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An offbeat comedy that follows two best friends reunited as adults, holding on to each other as real life whirls around them.
129 backers pledged $11,025 to help bring this project to life.

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Episode 2: The Yoga Class on YOUTUBE right NOW!

Posted by Kathryn Feeney (Creator)

Greetings Backers!!

Great news!! Episode 2: The Yoga Class is now up on Youtube! LOOK! CLICK HERE --->>

Even if you've already watched it on Vimeo, please click to watch it on Youtube! (all day, every day) so we can get views and look supa popular!!! And if you want to give us extra lovin' and support SHARE it with your friends- make the link your facebook status, tweet it out, email it out, g-chat it out at the office (write it in the sky with a blimp, get cake boss to put the link on his newest cake creation, etc. etc.)

If you want to be Keepin' up with the Real Lifeashians, LIKE our page on Facebook at (  and FOLLOW us @AtRealLife on Twitter ( - and we'll follow you back. 

AND look we have a new cool "Real Life" WEBSITE to house our episodes- so now they have a home :)

Lots of love to you all. Thank you! And Namaste ! 

-Lindsay and Katie (The Real Life girls) 

Episode One of REAL LIFE is HERE!!!!

Posted by Kathryn Feeney (Creator)
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Hello Amazing Backers!!

Episode One of REAL LIFE premieres on YouTube TODAY!!! 

Many of you got the early release of the episode on Vimeo last week, but even if you've already watched it we'd LOVE you to please watch again on YouTube. In the world of Web Series, the number of views you have for each episode is super important!! So we'd really appreciate you all watching as much as you can - just click play and go to the bathroom if you want, we don't mind!

Here is the link:

Also, if you like the video (which hopefully you all do!) please share with everyone you know! We are so excited to get the word out there and have as many people as possible experience REAL LIFE :) With your ever-so-generous help we know we can do it.

Another way to share REAL LIFE with others as well as stay updated yourself is to follow us on Twitter and LIKE our Facebook page! You can follow us @AtRealLife on Twitter ( - and we'll follow you back!! And/or LIKE our page on Facebook at

Thank you SO MUCH for all the help you've given us. We appreciate it more than we can say! We're so excited to keep working and sending you more hilarious episodes!!

Love, Lindsay and Katie (the Real Life girls)

Episode 1 and Extras!

Posted by Kathryn Feeney (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

Check your messages/ emails! We just sent out Vimeo passwords for early access to EPISODE 1: The Landlord, as well as BLOOPERS/ALTERNATIVE TAKES and BEHIND THE SCENES for the backers with those rewards!  

If you didn't receive a message with these passwords but you pledged at these tiers it's because you clicked "no reward"! (If you're regretting that decision because you thought the reward would be a baseball cap with our faces on it or a lollipop or something but now that you see that it's just a password and you want to change your mind, we believe in second chances- so just let us know!)

Enjoy Episode 1 and the Extras! Thank you again for your amazing support! Episode 2 coming your way super soon !!! (and then 3, and 4, and on and on forrrreeevveeerrr (#TheSandlot). 


Lindsay and Katie (the Real Life girls) 

"REAL LIFE" is Almost Here!!

Posted by Kathryn Feeney (Creator)

Greetings backers! 

Katie and Lindsay here with a “Real Life” update! We are thrilled to announce that we’ve finished shooting the first three episodes of “Real Life” and we can’t wait to show you! In fact, we are SO eager to share, that we’re not even waiting for our editor to finish Episode Three! We want to deliver Episodes One and Two to you right away!!!

Episode One will be released on YouTube in a couple weeks, but those of you who pledged for the $25+ reward will receive a Vimeo password and a link to both Episodes One AND Two the week before the public release for your viewing pleasure. Two weeks after the big public release of Episode One, Episode Two will be released on YouTube. Episode Three will follow two weeks after that. At that time we expect to send out the blooper reel, behind the scenes video and posters/DVDs to all who pledged for those rewards!

We’ve started to work on Episode Four now - we will continue to release new episodes as they are finished, and will keep going until the internet shuts down or we get arrested. Now that we’re on a roll with our cast and crew, we will be churning these out like hot cakes! That’s a thing people churn right? We’re not homemakers.

Thank you all again for all your support, and enjoy “Real Life”!

Lindsay strikes a pose!
Lindsay strikes a pose!
Katie behind the camera!
Katie behind the camera!

Thank You!

Posted by Kathryn Feeney (Creator)

Hello Backers!!

We are so excited to start working on Real Life, and it's all thanks to you!!! 

We start filming this week! We will continue to update you via Kickstarter, but for more goodies and info "Like" our facebook page at or follow us on twitter @AtRealLife. 

We are so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you and so overwhelmed by your generosity and support! We wanted to give you a heads up on some slight adjustments to our project. During our campaign we got some great feedback on our project from people in the entertainment industry - in order to make our pilot a little more "web friendly" we've written it into distinct webisodes that can stand alone. What does this mean for you, our amazing backers? It means that you will receive all of your rewards as promised, but for those of you who chose video content including early access to the pilot, bloopers, behind the scenes etc., they will be coming in installments. Which actually means more good stuff for you! For example, instead of one blooper reel, you'll get two! Spread out over the course of a couple months :)

We are thrilled about our new format and we know you will be too. We cannot wait to get started on this project - we have such high hopes for it and know it is going places! Again, we could never have done it without YOU. You made this possible, and we are so excited to have all of you along for the ride!

Look out for more updates soon as filming commences! 


Lindsay and Katie