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Put words together (literally) in sentences crossword-style for points (and laughs), teach parts of speech, too. Read more

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Put words together (literally) in sentences crossword-style for points (and laughs), teach parts of speech, too.

About this project

Hi. I’m Ray Rhamey, a writer who uses words to create novels and marketing communications. I love words and what you can do with them. Which leads me to a wordplay game that uses words to entertain and teach.

In this game you get to say things like Elvis ate my bus. What could be funner?

More than that, Wordzzle is a family board game for ages 8 to adult, too. I hope one day soon I'll be playing this with my grandchildren.

And it's educational. Parts of speech are labeled and color-coded to show how they work together to construct wacky but grammatically correct sentences.

More than 35 pieces show how nouns and verbs can also be adjectives—in essence, two different words.

Wild Word pieces: What verb would you put here?

Write your own words on 5 blank pieces—names can be fun . . .

Earn double points by using a starred piece in a sentence.

The play: Hands are 7 pieces, you replace what you play from a draw pile. Score 2 points for each word played, 1 point for each word in an existing sentence that you add to, and double your sentence's points if you play all 7 pieces or when you include a star piece. The game ends when no one can play.

135 pieces give you nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, articles, and conjunctions to play with. No need for a game board with Wordzzle's unique puzzle form—any place you have a flat surface, you have a game.

It's a tool for teachers, too.

My favorite middle-school language arts teacher has played Wordzzle, and she sees it as a fun way to teach "boring" grammar. I'll provide lesson plans and an educational version that includes extra blank pieces so teachers can add punctuation and other parts of speech such as prepositions.

And it's a puzzle.

Turn the pieces over and you can put together this adorable picture.

Where the money goes

Some of the costs figured into the pledge amounts are:

  • The custom puzzle die—the pieces have to be identical—costs about $500, so the games are more expensive to produce than cards.
  • Shipping costs for the U.S. are about $4 per game.
  • Kickstarter and Amazon fees = 10% of the amount funded.


1. Basic game--135 game/puzzle pieces. Shipping goal is February.

Game box concept, not final.
Game box concept, not final.

2. Deluxe game--includes a velour Travel Bag. Shipping goal is February.

Make Wordzzle a belated Christmas gift: If the amount pledged reaches the goal before December 25 (even though the pledge period is not over until January 6), I'll email a printable PDF of a gift card that you can give at Christmas.

Stretch goals:

If I reach $9000, I'll add:

  • A velour Travel Bag for basic game backers
  • 10 expansion pieces for Deluxe Edition backers—5 blank pieces and 5 new words.

If I reach $14,000: I'll add a second version of Wordzzle using British words and spelling—"lorry" for "truck" and things like that—a Wordzzle of a different colour. It'll be fun and educational in a different way.

OR a new new game, Tangled Tales

If I reach $14,000, I have a new story game in development called Tangled Tales.  I'll give Kickstarter backers a vote on whether to produce the Brit Wordzzle or Tangled Tales. A new game will require additional development time—I think I can deliver it in April.

A big thank-you to Dave at Your Playing Cards. They do cards as well as puzzles, and maybe more. A good resource for tabletop games.

Thanks in advance for your support. I look forward to shipping your Wordzzle game to you asap.

Risks and challenges

No problems foreseen in the production and shipping of games to backers. It should take about 45-60 days to produce and ship the games.

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