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Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
Reaper's Bones KickStarter was a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now! .
17,744 backers pledged $3,429,235 to help bring this project to life.

Status Report

Posted by Reaper Miniatures (Creator)
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Quick status update for everyone.

We're still working on getting everything out the door. We had to shift some space around to get the retailer packages filled (undertaker boxes take up a lot of volume), but we're still chipping away at our international pledges. We have the last of the Canadian freight shipments heading out the door this week to the Canada Post.

You may wonder why your friend down the street received his package but you didn't receive yours yet.  We're not doing these in order of country, rather we're going roughly from largest orders to smallest.  So there's that.

As of today, we have 23045 line items left to ship (from 198303 total) across 1762 pledges, including the retail customers. Obviously splitting our focus across the retail and consumer orders has slowed us down a bit, but unfortunately those figures don't package themselves and we have a factory to run.

The short story is that we're doing Kickstarter every day until we're finished. If you're still waiting, we haven't forgotten you, and when we arrive at your order, we'll send you an email confirmation.

Thanks for your support.

P.S. I just walked down to shipping and here's a portion of what's going out today. That's Ron up on his tippy-toes to give you a sense of scale, by the way.

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    1. ookage on


      Mail of dispatch of my load to Japan arrived at last.
      I can feel easy at last.

      by ookage

    2. Stacey Tails on

      If you're a PO Box address, you wont get a shipping notice. The stuff will just "arrive". And it takes slightly longer than non PO Box Addresses due to some kind of special handling they need.

    3. Missing avatar


      And just received my shipping confirmation to New Zealand :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Azurephoenix on

      Sooooo... it's August 22nd here and I'm from Canada and I still haven't heard a peep from Reaper here about my shipment. All my friends from Alberta seem to at least have gotten shipping notifications and I'm a starting to get a little concerned. I don't know if there's some more appropriate place to ask this question so I apologize if this shouldn't really be posted here. Thanks.

    5. Stacey Tails on

      Kermit according to Bryan they should be finished by end of week, then they can start fixing problems :)

    6. Kermit on

      So, I haven't checked in a while, but I was wondering how shipping is going. The only reason I ask is that I received one figure in my vampire package that was missing an arm. I know Reaper is busy shipping Kickstarter stuff and I didn't want to bother them until they finished (I have more than enough to paint now). Do you think we can expect one final update that basically says "Whew! We're finished shipping!"

    7. Ian Houlihan on

      I hope mine then is not too far behind. I'm in Brisbane (well the far north side of it anyway). This has gone on far too long now.

    8. spoQn on

      Just received my shipping conformation email this morning for Qld, Australia.

    9. Matthew James Stanham on

      ... and my confirmation just dropped into my inbox! Hope Ookage is similarly taken care of!

    10. Matthew James Stanham on

      Ed Hackett: Congratulations! That is good news. I was wondering how many backers there are based in Japan, I guess this makes three! Just a pity they will not be here in time for this month's AD&D game at the Yellow Submarine.

    11. Ed Hackett on

      @Matthew James Stanham and Ookage (also, anyone else in Japan): Just got my notification of shipment. The wait should almost be over for those of us in Japan.

    12. Thimotheion on

      It seems they are shipping Spain now. Yey!

    13. Jairo González Arroyo on

      20/08/2013 21:54:50

      "Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!

      You're getting:
      Kickstarter Sophie x1
      Hydra x1
      Kaladrax Reborn x1
      Deathsleet x1
      There Be Dragons x1
      Swamp Things x1
      Dark Heroes x1
      Mummies x1
      Deep Dwellers x2
      Red Dragon x1
      Clockwork Dragon x1
      Orcapocalypse x1
      Undead Horde x1
      Dungeon Attack x1
      vampire x1

      Your shipment was postmarked on 08-21-2013 and is being shipped USPS.

      On the way to Parla, Madrid, Spain! Yeah!

    14. Missing avatar


      Re: Stacey Tails

      Thanks :-)
      That is very good news :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      waynez on

      Just received my confirmation mail.
      I'm from Singapore.

    16. Stacey Tails on

      Oh and BTW, ReaperBryan is back on the main comments section, and we're down to about the last 1300, at about 650 a day current speed. Should have all posted by Thursday/Weekend at worst, according to his updates.

      The slowdown was caused by a need to manually check international orders, to ensure no repeat postage needed for errors (or at the very least, minimise it). They are now back up to speed again.

    17. Stacey Tails on

      To All UK folks that receive their notifications this week, as a way to speed things up a little...

      When the tracker says "customer being notified" you can cut a corner.

      You can then ring 0844 209 6156, and select option 5.

      Give them the tracking number, your name, and you can pay by Credit/Debit Card without having to wait for the notification to come by post. It saves about 2 days.

    18. Mac Dara Mac Donnacha on

      Just got my confirmation (Ireland).

      @muzfish4: it's a lot easier for them to ship to USA based customers than the ROW. They can't snap their fingers and render the difficulties of moving goods across oceans and continents irrelevant.

    19. Missing avatar


      Has anyone from New Zealand either gotten their shipment, or received a confirmation email yet?


    20. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Sandum on

      Also in the UK, received my confirmation email today! Very, very excited after all the anticipation surrounding this. Having dispatched a few KS's myself, I know what a mammoth task it is to process a mere 2000 orders - 18,000 is a titanic undertaking. Reaper, you have my support!

    21. Missing avatar

      John Cole Torrey on

      Just got the confirmation of my large-ish (11 additional items) order on it's way to London. Rather stoked.

    22. muzfish4 on

      Reaper have shut down the thread cited by Stacey on 8 August.

      Still no word from them my order.

      Seems to me that ROW is very much the poor cousin compared to their USA-based customers.

    23. Erik Lundbom on

      Still no word and August is drawing to a close. Being late is one thing, but keeping us in the dark is another.

    24. Matthew James Stanham on

      Ookage: I am still waiting for my package here in Japan, and I do not expect it will be shipped for another week or so, after which it could be another couple of weeks or more until it arrives. My guess is that your situation will be similar.

    25. Missing avatar

      Craig Whiting on

      @JASON SEAL FYI You will not pay customs duties as they no longer exist for Australia. You will pay GST 10% if the value of the order including freight when converted to $AUD is $1,000 or more, otherwise the order will go straight through and be delivered with no extra charge. It does not matter how many orders come through customs for you so long as they are under that $1,000 AUD in value. Hope this information helps alleviate your concerns of paying extra.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jason Seal on

      The 2nd to 3rd week of august for Australia means a well organized and spaced out order will now coincide with a big mini/book order from another game company. Looks like big custom fees are headed my way now. Not happy.

    27. Stacey Tails on

      Copied and pasted from main comments section. With thanks to David C Simon for compiling the info and posting it there:

      So, let's make our own unofficial official update:
      1. Reaper are still working on the remaining ROW orders, and more are being shipped every day.
      2. All rewards should be shipped by the end of the month, hopefully sooner.
      3. There is no system for determining who is sent next, it's whoever they can easily grab.
      4. If you are worried about the status of your shipment (has it been lost/forgotten?), contact
      5. When communicating with Reaper, please be polite and succinct. They're overworked and a little stressed right now.
      6. Retail shipments are underway. It's unlikely that this is slowing ROW shipments in any way, assuming the slowdown is due to USPS capacity.
      7. Replacement parts/figures won't be processed until all individual rewards have been shipped, but they *will* be processed.
      8. PDF rewards can be accessed through the Pledge Manager at:

      This info is partly based on email responses that people have received and posted. It isn't guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

    28. spoQn on

      @Damien thanks for the info, im on the goldy, ill be sure to post here when I receive my shipping email

    29. Missing avatar

      Damien on

      For the Aussies. I am in Brisbane and emailed Reaper on the 8th and got the following in the response from Reaper. "We are still processing International Vampire level pledges and our goal is to have them processed by the 2nd/3rd full week of August.". So we just need a little more patience.

    30. KevinR

      @Ignacio -- there seems to be little or no new information from Reaper. They did make a couple comments in the main comment section over the weekend, but the only real information there is that they are suffering from a lot of stress (and seemingly unwilling to share what is happening).

    31. spoQn on

      So I've been reading through the last 80 messages or so and it doesn't look great. Are there any Aussies here that have received anything? My order was $299 and the last thing I heard from reaper was an email on the 16th of July confirming my postal address. Any news?

    32. Missing avatar

      Ignacio on

      All goes Ok? I have no news from Reaper :(

    33. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      Interesting... there are minis in the retail packs that aren't in the regular Kickstarter (I'm pretty sure these are the Bones that had already been released before the Kickstarter campaign.) So, I've been buying up ones at our local retailers to complete my set. *grin* Even retail, the prices on these are great.

    34. Stacey Tails on

      (With thanks to David C. Simon who posted this on the General Comments section of this KS)

      Bryan posted this on the Reaper forums:
      "I know you all want updates, but the best I can add to this right now is that we *have* been shipping rewards every day, and we understand that you are all frustrated. This project is our number one priority, and has been for a long time.
      We estimated that shipping would take 3 weeks. We planned everything around a 3 week timeline. Now, the beginning of week SEVEN and we're still not quite finished. All I ask is that you please try to understand that unforseen things have caused delays, and we are equally frustrated - we have orders to work on that we cannot fulfill until this is finished, among other things."…

    35. ookage on

      When is my miniature shipped to Japan?

    36. Stacey Tails on

      Update - Positive this time! Yay! Hot on the heels of "still heard nothing"... For those keeping track of line items sending - This is to UK:

      "Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!

      You're getting:
      KS Sophie UL x1
      Kickstarter Sophie x1
      Clockwork Dragon x1
      Ebonwrath x1
      Figure Case x1
      Halflings x1
      Dwarves x1
      Elves x1
      vampire x3
      5X-Large T-Shirt x1

      Your shipment was postmarked on 08-06-2013 and is being shipped USPS.

      Your delivery confirmation number: CJ42xxxxxxxUS
      And a handy URL to check its status:…

      We're sending that to the following address:
      Stacey Tails
      -(Address Redacted for Obvious Security Reasons (but accurate))-"

    37. Stacey Tails on

      @C: Over 700 shipments a week compared to less than 150 that we have seen since, is "lightning like" compared to current speeds. In a single week, the "estimated time" has slid back by over three weeks! They now have all the add-ons from China, and have had since before Domestic Orders were fulfilled, so that cannot be a valid reason for the slow down, Perhaps it is because they are checking the international orders before they go out the door, to ensure there are no costly international "corrections" to make. Speaking of this....

      @ Alejandro: Considering Reaper said they were checking the orders for accuracy before sending out the ROW rewards to avoid having to re-ship missing /incorrect parts after the end of the main shipping (due to the cost of shipping international), its worrying that there are any mistakes with it. And five is a high number for an order that had (apparently) been manually checked before it went out the door.

    38. C on

      > They can ship Domestic like lightning,

      This is some definition of lightning I'm not aware of. Vampire-only shipment slid to the end of March, shipments were put on hold during ReaperCon, add-ons were delayed from China in weeks, and my own "lightning domestic" order was received in July.

    39. ookage on


    40. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Torres Duran on

      Got mine yesterday (in México), and spent quite a while unpacking and checking both the Vampire and the extras I added. Be patient, friends!
      Considering the sheer amount of both figures AND pledges, I'm amazed of how few errors were in my order, only five missing pieces! I reported them yesterday, and got a response earlier today. I have no problem waiting until all KS boxes have been sent to get the missing pieces.

    41. Stacey Tails on

      @Darren L Webber
      Last Wednesday, Reaper replied to an email I sent, saying they hope to have the ROW processed by the "1st week of August". On Friday, they amended that in an email to someone else as "1st/2nd week of august". Today, they replied to a third person with yet another revision. This time of ".....It will be by the end of this month for sure.".
      So... in less than a WEEK, the Expected Date has slid by 3-4 weeks!

      Really? They can ship Domestic like lightning, but ROW slide that far, that fast, with no explanation/communication. Plus these are emails going out to individuals, giving different time frames, and no general public (transparent) communication giving backers a window into what they can expect, like was CONSTANT when they were mailing to the US. I hope Bryan comes back soon and retakes the helm of communication. This is getting beyond a joke.

    42. Darren L Webber on

      When are you likely to ship the bones to me.

      thank you.

    43. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      Is there still a countdown tracker then?
      I'd also like to know what's left. I also haven't gotten an email yet :(
      I had hoped that my package arrived during my summer holiday, but that has passed, and still waiting. Let's hope my package is complete...

    44. Al the Spiderlord on

      Although the tracker may be busted is there anyway you can let us all know how many are left to ship? Both my friends who live local have recieved their pledges and i am currently dying of envy. I havent even got my E mail yet!

    45. Kasbark on

      It would be very nice with an update on how many items are left to ship, so we can get an idea of how many items they are shipping aday.

    46. Missing avatar

      John Cole Torrey on

      @Julian Tysoe - Congrats. I'm waiting on mine still, and I ordered enough I figure I still have some to go, but it's nice to see that stuff is making it's way through. How was customs for you?

    47. Steven Hoenes on

      Still Waiting :( , but honestly I can wait. Saw some stuff in the local store and it looks great!

    48. Julian Tysoe

      Mine arrived in London today. The ones I have had time to look at look great!

    49. Kevin Miller on

      Ah, well... leaves me time to spruce up my Malifaux crews for 2.0, I guess. :)

    50. Michael Pruden on

      No, other then this post we haven't heard it actually left. That being said Reaper told me in email that we wouldn't hear anything about it until they showed up at your local post office. No tracking information.
      The timeline they have me that it will leave on Tuesday (July 30) - take a week to get to the boarder... Cross boarder... Then a week to make it to us. I think we just wait. :)