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$63,120 pledged of $650,000 goal
By Pixelbionic
$63,120 pledged of $650,000 goal

Update#1, day 1.

24 hours in and we’re very happy to see so many backers pledging. It’s great to see how excited everyone is about the Dream Team we’ve assembled. Just wait, you haven’t heard it all yet!

We’ve had a lot of people ask us about PS4. I want to let you all know that we hear your feedback and we’re thinking really hard about this question. We hope to have a good answer for you soon.

Today’s update topic is customization of the cars

A question we get frequently is about customization. Personally I think customization is one of the real strengths of MotorGun, so I wanted to talk for a little bit today on the topic. Our goal with this game was to really let you modify all parts of your cars and take different directions in your build. Think like a RPG where your car is your character and you can customize every piece of armor and equipment. This is a simplification for sure, it’s really much more complex than a common RPG. 

In MotorGun, you can customize 3 kinds of parts on your car:

The appearance of your car: Imagine a custom shop where you can change the look and color of your car. From paint to stickers, from wheels to spoilers, our intent is that every 2 cars in the game are unique. Of course because of our physics system, some appearance items are combat items too. If you put spikes on your wheels or a cow catcher on the front of your car, you’re going to use those for Melee combat aren’t you?

The internals of your car: Engines, transmissions, suspension can all be swapped out for better/stronger parts. Of course if you want your car to go faster, you can always add lightness. Be careful because a light fast car will have less hitpoints and will be easier to damage. Engines are really important, because you’ll always be tempted to add more armor and that will make your car heavy and you’ll need more HP to keep yourself moving fast. Remember on the battlefield speed is life!

Last, and definitely not least, armor and weapons: Every car will have hardpoints where you can add weapons, from light machine guns to heavy cannons. Light cars have less hardpoints and heavy cars have more. The lightest cars might only have a single light weapon hardpoint. Really heavy cars will have more hardpoints then you really want to use including rear/special hardpoints for mine droppers and whatever crazy shit we think of. And to protect your car, you’ll want to add armor. Armor comes in 3 types with different strengths and weight and you can chose different levels of armor for all 4 sides of your car.

As you can see from the above, there is an almost infinite level of customization for the cars in MotorGun. You could build a light car with limited weapons but a big engine for hit and run style play, or you could build a heavy tank to just roll into the enemy base and casuse havoc. Of course the heavy won’t be very fast and will always be venerable to faster more maneuverable cars.

Post your ideas on the forums at: we’d love to hear what you want to do with your cars!

Tomorrow we’ll do another update with some footage from the current version of the game, I can’t wait!


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    1. Marcio Araujo on July 18, 2013

      Interstate 76 singleplayer, was one of the best experiences i had in my youth. Long missions, driving between cities, the MUSIC! Wow, so many memories, i hope for a singleplayer experience.

    2. Hery Escoto on July 18, 2013

      Good to hear!! Great job with update!! A lot of good info specially about the PS4 version of the game!!! Thank you

    3. Jalister on July 18, 2013

      I'm eager to see the in game footage.