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Meet Tina & Suzanna - Teachers & Founders of Each1Teach1

Posted by Ayah & Kyla (Creator)

We always thought it would be awesome to get one of those “totally changed my life” teachers on board the INSIGHT game-changer crew… well, we just happened to find two.

Tina Khan and Suzanna Shebib founded Each1Teach1, a progressive approach to empower Black youth to break systemic barriers in Toronto high schools. Each1Teach1 works with inspiring and influential members of the Black and urban community (including Kardinal Offishal and Brandon Hay, Founder of the Black Daddies Club) to provide culturally responsive workshops. The program is designed to give students knowledge to empower themselves and to give them access to groups who will give them the action and activity needed to create change for themselves and their community.

As for the ladies themselves?

Tina has been teaching math and science for 15 years in the TDSB. She completed her Master of Education in Theory and Policy Studies at OISE in 2006. Despite her 2 degrees in education, her experience working with inner city youth at Central Tech really taught her about the educational issues of students living in urban environments. She is passionate about equity in education and loves the fact that she found her calling with Each1Teach1.

Suzanna was born in Toronto, growing up in the Roncies and Parkdale neighbourhoods. She went to many different schools, chasing an education for a gifted kid with learning disabilities. Suzanna got political in grade four, when, for show and tell, her best friend brought in the front page picture from the Toronto Sun of a Black man getting beat by police. Her friend stood in front of the class and said, "this is racism..." Suzanna later got into education because she had the learned realities of being a woman in environmental science, and didn't like a) the glass ceiling and b) the research she would produce that no government would look at.

One of Suzanna’s long-standing beliefs is that you can't beat the system unless you're in the system (J Rotten) – we couldn’t have summed up these two inspiring women better ourselves.

And, they have a thank you for you:

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