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De La Soul's NEW ALBUM's video poster

Welcome 2 making magic. The time has finally come: De La Soul is ready to record a new studio LP. Read more

Los Angeles, CA Hip-Hop
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Welcome 2 making magic. The time has finally come: De La Soul is ready to record a new studio LP.

Los Angeles, CA Hip-Hop
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Hey, everybody: We are De La Soul: Posdnous, Dave, and Maseo. We’re best known for our albums 3 Feet High and Rising, De La Soul Is Dead, Stakes Is High and many others. Some of our hit singles include "Me Myself and I," "Saturdays" and "Feel Good Inc." a collaboration with Gorillaz.

We’ve collaborated with everyone from Chaka Khan to Common to even NASA: In 2004, our song "Potholes in My Lawn," became one of the first rap records to be beamed from another planet by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. Now we are here to collaborate with YOU, humanoid, on the most exciting project we’ve ever done.

For the last decade, we've been independent artists, free of a record label interfering in our creative process. This will be our first De La Soul studio album in eleven years. We’re excited and ready to create. It's been essential that we find ways to fund, record and release new music. Typically the fans have been the ones who support and appreciate our vision, so using Kickstarter and giving our fans the opportunity to be a part of the process just feels right. We see Kickstarter as a home for creative minds and a wonderful platform; where people who believe, respect and see the vision, can support an idea and make it a reality.

True to our Hip-Hop roots, we make music without limits. This new album will incorporate elements of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Country Western and anything else we're feeling in the moment. To us, music is the influence of sounds, sounds in all vibrations and sizes, telling a story or pointing a direction. Some of these sounds we call samples, samples we use to make songs.

S-950 & SP 1200 Samplers
S-950 & SP 1200 Samplers

Sampling is basically copying a piece of sound, from one recording, and reusing it to create a new recording. It is how De La has always made music. The sampler is our instrument, but people who copy, and in this case "sample," have also been considered thieves and unoriginal. So, unfortunately a huge part of our career has also been spent fighting off the “sample police.”

Enough of those battles! For the new album, we needed a completely new approach, something Hip-Hop hasn’t done before. So, here it is: For the first time, we're going to sample ourselves.

Vox Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Vox Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Over the last three years, we've hired some of LA's finest studio musicians and recorded them in free-styled, unrehearsed, jam sessions. They played everything from banjo to upright bass, sometimes up to a dozen musicians at once; simply allowing sounds to integrate. We did 90% of these recordings in one of LA's most classic studios, Vox. We chose Vox because we wanted our recordings to have that creamy analog warm mixing board sound that the old records our parent’s once played had. With over 200 hours of sounds, and vibes, equal to about 250 to 300 full-length vinyl LPs, it's time that we get to the work.

Here’s the interesting part. We are now in the process of going back to that 200+ hours of music, listening, enjoying and discovering those special moments where, musically, something magical happens, where interesting sounds and layers were forgotten, where new sounds can be sampled, looped, chopped, filtered and arranged, freely, without the intrusive presence of publishing politics and the infamous “sample police.” What we've done is created our own crates of records; album upon albums to mine and sample from. In our world, what we’ve created is freedom, freedom to make the art you believe in without having to compromise your vision. That’s what we’ve always wanted most, that’s what we’ve always believed in, that’s what we’ve fought for, and that’s why we’re doing this Kickstarter with you.

We have a fantastic cast of artist we're collaborating with. So far Damon Albarn (of Blur/Gorillaz), 2 Chainz, Little Dragon, and David Byrne (of Talking Heads) have blessed us with their talents; and we’ll have more announcements of collabs to come, right here on Kickstarter.

Clockwise: Damon Albarn, @ Chainz, Little Dragon, David Bryne
Clockwise: Damon Albarn, @ Chainz, Little Dragon, David Bryne

We’re crowdfunding it to help pay for recording, mixing, marketing, and everything else. Your support will keep us in the studio, help us continue to sample and manipulate the music we’ve recorded, will help us get additional production work done; and will help us design, package, market, and distribute the album. The whole thing. We literally cannot do it without you.

So now, for the goodies… For your support we’d like to offer you some cool rewards. Let’s start with our Kickstarter only, 1GB De La Soul thumb drives uploaded with the new album. We have a limited amount of our 2015, out of stock De La Dunks by NIKE, autographed by us, for you. How about a De La Dinner Date? The three of us and you at our good friend Marcus Samuelsson’s new Harlem restaurant “Street Bird.” We have an exclusive De La Soul T-shirt only available on Kickstarter. Who wants to spend the afternoon in NY, hitting up the sneaker shops with Pos? Would you like to go shopping with Dave for vintage toys and action figures; or diggin’ for records with Maseo? Well you can when you "Go Shopping Wit De La." We’re also offering limited edition colored vinyl LPs and a 7” singles, exclusive to Kickstarter only. The De La Soul Show reward gets you a personalized live show laminate, good worldwide for the next 10 years! How about a one-on-three Skype session with De La Soul? Finally, here’s your opportunity to own, straight of his studio, Dave’s Platinum 3 Feet High and Rising revolving record plaque, autographed by us! Take a look at the right column for more De La-licious REWARDS!

Thank you for you kind support, Pledge NOW! Pledge often! 

We Are De La Soul....

Kelvin Mercer was born in the Bronx, New York and grew up in East Massapequa, Long Island. He and David Jude Jolicoeur were childhood friends and met Vincent Mason as students at Amityville High School. His double entendre-laden rhymes draw from his life experiences and have won him acclaim as one of the rap game’s most underrated MC’s. His full stage name “Posdnuos” is pronounced “pas-de-noose”.

David Jude Jolicoeur was born in Brooklyn, New York and befriended Kelvin Mercer at a young age. After connecting with Vincent Mason in high school, the trio wasted little time writing their essential chapter in hip-hop history. Dave often found himself the center of attention due to his smooth lyrical flow and his distinctive sense of style, featuring African medallions, peace signs, and uneven dreadlocks (unofficially known as the “De La Do”). His early stage name “Trugoy” is an inversion of his favorite food, yogurt.

Vincent Mason was born in Brooklyn, New York. In the early days of De La Soul his role was almost exclusively that of a DJ. But as the group’s creative vision matured, he stepped out from behind the tables to contribute rhymes of his own to a handful of key tracks. His son Tre was a Heisman Trophy finalist and is currently a running back for the St. Louis Rams.

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