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$63,120 pledged of $650,000 goal
By Pixelbionic
$63,120 pledged of $650,000 goal

Final Update

Kickstarter is a harsh mistress. Lots of projects are pitched to the community and sometimes they resonate and sometimes they don’t. In this case, what we were pitching wasn’t exactly what you guys wanted.  So, as a result we’re making the tough decision to not drag it out, and we’re going to cancel the campaign and start working to reformulate it.

We are profoundly grateful to our fans. You guys are why Kickstarter works so well and when you spoke we listened and we learned. We made changes and the numbers went up, but not enough. We’re going to change our pitch and change the game, so keep talking, we’re still listening!

In the next few weeks we’ll be reformulating our design and Kickstarter plan and we encourage all of you to head over to our website at and sign up for the forums. Tell us what you liked and what you didn’t and you can help shape the next phase of this wild adventure.

Kickstarter isn’t just a new way to fund games, it’s a grassroots revolution and you, the community are the new leaders. Games are being made now that could never be made in the old system, and it’s because you are voting with your dollars and your comments and your feedback. Keep it up, you’re changing the world one game at a time.

Maxx and Mike

PS.  Super thanks to all the people that helped pull this together, Rob, Rafeal, Scott, Tomo, John, Gary, Dave, Chanel and Zack. Thanks for believing in us, and lending a hand.

We also owe a heartfelt thanks to the best PR agency in the world, OnePR. They pitched our story, lined up interviews and got us more coverage then we could have imagined. Thanks guys.

We are also grateful to all of our friends and family and all our industry buddies that offered us help and suggestions. Special thanks to everyone that supported us on Facebook, the forums and their Kickstarter updates.


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    1. Matt Depew on July 27, 2013

      Give me a polished single-player experience. I was (and still am) a huuuge fan of the Vigilante 8 series on N64+PSX (preferred n64, but just imo), but am unaware of any similar titles on the PC, aside from the -old- Twisted Metal 2. Car Combat games are still not done, I believe. Keep at it!

    2. Missing avatar

      Vanity on July 25, 2013

      Don't lose hope, im sure this game can turn around and be a great success.
      Like most people say, this game should be more focused on the campaigns and maybe co-op.
      The "mmo" genre is being beaten to death with all kinds of releases that would have been better off being regular singleplayer with a multiplayer feature.

      If the ingame chat-room is made properly people will make nice matches themselves and the "always online" aspect could be thrown away and more focus could be put on campaign senarios and strategy that would not be feasible in a persistent multiplayer environment.

      Good luck with the future guys.

    3. Seumas Froemke on July 25, 2013

      I suspect that part of the problem, here, is timing. The dead center of summer can be a difficult time to grab attention. On the other hand, the release of new consoles may make fall/holiday season challenging, too.

    4. Gurney on July 25, 2013

      I agree with DagonW and expect a solid single player campaign. And maybe a cooperative multi player campaign...

    5. DagonW on July 24, 2013

      I agree with more emphasis on the singleplayer story and campaign.
      There seems to be a rash of "free to play" online models that focus on online game with the expectation people will pay more money for upgrades and quicker experience. While you mentioned that extra money for upgrades in the future would not be the case, I think some people might have been skeptical (including myself).
      Focusing on a dang good story and RPG elements of the cars etc. THEN being able to carry that to a multiplayer would be much more effective to most gamers in my opinion.
      As for a seems to be that unless you ride some big name (like the silly DoubleFine company..which I dont see the appeal), then you need to come out swinging with something solid and well defined as well as a BARRAGE of promotions on gaming media sites, etc.
      And scrap the comicbooks please.;)

    6. Missing avatar

      The6uest on July 24, 2013

      I'm disappointed that this project had to be cancelled but I'm hopeful that the game will be successful eventually. I suggest more emphasis on a good single player game like I'76. The MP can then be various maps for deathmatch and racing with tools to allow players to build their own maps as I'76 had.

      Also it might help to start with a lower funding price then have more stretch goals because people seem more willing to back a project that is funded or close to it than one that isn't going anywhere.

      Good luck on your next campaign!

    7. Anthony Smith on July 24, 2013

      I am totally all over this whenever it does make a return. I need a new car combat game after Sony dropped the ball on supporting Twisted Metal.

    8. Jalister on July 24, 2013

      It's sad this was cancelled. This is happening to often lately. I will keep any eye on this.

    9. Maik Bütefür on July 24, 2013

      Sad to hear it, but starting new maybe the right thing to do. All I can say is, that I love both Interstate 76 and Twisted Metal. I honestly don't know how often I've played throuhg I76. It must be 25 times at least now. There were times I played it once a year. All I can say is, that I just loved the characters, the atmosphere, the cliched story, the perfectly captured sense of a wide open road. Even though the game was linear, driving down those lonely roads and listening to that mightily awesome soundtrack made me feel so good. The controls were complicated, the driving physics very basic, the difficulty was hilarious... Whatever, I loved that game. But it's an old school, single player game with a very special setting far away from mass markets. It would never be done today, bit that's what's kick starter is for, right? On the other hand, gaming has changed. Everything's online, everything's multiplayer, it's all open world. As much as I like playing with others, it was never the main reason for me to play this game. Twisted Metal is quite similar to this, but the mechanics were tighter and it was more or an Unreal Tournament with cars. I liked the simplicity of it, I loved the story lines and the artistic design. And really, I must have played through the campaign hundreds of times with a buddy of mine back then in part 2. After that the games became bigger, went online, got more complicated and somehow less fun. It's tough to put the finger on it, sometimes you just want to have exactly the same you know, but soon you play and buy the same game the fifth time. I want something new, I love the apocalyptic setting. If anything I would go for a clear approach. Maybe do an HD version of I76 first (God, I would pay a 100 bucks for that on PS4!). You probably can't, because of licensing issues, but anyway. Or make it smaller, concentrate on the essence. Maybe the name was to generic, maybe you don't really need music from the fantastic Jesper Kyd. Look at Carmageddon. There barely reached their goal, but they had an existing IP. Car Combat is not the same community size as adventures I guess, but there must be a way to get something done. I will happily support you and it's Judt sad to see Spike Jonze make the money, while this gets cancelled. :(

    10. Will Goldstone on July 24, 2013

      Guys! So sorry to hear this. I76 is my all time favourite game and I'm so looking forward to this. The main thing I saw wrong with your pitch was simply that there was no gameplay footage and too much talking head.. I've seen the gameplay footage and it looks fantastic so next time please show it, can't wait to see more from you guys best of luck!