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Exodus is a survival horror game for 1-5 players that combines intense tactical combat, resource management and a comic book narrative.
Exodus is a survival horror game for 1-5 players that combines intense tactical combat, resource management and a comic book narrative.
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The Big Weekend Update!

Posted by Dice Sports (Creator)

Stretch Goals

So, first things first, unlocked stretch goals. We unlocked the slingshot crafting set & also as a little reward for reaching 1000 backers I am throwing in a downloadable developer pack for players that wish to create their own missions etc.

More things to craft!
More things to craft!
DIY Exodus missions!
DIY Exodus missions!

The stretch goal list is also being updated to include a new All Star Roamer "Jason", a new equipment card & token "guts" (if you've seen the walking dead you can probably figure out how this works) 2 more Zombies & finally, at £110k a Kickstarter exclusive extra chapter of comic campaign taking place entirely out on the open water where our heroes will face the horror of the Mega Reaver!

Lots of new goodies to unlock!
Lots of new goodies to unlock!

 Z War One Damnation Issue 3!

That's right, as a nice surprise for Damnation backers, Issue 3 has now been added to the Add Ons section!

An indestructible enemy!
An indestructible enemy!

Our heroes face their toughest challenge to date when their friend-turned-indestructible killing machine goes on the hunt! For more Damnation issue 3 information check out the website here.

As previously stated, Exodus is a standalone game & does not require any Damnation content. That being said, for those wanting to get on board with the Damnation story, later today there will be a new pledge level made available which includes ALL available Z War One content. 

That's all for now!


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    1. Dice Sports 4-time creator on

      @Jerry T, no it doesn't have printed versions of the downloadable stuff in it

    2. Dice Sports 4-time creator on

      @Unai Martinez, it will be together, but i'm looking at offering split shipping

    3. Dice Sports 4-time creator on

      @Lorenzo Meucci yes it will be available through the shop after it ships to backers

    4. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Does the BFZ contain printed editions of all the ZWOD digital content? If yes how about adding them for those who have everything else.

    5. Missing avatar

      Unai Martinez on

      Would the damnation be shipped before or together with Exodus? It looks like a way to get rid of all the stock before the new KS where you might renew the core.

    6. Lorenzo Meucci on

      Will it be possible to buy the Damnation issue 3 through the online shop (in the future) or during the next kickstarter? I'm asking because those add ons are quickly add up and i already both Damnation last week and pledging for Exodus now.

    7. Dice Sports 4-time creator on

      @Tasogare, yes, it's all included

    8. Tasogare on

      @Dice Sports
      Is Delta-6 Expansion and Agent Z included in BFZ All In pledge? I don't see it in the list but I suppose yes, if it is All In pledge :)

    9. NZ Nick

      The all-In doesn't specifically list:
      Z War One - Damnation Issue 2
      Z War One - Damnation Agent Z
      Z War One - Damnation Delta-6

      It also doesn't include, but I assume intentionally:
      Z War One - Exodus Pre Printed P&P Terrain Sheets
      Z War One - Exodus Save Ticket
      Z War One - Exodus Zombie Booster (6 Zombies)

    10. Missing avatar


      Excellent news!
      Glad to have a campaign generator, it'll be cool!
      Too bad that "Damnation" is fully in English, with a French translation, I would have immediately cracked for the All-in!

    11. Klaus Bäckmann on

      Fantastic !!! , i really want to have all in one pledge ;D

    12. Dice Sports 4-time creator on

      @NZ Nick, the BFZ All in is £220 for £242 worth of content (save £22). The Early bird Exodus All in was £100 for £117 worth of content (save £17). There are only 200 of the BFZ available because it's pretty much all the damnation stock i have left.

    13. S Buntenbach

      And another yeahh : dial tracker for damnation

    14. S Buntenbach

      @Tim only Session 4/5 KS
      Thanks dice

    15. Tim van der Weyden

      NZ Nick; it doesn't say it get a discount. I have seen enough campaigns were All-In bundles are like the one click bundles of Games Workshop. Everything in one click, but same price. So, lets hope Dice Sports keep that in mind. :)

      That said. Does this mean that there will not be a separate Issue 3 campaign?

    16. NZ Nick

      We'll lose all our early bird savings with a new everything pledge :/

    17. Mark Stewart on

      Glad to hear about the new *everything* pledge level!