

Posted by Dice Sports (Creator)

Hey guys, 

Just a couple of things to cover on this one as on the production front we have been tied up with Essen related activities. First up, the Pledge Manager. We have decided to go with Crowd Ox for our PM and it's currently in the set up process, we should be live by early next week at the latest...

Director Game!
Director Game!

Secondly, Essen Spiel! So this past week we were over in Germany demoing Exodus (along with our other game Air Flix) at Spiel, we got the chance to meet some of the backers and show them around the game and also put the finishing touches to one of the quick play Director missions (pictured above) from the game. 

Over the course of the week we got hands on with the Rib (little boat) more than we have done in testing so far and a few cool little quirks came to light. If you are using the "sweep" action next to the water (either harbor or boat) you can kick infected off you into the water, effectively removing them from play, the coolest example of this in one of the games was Kira kicking a couple of zombies off the back of the Rib as they pulled away from the shore. 

The other rib related thing that came up was a question about transition squares & the "dive" action. Normally you would need to use a transition square to enter/exit the rib, however, the rules have now been tweaked so that in situations where a hero is moving from an elevated square down into the rib, the "dive" action can now be used to leap from the harbor wall (or deck of a ship) into the rib for some awesomely cinematic escape action!

Flicking planes & eating brains at Spiel '18
Flicking planes & eating brains at Spiel '18

That's all for now, the next update will be about the pledge manager (probably beginning of next week) & then we should have some of the new minis sculpts to show off the week after.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Vincent-Michel Aubé on

      @dice sports : so ... whats about miniatures ?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jered Greishaw

      What is the planned close date of the Pledge Manager?

    3. Missing avatar

      Vincent-Michel Aubé on

      hi, i receive my survey from crowdox, just to know whats the difference betweeen metal and resin miniatures (except that one is metal and the other is resin lol)

      whats about price, quality, etc.


    4. Robert Cousineau on

      The rib is a fun mechanic. Hearing that it's perfectly legal (and encouraged) to boot zombies into the drink is good. Also knowing that if necessary I can do an action movie leap into the Rib is pretty awesome too.

    5. Dice Sports 4-time creator on

      @Stefan Klink: you too :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Stefan Klink on

      Was a pleasure meeting you at the Spiel Rob! Looking forward holding Exodus in my hands! :-)