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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 24 2013
PixelbionicBy Pixelbionic
First created
PixelbionicBy Pixelbionic
First created
pledged of $650,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 24 2013

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    1. Nick Hanson

      This seems to be been picked up by inXile.

    2. X-Ployt on

      6 months later and no update about the project whatsoever, can't post on the forum, and no news out there even remotely related to the game...what a shame.

    3. X-Ployt on

      Their forum is such a flustercuck, and I hate how it's laid out. Most of the thread topics could be mixed together as game suggestions for/by car combat nostalgists, and most of the thread starter's posts are very long-winded, and aren't feasible for conversation starters.

    4. Missing avatar

      Thijs on

      What I don't get is that there are a lot of comments here, but their forum at pixelbionic was and is awful quiet.. This way it doesn't seem like there is much interest in the game.. If you want this next game to succeed, I think we need to speak up and join their forum.

    5. Kahuna Kevin on

      For the Autoduel newbs, here's a good read what I'm on about: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autoduel

      ^^^Make that, with today's technology, AI, physics, audio, graphics, quests, procedural encounters, world reputation meter = FUNDED

    6. Kahuna Kevin on

      I haven't played Interstate either. Just Autoduel from the 80s that had a ton of free choice options, and Twisted Metal series.

      Most everything I've mentioned expands off the original Autoduel concept (it really was ahead of its time), with features I would personally implement if I had a million dollars and ran a game company. Until then, MY dream game is in my head and some of it is spilled here in hopes the devs wake up and do something spectacular

      Re: Player death, again Autoduel did it best, keeping an old-school unforgiving perma-death (like Roguelike dungeon crawler)s IF you didn't clone your character. If you did clone your character, your saved stats are transferred into a new body, but you may lose items. Looking back I would be awesome to get killed, revived as a clone and re-salvage your own road meat haha!

    7. X-Ployt on

      It seems like I have to play interstate 76 to gain some perspective as it seems I have a very poor grasp on the concept of the game, because I do know there is salvaging, yet I have no idea how it works.

    8. Kahuna Kevin on

      And one thing the game needs is dog companions, straight out of Road Warrior. When you exit your vehicle, there's potential for someone else to steal it. They'll be sorry if your dog is sleeping shotgun...

      Also dogs could sniff out hidden weapons caches, gas, buried/dead bodies (replace your body armor, ammo, money) etc. when on foot.

      End rant.

    9. X-Ployt on

      @ Kahuna You know what? That doesn't sound too bad when you consider the s.p mode, but as far as multi goes, I find that concept doesn't seem to fitting. As a last ditch effort - I can sort of imagine taking pot shots at someone and maybe doing some damage, or getting real lucky to do something detrimental to the opposing force, but it would have to be implemented carefully, as far as multiplayer goes.

    10. Kahuna Kevin on

      Out of car scenario: You see a mass of wrecked burning cars up ahead and drive closer to investigate. The coast looks clear. You exit your vehicle to salvage any parts, tires or any gas you can carry (takes time and weight, plus drastically slows you down, movement and hinders firing ability).

      Suddenly you hear the roar of an engine getting closer.

      Do you slowly haul your find back to your car, risking getting run over or shot down in the process?

      Do you drop your heavy salvage parts, keep the gas and refuel your nearly empty car putting you in the same situation?

      Do you drop everything giving you plenty of time to hop back in your car and aim towards the oncoming enemy/friendly using a surprise attack?

      What if you do attack and the vehicle was friendly? Now there's a bounty on your head.

      If the vehicle was an enemy and you destroy him now you have twice the loot and gas potential.

    11. X-Ployt on

      So, this game needs to be more GTA without the big environments....hmmmm... Let's make it more about the person in the car, and not the vehicles.

      So in capture the flag, we need to be more focused on killing the driver rather than destroying the car, or playing the objective- the parts that have the most depth at this moment, being a car combat game and all. Should the car explode upon death and respawn with our new vehicle in some special garage, or should we respawn in our car after death? Maybe the drivers don't have to die - to take out any thought of killing a driver trying to fix their car, maybe we could implement something in the story that would make the drivers impervious to vehicular manslaughter, but, that wouldn't mirror realism.

      Why would I have to worry about playing objectively in a car combat game? I'll just run over the other players who make an attempt to fix their vehicle!

      Sounds great! By the time this game gets developed, Battlefield 4 won't have anything on it.

    12. Kahuna Kevin on

      And re: single player, yea I'm nostalgic because games of the past had better features and options (below) and today's MP offers nothing that SP hasn't and will continue to do bette: Tell an engaging layered story, not drop you into another mindless rehash kill-all fest. Decisions tom kill, flee or offer clemency in any good story provides moral decisions and has consequences. And that's what I want. An open world, full of choices and consequences, and the ability to step out of my junked car (or if I just feel like exploring or searching for fuel and scrap) knowing full well 99.99% of the time that action = suicide.

    13. Kahuna Kevin on

      Anyone not into out of car combat probably hasn't played Autoduel on Apple IIe in the 80s, had their car get completely toasted mid 1-on-1 battle, exit (roll out) of your vehicle and cover behind the burning wreck and experience the satisfaction of taking down a wounded enemy car with a few well placed (lucky) rifle shots just before your body armor was depleted by incoming fully automatic machine guns. 'Nuff said. Exiting the vehicle was and IS a last resort tactic.

    14. Kurt K

      I agree with the out of car component. You don't often see that and that would be a draw as it would better mirror real life. Pure car action had been done to death, so change the dynamic. It would enhance the time behind the wheel when you have more to do to get to that point.

    15. X-Ployt on

      I meant Starhawk, not Warhawk

    16. X-Ployt on

      After seeing gameplay of Ravaged and P.A.M., I can also see you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

      Never played those three games you mentioned, and only vaguely knew what Carmageddon was about.

      Ravaged looks and reminds me of Warhark - a third person shooter; I'm betting Ravaged falls into this category, especially since you are primarily controlling a character and not a vehicle. MotorGun isn't about that, and while yet Ravaged is an out-of-vehicle experience, it still contradicts your claim about Ravaged doing that mechanic better, logically and conceptually.

      Carmageddon - Psh. Arcade style racing game with dark humor - not a car combat game

      Post Apocalyptic Mayhem - Another arcade style racing game with a shallow show-boat approach to car combat.

    17. X-Ployt on

      @ Mech adding an out-of-car experience wouldn't be a feature, it would be adding a whole new mechanic to the game, and would drastically change the game dynamically, which would take the focus away from the car combat. Many questions would have to be answered to incorporate that mechanic, a mechanic I believe that would have to be conceptualized from the beginning to make it work.

    18. MechPilot on

      @Jesper you may feel like there's "no need" for an out-of-car experience, but rest assured this game wont make it as is until they add a feature Not common in the market. Like I said prior to this Games like (P.A.M) (carmageddon), (Ravaged). do what this game is trying to promise a whole lot better...certainly not going to generate a $600k doing whats been done to death.

    19. spacedyemeerkat on

      All I'd really like is Interstate 76 remade for today's computers. Yes, I know there's Interstate Outlaws but progress has been painfully slow over the years.

    20. Missing avatar

      Vanity on

      @Morgan King. I feel no need for "out of vehicle" expirences, id rather have gadget upgrades that can help me keep the critical parts rolling like tires and the engine parts. So if the tires are blown out you engage your equipped compressor to keep it rolling a little longer kinda like a "boost" button. If you have an oil leak you could have an upgrade backup system that close the loop and fill it up with the backup oil tank... same goes for a fuel leak situation.
      So instead of jumping out of the car and using a magic "wrench" tool id have you stay in the car and pull up a gadget menu almost like a mini-game and you start manually engaging or disengaging different systems of your car.

    21. X-Ployt on

      @Mark Harris Mike from Pixelbionic has addressed post-launch supoort for MotorGun at www.Twistedclans.com :

      "Then after the game ships we plan to do updates every week. We'll be adding new cars, new Battlegrounds, new parts, and all kinds of new features for months."

      Read more: http://www.twistedclans.com/topic/motorgun-qa-listcompilation-cq1#ixzz2a21ulwSe

    22. Morgan King on

      Out of car abilities that keep you tethered to the vehicle could be great though. Fast-paced tire repair, pushing over a car wrecked on its side, repairing damaged armor plating, switching to a turret on the roof, etc. Imagine having dropped caltrops blow out a tire, and rushing to repair the tire while your enemy turns around a quarter mile ahead to come back for you in your disabled car. Because the cars are heavy and have inertia (as opposed to Twisted Metal's stop-on-a-dime turning-in-place), you've got a few seconds to fix it, or try to escape on 3 wheels.

      A modern car combat game with real physics, when you disable a car's functionality instead of whittling down a health bar, where impacts dent the cars where they hit, where bullets can pierce and exposed radiator, a game where tons of steel smashing into tons of steel feel like something powerful. The dream of playing out the first 15 minutes of Mad Max has yet to be fulfilled. Driving cars that feel like cars is more rewarding to do amazing things with, and destroying cars that work like cars is that much more satisfying. If any team can do it, it's surely these guys!

    23. X-Ployt on

      @light On the whole topic of singleVSmulti .... I think anyone who says singleplayer is better than multiplayer as far as car combat goes is purely based on nostalgia, and/or a game with a poorly developed multiplayer on top of the singleplayer(putting more money on nostalgia as TM is the only noteworthy franchise to bring multiplayer online).

      Facts: The original car combat games didn't have ONLINE multiplayer, You had to share a screen with other players to do multiplayer as well.

      Because these games did not play online, I'm sure it was way easier to put more time in developing stories, gameplay, and ai for singleplayer, and devs probably took a casual approach to multiplayer, as online multiplayer is the "new thing" today, where players across the world can connect and play for fun or competitively, with or against each other, over the internet.

      I do understand certain games have better single player modes in comparison to their counterparts, and vice versa, but the two modes seem to accomplish different objectives; single player is story and unlocks, multiplayer is competition(it would be unfair for me to use 'competition' in conjunction with s.p. because of the human elements that mp offers, because I do understand there can be competition in sp as well)

    24. Missing avatar

      TrollAidz on

      Please for the love of Satan, do NOT allow out of car combat. Retarded idea.

    25. Typhi on

      Multiplayer > Singleplayer. Multiplayer has most of the times not much replayability, also I think that an open world would lend itself perfectly for an mmo-ish approach. Just don't dumb the game down, because you want to make it massive! ^^

    26. Kahuna Kevin on

      And Single Player > Multiplayer.

    27. Kahuna Kevin on

      Relaunch and make it an open world scavenging car combat RPG like Autoduel, including on-foot vs car attacks or walking home if your car is toast.

    28. Kevin Smith on

      I just want to agree with light487-Precinct 30 ( see two posts below ). I was happy with what you were doing for this project, but, ultimately, I was going to miss the full single-player experience with all it's atmosphere.

    29. Psyckosama on

      It's a shame to see this go down but I can't wait for the Relaunch.

    30. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Good to see you guys are listening and taking action.

      I think that making a multi-player game as the main thrust is what I didn't like as much. I was happy to back it and all.. but you're right, it's not really what I wanted. When I think back on such games as i76 and i82 and other games that followed it with automobile combat.. it is the single player campaigns that held the most attention and good memories for me.. having the multiplayer was something of a bonus to have fun with after the main campaign was completed.

      Even though the gameplayer was quite linear and controls were tricky at times (though not overly so), it was the story... the atmosphere... the music... and the mission-based single player gameplay that really kept this game at my top game of all time list..

      If you do reformulate, I hope you'll try to create what we all loved about the originals and then have multiplayer as that bonus thing we can play and enjoy the game after the main story. Allow for modding/mapping, to some degree, and the multiplayer community will make a lot of the content themselves anyway..

      There are already quite a number of recent indie multiplayer titles harkening back to the old days.. like Mechwarrior Online for example.. or Hawken.. I just felt that by having the multiplayer as the main thrust for MotorGun, it was diluting the core game....

      This is the first time I have spoken out about my feelings... but I agree with the decision you have made.

    31. mhargisjr on

      This is my first post on KickStarter (backer of about 6 KSers). I pledged because I76 was totally rocking. I loved Gregs write up and it was spot on. I hope that you guys pursue this again. I am currently developing a game with a small team and have just started to see how hard it is to get all the right pieces together. I won't pretend to understand what your going threw but don't let a few comments stop a great game from coming to market. I look forward to hearing back when Round 2 starts and maybe ill throw more money into the belly of this beast.
      On another note, I find that word of mouth for Kickstarter doesn't really start until the last few days of the project. I backed RSI's game Star Citizen and while they met their pledge amount after about 15-20 days they really ramped as the timer rolled down. Don't let a week of iffy pledges stop you from continuing. I had about 3-4 friends lined up that were going to pledge after the first (just waiting for pay day!) Thank you for your time!

      SM Farley of Space Monkeys Down

    32. Kurt K

      It wasn't that what you pitched wasn't what wanted, it was more a very unrealistic monetary goal. There is this tendency to think that if one campaign raises 100k, we can do 200, if another can get 200, then maybe go for 400. The higher the goal, the well developed and well presented the campaign needs to be. There wasn't enough ready to generate the excitement.

    33. MechPilot on

      I did see this coming, I am curious tho on thier next plan of attack. Because as is, its not going to be enough.

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Harris on

      You have lots of passionate people wanting this to happen.
      Revise your strategy, financial targets (they appeared to be too large to me), rethink, regroup, & relaunch.
      I will (& wanted to) pledge more next time.
      Listen to the passion in what your fans are saying. Build this thing and let us introduce it to others. It pains me to say it but introduce DLC if you must but make this happen.
      Do NOT let this dream, your dream & that of others die.
      Make thus happen, or "walk back to whatever you call a life".

    35. Pixelbionic Creator on

      Kahuna, the good news is that with an open pledge you'll get the next update when we have more info about the relaunch.

    36. Morgan King on

      Sorry to see it cancelled, but I'll definitely back it again. I hope for the future pitch that you can show and tell us the ways MotorGun is distinct from what came before - physics-based car combat with real weight behind it is what I've long dreamed of! Best of luck to everybody!

    37. Kahuna Kevin on

      Damnit give us a bit more leeway before canceling a project. Now it's stuck in my projects queue and can't be removed.

    38. Missing avatar

      Thijs on

      I've just again almost doubled my pledge.. I'm still hoping on some more details from the devs, b/c it seems that we won't make it..

    39. Jalister on

      I wonder if calling this game "Interstate 95" would have drawn more attention. I think everyone in the East coast must have some experience with it. It would have also been an increment of the numbers.

    40. Maik Bütefür on

      Shut up and take my money. However, remember what made Interstate 76 so great. Not the mechanics, not the graphics, not the driving physics, but the atmosphere, the music, the characters. And guess what, same goes in parts for Twisted Metal. Everybody loves the second one, and it sure wasn't the graphics either. I really hope this gets made, but please remember what made your inspirations great and what was missing in Twisted Metal (PS3). Bigger is not always better. :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Vanity on

      I just realised that most of the concept cars shown so far look like tanks which means they hardly have any windows. This would mean that the drive-by senario of aiming your side arm out the left or right window would be practically impossible. If there is one feature from Interstate 76 that I would hate to miss...that would be it.

    42. X-Ployt on

      I want to make a constructive criticism.

      Because the video is the first thing we look at, there are a few things the video doesn't make clear or upfront, and I believe because of this, people are quick to judge:

      Who is Pixelbionic?

      How far along is MotorGun?

      Why will MotorGun the next best car combat game?

      What platforms will MotorGun be accessible from?

      release date?

      What is the funding for specifically(besides making the game all-around better)?

      You get the point - The answers to those questions would sell the game way better in video. My gut tells me it is more about how the information has been presented The video is very vague, and most of it is about ideology, and doesn't specifically address the reasons why it is on kickstarter. It doesn't get the gears going upstairs.

      To be honest, most of the things detailed on the home page should've been in the video, and the content of the video should've been on the home page.

    43. DarkSeas Games on


      I don't think there's anything wrong with asking for a large contribution to have access to the Alpha version.

      It's very difficult to raise money on kickstarter, and if someone is dedicated enough to the concept that they'll gladly contribute $90, then you'll lose out on $70 from that person by giving away the alpha for $20.

      More importantly, it takes extra work to prepare an alpha version for the public. You have to make sure it functions well, even with parts missing. You have to provide support for a game that hasn't been thoroughly tested for bugs and compatibility.

      If this project doesn't get funded, I don't think the issue is that the tiers are too expensive.

    44. Jason DeSante on

      Just want to say I want this to be made but really don't think it will be funded and for a list of reasons. Don't think it will reach the goal let alone stretch goals, and having all that stuff planned makes it even less encouraging to me. I would want to get the Alpha but unfortunately $100 is just way too high, and also sends a bad message by putting it so high. So many tiers as well is ridiculous, no need for so many that are so similar as if you expected to blow through the "fast" tiers really quick.

      The biggest one for me though is how so many other games are doing it the opposite, selling the game at a lower price than launch and giving you instant access to the alpha. Kinda like that one game that made a lot of money, whatsitcalledcraft.
      If you changed the Kickstarter tiers to have Alpha access at the $20 level got rid of the "fast" tiers (like "fast scout" "scout", no more fasts! so it doesn't look greedy!) I seriously think this will have a chance of getting funded.

    45. Missing avatar

      Alexander Koch on

      Oh yes! I'm really looking forward to seeing this game being made. I must admit that I76 was also not my time but I loved playing I82 with my brother up and down. Awesome game! (I'm impressed to hear from the fans that I76 was even better.)
      MotorGun is a game that should definitely be made with these guys and the great ideas from the community. I can imagine that many people are just missing the fact that this project actually exists cause it's holiday time and sunny outside. I would have missed it too if I hadn't seen a video on my favorite german gaming site!
      It's a great genre (car assault game) and there is a big legacy to it but we need an awesome successor with all the best parts combined that made the previous games so fun! I'm confident that this team can do it!
      Rusty heavily armored muscle cars with mashine guns welded to it fighting in an post apocalyptic world for the remaining ressources. Do you hear the sounds of halfhearted repaired V8 engines and the rattling of a minigun...

    46. Missing avatar

      TrollAidz on

      Man this is just moving right along. Only $585,107 more to go!

    47. Jalister on

      A game like this should attract new gamers also, not just the gamers that were around for I76.

    48. Deth Nightslayer on

      Also, even thought I was following the forums. I completely missed the kickstarter start. I think the word needs to be spread more.

    49. Jalister on

      Maybe what is happening here is similar to the spiritual successor to Syndicate. Maybe the originals are just to old to pull in the traction that other successors have.

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