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Reaper Miniatures Bones II is a project to continue the expansion of Reaper's Bones line of high-quality plastic gaming miniatures.
Reaper Miniatures Bones II was a project to continue the expansion of Reaper's Bones line of high-quality plastic gaming miniatures.
Reaper Miniatures Bones II was a project to continue the expansion of Reaper's Bones line of high-quality plastic gaming miniatures.
14,964 backers pledged $3,169,610 to help bring this project to life.

Important Notice For International Backers



First we’d like to thank you for your support. The speed at which this Bones 2 Kickstarter funded has both humbled us and set into motion a general panic to catch up.

Concerning International Shipping- VERY SOON™ we’ll have our Pledge Calculator online. It will allow you to choose your options and build your pledge. It will also include a shipping rate calculator.

This shipping calculator will use the rates posted on the US Postal Service website to determine the amount you’ll need to include in your pledge to cover your shipping.

Until our Pledge Calculator goes live we’ve included some information below that will help you get a rough estimate on what your shipping charges could be.

Estimated Weights:
Core Set – 4lbs (1.8kg)
Regular Figure .25oz (.01kg)
Small Dragon – 1.25oz (.04kg)
Large Figure - .35oz (.01kg)
Small Giant – 1oz (.03kg)
Very Large Dragon - 2lbs 8oz (1.2kg)
Medium Dragon - 3.5oz (.1kg)
Figure Case – 2lbs (.9kg)
Paint Set of 12 Bottles –12oz (.35kg)

Shipping Example 1: (4lbs)
Using the weights above, a Core Set alone, $100.00 declared value shipped First Class International to these countries would cost:
Poland $38.95

Australia $38.95

UK $38.95 

Germany $38.95 

Canada $27.35

Shipping Example 2: (6lbs 10oz)
Using the weights above, one each of everything above excluding a figure case or paints, $150.00 declared value shipped Priority International to these countries would cost:
Poland $66.90

Australia $65.25
UK $ 63.30
Germany $ 52.30

Canada $ 42.35

Shipping Example 3: (9lbs 2oz)
Using the weights above, one each of everything above, $198.00 declared value shipped Priority International to these countries would cost:
Poland $79.05

Australia $78.30
UK $72.15
Germany $60.55

Canada $49.40

The Pledge Calculator is expected to be up in a few days. We’re doing everything in our power to get it done as fast as possible, but we have just the one developer and he’s working as fast as he can. Until we get our actual Pledge Calculator online, please use the estimates above as a rough guide to determine your shipping costs.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Please do not cancel your pledge until after you’ve used our actual Pledge Calculator to determine your actual shipping costs. We are NOT ABLE to put you back into a particular pledge level. If you drop early and someone else takes your spot, we won’t be able to help you. Thank you so much and we hope this helps. We appreciate your patience.


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    1. Royal Blacksmith on

      Dominic - I do shipping across the US and Canada. It costs me 1/3rd the cost to ship from my US address to anywhere in the contiguous US than it does to Canada. And you'd be surprised at how much I can ship at those rates.

    2. Missing avatar

      Vel on

      @Dominic-Panics Aubin - UPS Shipping may appear cheaper, but their Standard rate doesn't include their hefty customs/brokerage fee they will slap on all packages which starts at $29 for a $100 package -

      That makes USPS look far better as I recall it's Canada Post that charges a customs fee of around $10 regardless of value.

    3. Dominic-Panics Aubin on

      I've checked with UPS... and its cheaper to Canada than USPS...

      UPS Standard
      29.95 $ CAD *
      Weight : 8.0 lbs
      10 x 10 x 10 box

      So maybe they should check with another transport than the Postal Service... and maybe Fed-ex would be even cheaper... So again, I really don't understand why Canada is not free shipping! I doubt that sending to USA customer is less than 20$ shipping, unless you live in Lake Dallas, Texas!

    4. Luke on

      @James Something like that would be great and I think would work well for both parties

    5. Missing avatar

      Roberto Salles on

      *gladly accept more minis when KS is finished, on the Bones Pledge Manager

    6. Missing avatar

      Roberto Salles on

      @James That's precisely what I wanted. If combining multiple per-unit prices costs less shipping, I would gladly accept more minis, but that's up to Reaper.

    7. Kosongz on

      Good one.

    8. Missing avatar

      James McAthey on

      Flat estimates would be the way to go, I think, on a per-unit basis to satisfy folks. IE: "US: Free (because whatever)", "CDN: 25$ for core, +2$/extra option", "UK: $40 for core, +4$/extra option", kind of thing, with a "and customs is your own problem" note at the end. It is much easier to understand than weights and guesstimating mini weights from concept arts on our parts, you'll win some if people order little extra options, lose some if they do big extra options, work out in the end, be easier for people to understand while still more or less covering your costs (people like round numbers, too.)

    9. Claus Olesen

      Thumbs up man!

    10. Egamruf on

      @Michael Dalcin Jr

      Yeah - isn't muppet a cool word? I think it's much more polite and 'well-meaning' than things people use generally nowadays. I'm super-glad you took interest in it; that's why it was used.

      So to begin:
      1. It is a matter of geographical location (you muppet), only some of the countries are complaining about taxes, others are complaining about shipping.
      2. I do buy EU goods - when the $AUD was getting 1.27 EUR to the AUD, I bought a lot of European goods. I flew to Italy. I splurged on ties and (mens) jewellery like hand-made silver cufflinks and 24k watches - I also claimed my tax back on the way out of the EU.
      3. I want Reaper to treat people equally because equality is something which should be aimed for by all right-thinking people. Life isn't unfair; life just is. I pity you a little bit for having formed the opinion that you are somehow entitled to fairness, and have already determined that it is not provided to you. You should have some candy. Candy is tasty - it might make you happy.
      4. I didn't vote for anyone in the EU. I'm Australian, but yes - I get health care and stuff - I also have health and income insurance, so our (cheaper than yours and a hell of a lot better run) free healthcare isn't that useful to me. We also have a lot fewer shootings (nothing to do with our gun laws, of course), less crime (nothing to do with providing basic welfare to all, of course) and a more stable economy (per capita - nothing to do with the USA operating on almost-Randian, quasi-feudal economics of course).
      5. Your maths is faulty. $100 bucks isn't the minimum for a core set. The minimum for a core set (to me) seems to be $140. That won't kill my budget and I don't need a second job - but everyone wants a pay rise - amirite?

      I'm still a backer for now; I just don't think the way Reaper is doing it is ideal - for me (and it appears, many others, who have left). Reaper will do as they do. Haters will hate.I'll either stay, or leave... who knows, right? I'll wait and see what I'm getting for my money first - just like everyone else. What befuddles me is why you even care - you seem to be in the US, so you're getting it for free anyway. What difference does it make to you if we from the ROW want to ask Reaper for a better deal than the 'unfair deal' you seem to concede we're receiving?

    11. C on

      @Graham: From the Cthulhu Wars homepage: "We are charging only $45 shipping and taking a $15 hit on every game we sell, not adding for shipping materials." I only have Fairytale Games and Reaper as data points, but I've noticed that second KS from a company are less willing to take a loss. I'm pretty sure Mantic is hiding the cost of shipping in its add-ons ($2 a miniature). CMON sold Toxic Mall at MSRP, so I think shipping is hidden there.

    12. Missing avatar

      Graham Robinson

      I'll wait for the pledge calculator, but at these rates I'll likely drop out. The cost of postage, vat, clearance fees, and import duty will make these too expensive to justify. Seems a shame, especially given smaller companies (e.g. Cthulhu Wars) can manage cheaper shipping from within the EU, but an established setup like Reaper apparently can't.

    13. C on

      @Dominic and Luke: On the Reaper online store site, you're paying full retail (or less if there's a sale!). Reaper's willing to pay "free shipping" because you're paying them more money for the miniature by paying retail. Sometimes this IS the better purchase, especially if you aren't interested in most of the Core miniatures, or the store has something that's not in the KS, such as the upcoming Bones Learn to Paint Kits. Also, Reaper has a December "12 Days of Reaper" promotion that's through the store. "Fair" and "wrong" are moral terms, not business ones. If you disagree with a business' practices, or the price is just plain more than you'd pay, don't buy their stuff.

    14. Douglas Perrins on

      One of the things that some people fail to notice: The shipping budget for Reaper doesn't change between US and international orders, how the money is spent changes .
      For US orders , the order is packaged, labeled and shipped. Total cost: $10 (YMMV).
      For international orders, the order is packaged, labeled, international customs paperwork is filled out and attached. Total cost : $10. While no one likes it, Reaper has additional labor charges for every international order before the package leaves the factory.
      Cost of Shipping the package overseas and paying duties, tariffs, fees, etc is the responsibility of the recipient.

    15. Dominic-Panics Aubin on

      @michael dalcin jr - huh? US postal service is cheap... but wait... in Canada too! And since it goes out with USPS... after that it goes through Canada Post...oh and wait again, its pays with my canadian taxes! So your argument is not valid, sorry. Canada and Mexico should be free as we are part of NAFTA! Vote for free shipping in Canada! :P

    16. Nick Dodds on

      @ michael dalcin jr: good to see your tax dollars at work, when is the US government going to get back to work instead of being in shutdown? LOL

      your advice to other backers 'to get another job' is i'm sure meant to be helpful, but could you please restrict yourself to posting useful suggestions

    17. Missing avatar

      michael dalcin jr on

      its fair for u.s. orders to get free shipping because we fund the postal service with our taxes. Also its very inexpensive to ship in the us anyway. almost every single kickstarter in the u.s. offers free shipping. life is not fair so deal with it.

    18. Jonathan Eskritt on

      Since Reaper is having its own shipping calculator, I hoping they subsidize the shipping for international backers. It wouldn't be fair for them to give free shipping to US backers, and make us international backer pay full shipping. they should at least take off the average US shipping cost since they were prepared to pay it if we happened to pledge from the US. That would make international shipping more palatable

    19. Dominic-Panics Aubin on

      ok I don't understand this part!!

      Why should I Pay shipping costs? I live in Canada. Last Kickstarter US and Canada was free shipping! Now I must pay? Hey its CANADA not some far away country that as a gigantic water span!

      And also, Since the KS is 100$ minimum why do I would have to pay shipping fee when on if I have 35$+ shipping is FREE to US and CANADA!!! I really don'T understand!! Please correct! Because this is WRONG!

    20. Luke on

      Also just curious why orders to Canada via the reaper website can get free shipping at $35+ but the kickstarter pledge can't?

    21. Missing avatar

      Roberto Salles on

      Explaining in another way, if an Australian has $150 budget, pledges $100 + $35 shipping for the core set just to discover later that he has to pay $100 + $65 shipping because achievements doubled the weight, it will make him dropout. That wasn't what he planned to spend. Remove this uncertainty and internationals will do their part.

    22. Missing avatar

      michael dalcin jr on

      @Egamruf wow you called me a muppet, how quaint. its not a matter of geographical location, its a matter of the country you live in wanting so bad to make you buy european union goods that anything else is taxed to death. You want reaper to treat you special because life is unfair. well reaper dosent owe you anything because you voted for the people that support the policies of these taxes so you get get all your goverment programs like heath care and stuff. but hey if 100 bucks will kill your budget maybe instead of buying hobby items get a second job.

    23. Brum on

      This is my assumption when it comes to the freight calculator, but I can't see it any other way. Reaper is designing the freight calculator to help you determine freight. Once you plug in the particulars it tells you how much Reaper is expecting you to contribute towards freight. Reaper may find they get a discount or rates may go down and that could very well lead to a discount on shipping or some kind of voucher for their website. There are a LOT of things to consider and a lot of possible outcomes.

      I'd recommend that people use the usps website to get an idea of what shipping will be, but wait until the Reaper calculator comes out.

    24. Missing avatar

      Roberto Salles on

      @Thomas I see where you are going and I agree, in part.

      See these 3 quotes for Australia, 4lbs, 8lbs and 12lbs respectively, for an Australian pledging 1, 2 and 3 core sets, respectively.

      If they said "Oceania please pledge $100 + $35 shipping per core set!", $70 and $105 pays sending 2 or 3 core sets together. If package grows too much and exceed those limitations, they could still send them separately.

      Why I insist on this? Because it allows me (and Reaper, I suppose) to plan ahead. When KS is done, if they are the nice guys I suppose they are, they might say "we can actually save $value combining your shipping! Feel free to opt for that AND choose more add-ons with $value!"

      The cost of posting things is not linear when weight and size of package change together. That's why Reapers decision implies a calculator. On the other hand, if you stick to a max weight and max size for the predefined sets, it's possible to make a table of costs and be done with that. A calculator is necessary for after the KS but right now I think a table would be much more helpful, as most people will probably get the predefined sets anyway.

    25. Missing avatar

      Weini on

      Id prefer a capped shipping cost (40$) for one of each sets and maybe something extra for additional stuff. Reaper has no influence when it comes to taxes but they could take a bit of a burden when it comes to shipping. (like with the US backers- I know it lower but its still not free) Because I really doubt that ROW shipping broke Reaper in the last KS, sure 10% of the shipping costs fell to Reaper but they also gained respect, fans and surely more future customers! But it is what it is, so lets wait and see how much itll be. Pledged $260 in the first KS and I am at $1 at the moment for this one.

    26. Alan

      @James -- Oh, well, in that case, just do the $1 pledge. Apparently (and this is all hearsay at the moment) the pledge manager that will be available AFTER Kickstarter will allow people to pick sets from the CORE set (but not any of the Expansions). No idea on what anything will cost of course. No doubt the sum will be much greater than $100. That might be the best way for people to get only what they want, to save on weight. Still gonna cost a chunk to ship and import, but that's far beyond Reaper's control. They don't set the USPS rates.

    27. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hanks on

      @Roberto: If shipping for my core set goes up from $39 to $100 dollars that means my core set has gone from 4 lb to 12+ lb. The downside of shipping increasing by $60 is peanuts compared to the upside of the huge increase in amount of minis. Fearing shipping on core sets going to $100 is silly, it shows backers have hit the jackpot.

    28. James Shields on

      @Alan, I'm not suggesting people should be able to pick single minis, but groups of related ones in bundles of 6-10. This was available in the last Kickstarter. I know they want to streamline the packing process, but I'm sure there are lots of things people would like extras of.

    29. James Shields on

      @Rob, yes every country has different import rules. However one a shipment arrives in any EU country, it can be sent on to any other EU country without import t restrictions or duties. By bulk shipping EU orders, Reaper can get a better rate than individual customers, and they can cherry pick the country with the lowest duty for that class of goods to shop from.

    30. Rob the Toad on

      For ROW reference
      20 pounds is ~ 9kg

      Priority Mail International® Large Flat Rate Box
      6-10 business days

      USPS-Produced Box: 23-11/16" x 11-3/4" x 3" or 12" x 12" x 5-1/2"
      Maximum weight 20 pounds.

      $77.95 to AU, UK, Germany
      $53.95 to Canada

      Priority Mail International® Medium Flat Rate Box

      USPS-Produced Box: 13-5/8" x 11-7/8" x 3-3/8" or 11" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2"
      Maximum weight 20 pounds.

      $59.95 to AU, UK, Germany
      $40.95 to Canada

      From Dwarven Forge, shipping charges scales with the no of sets. $70 shipping for 2 sets which coincide with $77.95 less $7.95 from the US shipping cost bundled with the pledge

      I have no doubt Reaper is thinking of the same thing. If we hit $6m. can they box fit under 9kg
      if we hit $7M can I do the same? what is the limit? from there think of stretch goals that dont add to shipping cost. pdf downloads, free rpg software etc & yet attractive to backers. Maybe a 1 year membership for reaper online purchase that enjoys 10% off.

    31. Missing avatar

      Roberto Salles on

      @Thomas I can't follow your thinking, sorry.

      @C What Rob suggests is the easiest solution, considering Priority shipping. There are cheaper options.

      If Reaper's solution is based on weight, I'll hold my $100 until the end because there's no way to plan ahead if the set keeps increasing (which is precisely the fun of KS). I apologize not helping to achieve goals, but I suppose it's better than backpedaling.

    32. C on

      @Goodiel: Are you sure a EU fulfillment house would allow backers to not pay customs fees? I was curious :D so found some random international fulfillment blurbs and they all mention customs being paid. eg.

      I think I already mentioned it, but open that second KS account and pledge $1! Definitely do so if you're in NZ :

    33. C on

      @Rob: Gotcha. So this may end up being a non-issue, since the average ROW may fall underneath the flat rate. I'm guessing Reaper had some ROW's who took advantage of the $25 international shipping and bought multiple Vampires and add-ons.

      @Egamruf: So some backers *don't* want the core set to become larger? That's the whole gimmick of this KS! You *can* purchase individual "groups" from within the Core, and the Expansion will not be stretched further. Or you can buy mini's retail.

    34. Egamruf on

      @Michael Dalcin Jr

      It's a question of geographical situation, you muppet, I suppose in the most existential sense of the Hobbesian social contract, sure it's the "governments" [sic] fault. I mean, they can hardly govern a non-existent country. Some of it, though, is Reaper's fault (although 'fault' suggests unhelpful connotations; it would be better to say 'within Reaper's power to vary'). For example, Reaper *could* choose to say "international backers will be able to alternate core models, so they aren't hit by shipping costs for things they don't want.

      It may not be correct to say it's Reaper's 'fault', per se, but they have the power to improve the situation in a number of ways.

    35. Missing avatar

      michael dalcin jr on

      the shipping is what it is, it wont change. throwing out ideas that 500 other people already said is a waste of time. so either stay and be grateful that you get minis half a year before the line launches in stores and help a great company at a decent price or drop and give me an early bird. the crying has to end at some point move on. its not reapers fault that your countries are trying to stop you from buying good from another country its your goverments fault.

    36. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hanks on

      @Robert Salles: I would be ecstatic if shipping hit $100. That means I'm getting 200% extra figures for 45% extra money. It's not going to go that high, but $200 for 400 figures? Yes please. We're getting a good deal here, the higher the shipping goes the better the deal. I couldn't care less if US customers are getting an even better deal.

    37. Rob the Toad on

      @C iirc. There's a flat rate if it's under certain weight from. Usps that cost 70ish anywhere to ROW or just use a shipping cost per core, that limits their exposure

      @ James. each country import regulation is different. there's no way to do so unless there's a business case

    38. Egamruf on

      @Alan - except the current ROW backers don't *want* the set to expand; it just adds more potentially unwanted minis (and I suspect, you're more likely to get something you don't want than something you do - just based on the likelihood that most people prefer sci-fi, western or fantasy, and the minis are generally geared towards one (not all) of those settings).

      ROW backers are in the position that if the core set expands, they get more things they don't want which actually costs them more - ROW effectively have to increase their backer level every time the set expands.

      It's easy for a US backer to sit and say "just hope the US citizens expand their purchases so that they all get more free stuff", but I'm not entirely convinced its an appropriate ROW statement.

    39. Alan

      @James -- Allowing people to pick and choose exactly what they want is what Reaper's EXISTING online store is for. That's what this Kickstarter is for, getting all those loverly new models INTO THE STORE. But you are going to have to wait at least a year before they are ready. But they will be there. My suggestion would be to get every friend you've got in the US to jump onto this Kickstarter and hopefully with more pledges, there will be more models for you to choose from. For EVERYONE to choose from.

    40. James Shields on

      I wonder did they take import duties into account?

      I think if better shipping options aren't available, allowing people to pick just what they want, cutting down the weight, and possibly keeping the order value under the threshold that customs take an interest in.

      Personally, I'll get mine sent to a friend in the US.

    41. Goodiel on

      "@James: Yeah, they have. Or at least they said an order fulfillment house would be just as expensive as actual shipping."

      C: Europeans would be happy with those prices but without having to pay customs.

    42. C on

      @James: Yeah, they have. Or at least they said an order fulfillment house would be just as expensive as actual shipping.

      @Kamos: Agreed. Pledge manager which includes shipping is being worked on.

      @Greatlich: Fewer minis, larger ones.

      @Rob: The analysis doesn't figure in the risk of the unknowns of another KS. Frex, Reaper doesn't know how much shipping will cost for ROW, especially if and when shipping rates go up *again*.

      @Zhiyuan: That's the problem of a "bulk purchase". Not everyone's going to like all the minis. Several internationals on Dakka Dakka said they'll just wait until the figures hit retail. Bad for backers, just fine for Reaper.

      *Waits for pledge manager*

    43. James Shields on

      Dear Reaper,

      Have you considered bulk shipping European order to a reshipper in Europe? The shopping fees to Europe aren't so much of a problem as the likely customs and import duties and fees. This would make a massive difference to European purchasers, and shouldn't be too hard to organise. Without an option like this, you will lose many of your orders from Europe.

    44. Luke on

      Any chance you can set some flat rates for shipping instead?

    45. Kamos | Exile in Torment on

      We should all just set an alarm for 19 days from now and decide then.

    46. Styxx42 on

      @ Dave Rigley
      Good points. Thanks
      I guess in the end of the day I will have to see what the total cost of ownership is and what the figure selection is like before I pull the trigger on this one.

      Last KS was a no brainer. Pledge this. Pay it.

    47. huntersblades on

      still unsure. i have a wave one early bird and i am from the UK but i could end up leaving if shipping is too much.

      sad really.

    48. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      I also keep my pledge at $100 core set level...I will wait and see how things go before pledging for more...that should be the best strategy...I guess the core set will contain less minis in the end comparing to the previous one...

    49. Rob the Toad on

      First off I respect whatever business decision Reaper makes of ROW shipping cost. Once that's settled, We as consumer will make our own decision on supporting this KS. I am not begging for anything. If shipping is capped, I may pledge more. If it's not, I will manage my pledge accordingly. They are a business & not a charity.

      Now, there is some opinion that during the last KS, Reaper just broke even or ROW shipping almost killed them from the update #30 I think far from it, they ran a successful KS. Here how I think the numbers should be look at. It's an assumption on my part with limited info released.

      Shipping 433K, 70% cost is for ROW Shipping for 5000 backers. That is 303K. And they collected 125K from these backers. Ie they lost 178K from shipping ROW. But like any other project, you need to look at the whole project.

      $2M was spent on production and tools. No breakdown. I assume 800K was from acquisition of equipment+molds. Assuming that these equipment are assets with an useful life of 5 years (10 years is common for production equipment) , thus they depreciate 160K annually. In the fiscal year that the KS was conducted, tools cost 160K (assuming they depreciate full fiscal 12 months, less if they don't) not of $800K.

      Assuming everything else in their breakdown are expensed off & revenue is booked in the same FY, then 800-160 = 640K profit on this project in that fiscal year even with subsidizing 178K in ROW shipping.

      The best part is they raised capital without borrowing from banks or issuing shares. They just pay KS and amazon fees. If this assumption is correct, they didn't almost lose a shirt, they had a good enough KS.

      If mold cost 10K each, then they also depreciate in this bones 2 KS too. If they spent 1M on molds after this, actual cost this FY is 200K (depreciate over 5 years though I think it might be 10). The rest of whatever they raised is expense off, it's 800K profit before less subsidy to ROW.

      This is an educated guess & in no way represents Reaper position nor am I here to insinuate anything. I just can't stand someone saying ROW shipping is bleeding reaper in the last KS.

    50. Missing avatar

      Lino Urbano on

      Last kickstarter I ended up paying 37EUR ($50US) in custom fees... If my "estimate" using that precursor tool turns into an additional real $60 I would be paying more than double my pledge, I hope your project does well but I will have to bail out since I will not be willing to pay near $200 for a $100 dollar pledge. I'll wait for the calculator to be up but I'm getting a sinking feeling if the european shipping stays at this absurd level, considering the even more absurd custom fees I won't be able to afford it.