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Exodus is a survival horror game for 1-5 players that combines intense tactical combat, resource management and a comic book narrative.
Exodus is a survival horror game for 1-5 players that combines intense tactical combat, resource management and a comic book narrative.
975 backers pledged £97,331 to help bring this project to life.

Day 2 Update - 14 Stretch Goals Unlocked, and some FAQ

Posted by Dice Sports (Creator)

Hey guys, in this update i'm going to be mainly addressing some questions that are popping up a lot on the comments, after this i'll be adding them to the FAQ.

First up, as many of you will know, we have already unlocked 14 stretch goals, I'll go into details over what all of these things are a little further down this update.

Masters of unlocking!
Masters of unlocking!

All Star Roamers

A few people seem to be under the impression that they only get the stretch goal All Stars if you have the All star Add On, this is incorrect, the unlocked stretch goal All Stars are in every pledge. 

So if there are All Stars in the stretch goals why do you need the add on? Well that's because each All Star has their own stat card giving them unique stats and abilities, "Flash" for example (stretch goal 6) is wearing a welding mask & as such can only be taken out by assassination or execution.  "Scuba Steve" (all star add on) on the other hand crawls along the ground (he has no legs) and his air tank can be detonated with a ballistic attack turning him effectively into a crawling bomb. So every one of them is different & pulled from a deck each mission, when they are taken out the card is discarded until the next mission

We're putting the band back together.
We're putting the band back together.

 The Kickstarter Cut

Judging by the comments this is something else which requires some clarification. So what is the Kickstarter Cut? Basically it's a bigger, badder, super duper cut of the Exodus campaign that we are building through stretch goals. This version of the campaign has Kickstarter exclusive miniatures, tiles & cards, Expanded and extended maps & even some whole new missions (complete with comic). The other thing about this is that there is a version balanced for playing with 4 heroes, so more enemies & higher spawning, the comic obviously still only has 2 heroes in it, you are just playing the mission with 4.

Z War One - Damnation

Z War One - Damnation was our first game & it is split over 5 parts. Exodus is a standalone (technically prequel) set in the same universe but in a different part of the country. You do not need Damnation (or the Damnation £6 pack) to play Exodus.

The Damnation Bundle in the Add ons of this Kickstarter does not contain the original Kickstarter Stretch Goals, these will be available as an add on on the Damnation Issue 3 Kickstarter early next year.

The Damnation Pack (£6) has Damnation style cards and hero boards for those who want to use them in Damnation, however the real meat of this pack (and also where the cost comes from) is the "Delta 6 - Aftermath" campaign. This was something really cool that we have thrown in for the Damnation players and features RAC team Delta 6 carrying out 3 missions during the Battle of Glasgow. Each mission takes place on a massive map & is based on a famous war movie. It uses tiles/minis etc from all the existing content PLUS extra tiles, tokens & equipment cards for the campaign.

Add On Updates

Over the weekend I will be updating the Add On section to include various things that the comments section have requested. I will be adding a damnation section with infected heroes & delta 6 add ons in there individually, booster zombie packs & language packs for our 4 extra languages (the rule books for these will be also available as free pdfs). So far this is what we have lined up for the add ons:

  • Language Packs
  • Zombie Booster Packs
  • Save Ticket Books
  • Damnation - Delta 6  
  • Damnation - Infected Heroes

I know I have probably missed some from the comments so please feel free to remind me below & we'll stick those in too.

To finish off, here's a great review that just dropped from Geek City!

That's all for now :)



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    1. Missing avatar

      Smithers on

      Wow pretty snarky Ebonweaver. Something crawling around in your shorts?

    2. Dice Sports 4-time creator on

      @Jerry T, yes, i'm going to split the add ons into 2 sections

    3. Dice Sports 4-time creator on


      1. The Exodus (base game) Comic Campaign is 1-2 players but you can add a Director (GM) to take it up to 3. The Dark Tide Expansion Comic Campaign is 1-2 players but you can add a Director (GM) to take it up to 3. The Kickstarter Cut combines stuff from Exodus & Dark Tide to build a bigger expanded version of the Exodus campaign which is also playable with 4 players (5 if you include a director) I can make this version just by combining the base & expansion but I would like very much to enhance it using all the unlocked stretch goals. Renegade mode can be played 1v1v1v1 or 2v2 and has players trying to to finish the game with as many renegade loot cards as possible, each player also gets a hand of director cards to play against the other team, you can make infected spawn near them, take direct control of infected to attack them with and lots more. If you die you keep your cards (score), you come back into play as an infected version of yourself & try to take down the others before they can equal or better your score.

      2. there are 7 missions in Exodus, 3 missions in dark tide & currently 8 missions in the KS cut, there are 3 renegade maps & 3 quick play director games. The campaign missions also have 2 difficulties. If you take a look at the Geek City review that just went up, replayability was one of their favorite things about it.

      3. You don't need the infected hero minis, they are just a nice aesthetic thing. You just use the stats on the newborn (fast zombie) infected card.

      4. I set a sale going on the website to coincide with the Kickstarter, it has been and will be after the KS concludes £79.99 for total war again. Pretty much everyone that backed the original campaign had an early bird £69, Delta was £12 so for the same as you get on here they paid £81. The Stretch goal add ons (to get the original content) wil be priced at £15 so anyone wanting what the original backers got will be paying £85 for it nearly 3 years later.

      Hope that clears everything up :)

    4. S Buntenbach

      All: Damnation and all SG stuff arrived for years, in my eyes it is one of the best Tom bis games i played, all stuff is well designed.
      Lots of fun to play and every time to less ammo :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Damnation Kickstarter was fulfilled years ago. See BGG.
      Even after this update and Tim chipping in (which is great but not official and if he gets anything wrong that could be an issue for backers) it is still confusing.

      Easily solved for Add one if any ZWOD content e.g. SG, Character or Board , mark them as ZWOD, if they are included in Exodus mark them as EZWO.

      Does the Damnation pack contain any ZWOD or related downloadable missions(which I printed) or is it all new?

      @Ebonweaver's an "There is an add on to be able to use Exodus in Damnation, but nothing to allow Damnation to be used in Exodus?"

      The reason is because the EXODUS timeline happen before Damnation and there is no time travel element in the rules set yet, unless Rob is persuaded to mix ZWO and Terminator to provide robotic zombies.

    6. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      So I suppose the Damnation KS was not fulfilled yet !

    7. Ebonweaver

      Ok so this clears up a lot, but some things are still not clear...

      1. So the core game is 1-2 player, period. There is a fraction of 3-4 player, but that is slowly being fleshed out in the stretch goals. The plan clearly is to get it all unlocked, but this leaves uncertainty about potential incompleteness. There is also a 2-5 player variant of the former where somehow one person controls the Z, but there is no real info about that yet. Oh, and there is something called renegade mode in Dark Tide, but that's not been explained either past the fact that it's vs instead of co-op. That about sum it all up?

      2. There are two episodes/comics in the game. There was a comment that indicated these contain a total of 10 scenarios. It's unclear if Dark Tide has a 3rd comic/story or if that's one of the two. A 3rd has however been unlocked in the SG, but no mention of how many scenes it has. Apparently all modes in point 1 use these same books/setups, so while there are 3 variants of play (normal, director, renegade), it's still all the same content? There has been mention of "stand alone setups" but that has not been explained and no number was given. So it feels like the replay may be limited due to lack of scenarios, but there is of course plenty of opportunity to make up scenes yourself I guess. Side note, Dark Tide is called an expansion, but that's pretty much false as it's part of the game, not a separate item. This feels like marketing deception designed to make you feel like you're getting more when you're not.

      3. There is mention that in director mode the slain will rise. However, that's not explained, and there is then indication you need an add on for that (Infected Heroes). So which is it? Is this included in some limited way and the addon enhances it, or MUST you have the add on to actually use that mechanic?

      4. There is an add on to be able to use Exodus in Damnation, but nothing to allow Damnation to be used in Exodus?

      In the "say what?" category is the claim that adding on the Damnation pack (finally explained in this update) is a £25 savings. Based on the prices on the Store website, that's false, £70 is the current purchase price. Deceptive claims do not inspire trust and confidence. It also appears the price is now lower than during the original campaign. You can claim that's due to bonus content, but that flies against the spirit of Kickstarter. This does not encourage people to back now as opposed to waiting for retail.

      Damnation was 5 months late, partially justified. The last updates on that campaign seemed to indicate some things, like all the add ons, were still not finished production. There was then nothing further about shipping to finish up that campaign. The appearance is that it was abandoned and not completely fulfilled. Further, there was promise of an expansion campaign that then did not happen at all, and 8 months later Exodus comes out instead. Again, appearance is the original was abandoned as incomplete, which again does not inspire confidence. Counter to that however are a lot of apparent return backers that are very happy (some not, but all complaints were delay and no expansion), so it doesn't seem that anyone was cheated deliverables. I haven't been able to figure out this disparity and lacking information.

      I'm half sold, but need to put these concerns to rest. Hopefully both Dice Sports and former backers can help clear these things up.

    8. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      I don’t have any Damnation stuff so if I want them all, I’d better get them later in the upcoming new KS instead of getting the Addon now, correct?

    9. Missing avatar


      Thank you for the translation kits !!
      The French version will be mine !!
      Is it possible, in addon, to take copies in addition to Exodus to offer family / friends? If so, at what price?


      Merci pour les kits de traductions !!
      La version française sera à moi !!
      Est-il possible, en addon, de pouvoir prendre des exemplaires en plus de Exodus pour offrir à de la famille/amis ? Si oui, à quel prix ?

    10. CthulhuStoleChristmas on

      I think there was requests for the 3d printable terrain add-on? Also, if you're doing zombie boosters, would it be feasible to get the zombies from ZWOD as a booster (just for varietys sake for those who didn't back it)?

    11. Kevin Shaud

      Also, please add printed terrain elements as an add-on.

    12. Missing avatar

      Vladimir Carrasquillo on

      Will the Track Pad for ZWOD be added to the Save Ticket Books addon or will that be added to the next Kickstarter?

    13. Dice Sports 4-time creator on

      @hwod44, the rules & comic etc will be available to download for free, if you want physical copies i'm going to put an add on in as cheaply as possible (at cost to me)

    14. Dice Sports 4-time creator on

      @Arsonor every All Star has their own card, so the stretch goal ones each have a card, the add on ones each have a card, the reason you would get the add on s so you have more :) So every time you spawn a roamer it's a different one. These also work with damnation btw

    15. Dice Sports 4-time creator on

      @Hank Przybylowicz, it is being created from the stretch goals we unlock. When we did the Damnation campaign there was a load of stuff in the stretch goals that didn't work with the campaign, I wanted to make sure this time around everything made it into campaign.

    16. Tim van der Weyden

      @Hank Przybylowicz; that is the version we get as backers. The text is clear enough. We get all stretch goals, but some of them (quote: "This version of the campaign has Kickstarter exclusive miniatures, tiles & cards, Expanded and extended maps & even some whole new missions (complete with comic). ") will never hit retail, so only the Kickstarter backers have them. =)

    17. Tim van der Weyden

      @Arsonor; nobody needs the All Star Roamer add on. The All Star Roamer add on has zombies that are unique, character zombies (not zombified game characters, but personofied zombies). They all have their own stats. =) So, miniatures and cards.
      The stretch goal All Star Zombies have nothing to do with the add on pack. Those are different zombies with different cards.

      I am also an original backer who went all in. Till now, all new stuff are the:
      All Star Roamers
      Infected Heroes
      Vehicles & Crates
      Damnation Pack

      When the new add ons are added I think Dice Sports will clearly state what is really new. If not, I am here. =D

    18. Bibo on

      Foam inserts... great point!
      And where we discuss the topic just now it would be great to know which sizes the playing cards are.
      Maybe a sleeve bundle would still be a good add on?
      I like to sleeve all of my games

    19. Hank Przybylowicz

      So where is this Kickstarter Cut version?

    20. Arsonor

      You didn't really answer clearly (at least to me) why people would "need" the All Star Roamers add on pack. Is it to get more cards or are the cards NOT included in the unlocked stretch goals? Or are there some included in the add on that aren't going to be in the stretch goals?

      Request: can you clearly mark in the revised add-on list what was available during the Damnation campaign? I went all in, so I want to make sure I only get what is new.

      Congrats on doing so well, so fast.

    21. Tim van der Weyden

      Can you please also had the foam inserts again! I love the one I got during Damnation! :D Really want one for all the new miniatures as well.

    22. Bibo on

      My understanding of this is that the 50k stretchgoal language translation is for free (downloadable PDF) but "only" covers the rulebook.
      If we want a full game translation then we have the option to buy the language translation add on.
      Because of the huge additional effort to translate all the game components, I personally find it perfectly reasonable to pay for it. In the end it is your decision what you take ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      Scott rhodes on

      Maybe extra copies if the comics as add ons? Also some people dont like sharing dice, so maybe an extra dice pack? Maybe a monster booster box that includes the monsters (Siren etc)?

    24. hwod44 on

      Hi. How much for the language DLCs? You shouldn't put a country flag if is not unlocked for free, it's my opinion