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Metal Figure Set for fantasy gaming and collecting 25mm
Metal Figure Set for fantasy gaming and collecting 25mm
Metal Figure Set for fantasy gaming and collecting 25mm
227 backers pledged €23,129 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Shawn 3 days ago

      i received mine and the condition is wonderful; they are beyond my expectation. I sincerely hope you consider doing future kickstarter campaigns for any other vintage miniatures for which you own the molds. I'd love to have the opportunity to support the resurrection of the entire Dragon Lords line if possible.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rantinan 3 days ago

      Fastest delivered kickstarter I've ever backed

    3. Andrew Walker 6 days ago

      Hi there, I am also in Germany and have not received my minis. Would appreciate an update, thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephen Sykes on

      Hi there, this is my second message. I still haven't received my minis and i live in Germany. Can someone give me an update please, as backers elsewhere seem to have received them.

    5. Stefano Grazzini Creator on

      Hi to all backers
      Since many people ask me about the wings of gargoyle, which are separate to the body, I suggest to everyone to glue them with a superglue ( cyanoacrylate glue) or other glue for metal like a two components glue.

    6. Ben Ball on

      The gargoyle's wings weren't attached originally either.

      (You have to use something like blue stuff to attach them - superglue isn't strong enough.)

    7. Connor Petersen on

      My miniatures showed up today in the US (Oregon)! All look great, they are all here! Thanks so much. I do have a question on the 5002 series integration - a Gargoyle, Naga, Mummy and Ghoul, the Gargoyle's wings aren't attached, I don't know if that's intended to fit in the blister pack or not. Private message sent :) Wonderful, thanks again!

    8. Missing avatar

      Stephen Sykes on

      Hi there, I recieved my shipping invoice over 2 weeks ago, but still havent recieved the package. The address is correct and you have my telephone number. Likewise everything has been paid. Could you provide an update on the estimated time of arrival. I live in germany. Thanks, Stephen

    9. Ben Ball on

      Received my shipping invoice and paid it. Thank you!

    10. Rev Scott

      I received my miniatures today in the United States (North Carolina).
      They are all present and accounted for... Thank you Stefano!!! Couldn't be happier.…

    11. Ben Ball on

      I still haven't received a shipping invoice - backer 244.

    12. Ray "AcroRay" Miller on

      I received my invoice. However, it does not include my website order. So I have sent you a message. Thank you!

    13. Stefano Grazzini Creator on

      Dear Friend
      Help us to make able to send you the pledges. We need absolutely of your telephone number for the courier. Who have to still send us it, please do it urgently.

    14. Rev Scott

      I have received the invoice for the shipping costs. Looks like it will be shipping soon....

    15. Missing avatar

      Cassandra McGillivray on

      Please disregard my last comment. I was able to determine that I did send you my new address.

    16. Missing avatar

      Cassandra McGillivray on

      I need to change my shipping address as I move next week and Canada Post does not forward packages.

    17. Ray "AcroRay" Miller on

      Any updates on the status of the project, good sirs? I expect things are going well. :-)

    18. Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria on

      @Brandon Kozenko,
      I got the same charge. At least in my case, it was from Mastercard. It's a currency conversion charge, because I am in the US, and the payment had to be converted to euros.

    19. Brandon K. on

      Did any one else get $9.99 Foreign transaction fee right after the kickstarter charge?

    20. Jim Wampler on

      Yeah, that's not the right way to do it. All of that information is already contained in kickstarter.

    21. Sean Lambert (sum1els)

      @Luis: They should have sent you a message in Kickstarter. Reply to that with:
      1) First name
      2) Last name
      3) backer number
      4) email address
      5) shipping address
      6) list of things you want from this Kickstarter
      7) list of other things you want from their website

      They will figure out how much it costs to purchase and ship all of that to you, subtract your pledge, and bill you for the difference on PayPal.

    22. Missing avatar

      Luis on

      I am completely unclear on how I'm supposed to get the miniatures I want. Your email was cryptic at best and I've usually been able to just select my stuff with Backerkit or Pledgemanager. How do I just get a Demogorgon and Mindlord mini?

    23. Vincent DiCello


    24. Vincent DiCello

      Congratulations on a successful Kickstarter, and best wishes on re-releasing many more of the Wonder Grenadier miniatures in the future!

    25. Missing avatar

      William Lee

      Congrats on funding! Quick question, I forgot to upgrade my pledge for the all in package, I just wanted to make sure I would have a chance to change it in the pledge manager later. Can someone confirm? Thanks.

    26. Belisarius

      How much for the Gargoyle to Australia?

    27. Stefano Grazzini Creator on

      For shipping a miniature like the Demogorgon shipping costs are 10.50 euros for the United States, Canada and Europe. There is a table in the kickstarter, where you can see approximately the shipping costs based on the weight of each pladge, to which the weight of the box will eventually be added at the end.

    28. Ray "AcroRay" Miller on

      May I ask what the estimated cost for shipping 1 blister only - perhaps Demogorgon - to the USA?

    29. Stefano Grazzini Creator on

      Hi Nick
      When the campaign is over, we will send a message to each pladgers who can tell us what he has requested and will eventually be able to add other things from our catalog. Then we will send them the total bill with shipping costs.

    30. Nick Beebe on

      Will there be an add on thing at the end? I really want 2 different pledges

    31. Missing avatar

      Cassandra McGillivray on

      Yes! I love that there is a tier with all of the figures!

    32. Missing avatar

      Antonio Ionata on

      @Stefano Ciao, vorrei fare il pledge da 270€ tuttavia vorrei sapere se la somma verrà addebitata per intero a fine campagna oppure ci sarà un pledge-manager quindi la possibilità di suddividere il pagamento. Grazie

    33. Andrew Wild

      I don't have the budget for the super big pack. So this means I can't pledge for the Dragon Wizard? Phooey.

    34. Kurtis Primm

      All in for the super big pack

    35. Missing avatar

      Samuele Guerra on

      If I add more pledge to have more miniatures, how/when can I tell you which ones I want to buy ? Thanks

    36. Sean Lambert (sum1els)

      Just a note that both of the 5000 series box images read "5001" in the upper right.

    37. Belisarius

      Great project. I've posted on a FB miniatures group. Maybe do an update for how backers can spread the word. I know a lot of OSR gamers would love to get these but probably are not aware of this KS.

    38. Missing avatar

      gelineau on

      bravo pour cette premiere partie . vivement la suite .

    39. jim cockburn

      Excellent news

    40. Cross Lances Collaborator on

      from all the mirliton catalog.

      Within dragon lords, and in particular of these series there are no sculptures of this sculptor.
      So these series are complete.

    41. Missing avatar

      Shawn on

      @Cross Lances So were any miniatures removed from this kickstarter or were any removed from Dragon Lords line?

    42. jim cockburn

      Reading through the thread and everything said by the rights owners, I think it's pretty clear that this project is all above board

    43. Cross Lances Collaborator on

      I have to correct it because the question of sandra sculptures rights Sandra Garrity has already been solved, unfortunately, as far as I could tell, the problems were different for both parties because the main error was committed by Grenadier Uk who sold the silicone molds of the sculptures to mirliton, when in reality these had already been regained by the sculptor.
      As confirmed in this discussion:

      all the miniatures of the sculptor have been withdrawn and there are no miniatures of Sandra Garrity in these sets.

    44. Missing avatar

      Damond Crump on

      Here is a shortened link to that Sandra Garrity post

    45. Missing avatar

      Damond Crump on

      I always do some investigating on the Kickstarters that I do and I ran across Sandra Garrity (a Reaper Miniatures sculptor) post on (in her words) "Mirliton/Stefano Grazzini's continued illegal production and sale of my figures."…

    46. Missing avatar

      Cassandra McGillivray on

      Damond what are you referring to?

    47. Missing avatar

      Damond Crump on

      Stefano, can you please clarify. Are these Grenadier models part of the IP claims made against you by some US copyright holders?

    48. Connor Petersen on

      Goodness, sorry for the spam. Apparently KS and Google Drive don't like URL shorteners!…

    49. Connor Petersen on

      Hey everyone, I made this little spreadsheet to help you figure out how much to adjust your pledge for add-ons, it's mostly US-centric, but hopefully it helps folks:

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